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    Doron noticed the sun set over the mountains, casting a deep shadow across Hyrule Field. Damn it. I need to get to town. He glanced over his shoulders and looked at his five brothers who had gone with him to attack the evil army. They were far back in the distance, as he was on point. He had to get back to them before the Stalchildren rose. Otherwise, they were goners. He boomed across the field, "FORM UP!" The shout was so loud it could be heard for miles in every direction.

    The stragglers began to hasten up...until the sun went down, and the wolf howled. Roughly fifteen Stalchildren rose around the group. Dear Goddesses! Doron began to run as fast as his stock legs could carry him. They swarmed the first Goron and took him down instantly. The second put up a fight, but went down after taking three down. The third and fourth stood back to back and fought till the end, leaving five Stalchildren. The fifth Goron, Doron's second in command Yoron, was fallen upon. The fiends were about to finish him when Doron crashed into one, killing it instantly. He bashed another's skull in with his hammer and completely scattered the bones of a third with a flaming punch. He grabbed the closest Stalchild and slammed him to the ground and turned to see the final one leap on to Yoron and deal him the final blow. "DIN DAMN YOU!" He rushed in and beat the creature to a gritty pulp.

    Doron approached his fallen brother, for the others were already lost. "Yoron...are you ok brother?" He already knew the obvious answer. There was blood pouring down the second-in-command's body. He was too weak to speak. He just gave a sullen "No." The brotherhood of Gorons' was broken. Doron was alone. The elderly Goron wanted to do nothing but fall to his knees and weep, but if he did the Stalchildren would befall him and slay him as well. He had to get to town.

    Doron curled up in the signature "Goron ball" and began rolling towards Hyrule's market. Certainly there he could find shelter and safety, and more importantly, Ale.