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    Given that at least half of the human population is addicted to sex (at least that's what I think, anyway) I would support abortion, given the circumstances. I personally would recommend that they actually hold off of sex until they're actually ready to have a child, & are willing to put in the investments needed for one. If a couple does conceive, & during mid-flight, they decide they want to bail on having a child, I'd say, "Go on right ahead, I won't stop you."

    As Silais said earlier, abortion is sometimes like mercy, when a child is brought into this world in the most dismal & grim of households, all because the mother wanted to keep the child. Very selfish, I should say...

    "But... my child is precious to me!!"

    Oh, really? Then it should tear at your heart to watch powerlessly as your child ends up dying a slow, painful death from starvation/sickness because you've bought him/her in a hazardous, disease-ridden environment. I swear, some of these so-called, "moms" let their maternal instincts take over all their brain functions at times...
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