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    Hi! This script looks *great* and I'd like to use it, but whether I put the code in as-is or fiddle with it in a way that seems intuitive it just doesn't work. No error or anything, it just doesn't show up.

    Here's what we have under def drawPageTwo in its entirety:

    The main edit I made was to fix the image's location as we're not using Birthsigns. Even with only that edit made, it didn't work. So I removed if SHOW_EGG_GROUPS and its corresponding "end" because it seemed like that also relied on Birthsigns being present. I've messed around with deleting one but not the other, deleting both, and leaving both in, and none of them seem to do anything.

    We're still using Essentials v16.2 as some of our scripts don't like v17. I don't know why Essentials version would make a difference in this case, but then I'm not the best at coding. So if I've missed something glaringly obvious, go easy on me as I barely know what I'm doing. :P

    Thank you for your time!

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