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    Originally Posted by HirakuNoShadow View Post

    Lucario's front sprite looks worse in Platinum as well ): DP sprite seems much better as well - Platinum looks as if Lucario's about to lose or something

    Shellos looks like a snake now ever since its mouth got opened

    Drifblim looks as if it's going to explode on someone's face
    These reasons made me LOL like crazy, especially Drifblims.....xD

    That original Golbat sprite is a real, REAL shame. It's like they wanted to make him look HIDEOUS on purpose.

    Geodude looks like he just had his face smashed in, Vileplume looks anorexic, Porygon reminds me of a Cybernetic Dinosaur, Omastar looks in shock because he is alive, Blastoise looks just plain fat and the Exeggutor sprite is just plain freaking creepy. More than the Ghastly one. Yeah, I went there.

    On the positive side, some of the best sprites were Aerodactyl, Electrode, Alakazam, Nidoking, Gengar, Magneton, Hitmonlee and Venasaur. :)

    I'm glad most of the original pokemon sprites got fixed over the years....or improved at least. XD

    Feed 'em up for me, will ya? :p
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