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    Congrats Fufu on the shiny Zapdos and other shinies you all have gotten.

    I finally got over the cold I had the past week, so I've been able to get a bit more hunting done for my shiny targets(except when I had work or was playing something else other than Pokemon ).

    I started my Japanese Platinum over once again, and I'm currently saved in front of Giratina. I'm SRing for another shiny one(as I really love shiny Giratina), but its been going slow. I have also did some SR's for shiny Dratini in FireRed, but nothing has appeared there either. I have a 4 day weekend this weekend(yay :D), so I'll be getting back to my Onix hatching(something which I stopped for a bit). I'm up to 20+ boxes of Onix using the Masuda Method, so hopefully during those 4 days I'll finally hatch a shiny one.
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