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Originally Posted by wicketman8 View Post
Please I have been trying to find a good team for days and my old thread was locked. It was because I posted in the wrong section. Sydian told me that this would be better asked here. So good team for pokemon emerald, able to get in-game, no legendarys.
PM me/post below. (I don't know how it works here)
As Sydian said, consider Torchic for your starter as Blaziken is so strong. It may be weak against the first gym but it won't be a problem if you evolve it by then.

Gardevoir is probably the best to consider for a Psychic-type cos it has a good moveset.

Ludicolo and Milotic are great Water-types to have, although Ludicolo is better since Feebas are so rare.

Sydian also mentioned Manectric, it's a good choice for an Electric-type plus I used one in Ruby and she was one of my powerhouses.

Walrein is nice for a great Water-Ice attacker, because Dragons are so hard to take down without Ice-types. Walrein is also very bulky too, and if you get one with Ice Body, you should give it Hail.

For a good Pokemon for a Grass or Fighting slot, you can't go better than Breloom - I also used one in Ruby and it can hit hard plus it has the Effect Spore ability for disrupting opponents. You can catch Shroomish in the Petalburg Woods plus being Grass-type, it can help you in the first gym. But make sure Breloom has a Rock/Ice/Electric Hidden Power to counter that 4x Flying weakness.
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