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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
@CWP this is what I mean. I think that since there's already schools dedicated to playing Go and perfecting your strategy and that it's practically a sport in Asia that it would be super cool for PC. And besides, it's easier than chess to record (there's 19x19 squares and you can place stones wherever you want and nothing gets moved)
Well in all honesty I don't really see a club like that working that well, especially since no one has said in this thread that they have any interest in it at all. It seems to be too dependent on member interaction which could be a big downfall in the clubs activity and participation, people are lazy.

Originally Posted by Kurui View Post
I wanted to start a club specifically for game design (and all aspects of it), but someone told me that would go in video gamers which I dunno how since all that's mostly discussed in there is games that are out and being played, etc. And it waters out the designing aspects in favour of "What is your fav boss?" "What annoys you in ___ game?"

Then I started thinking about a club for artists (like visual art/drawing/painting/spriting/animation etc.), but there's already an art section on the forum for random junk even though it's scattered and not all in one thread.

Outside of complete game design and art, I don't really know much about anything to start a club because it's like......a werid margin from too broad to too specific. ._.; So unless I start a random club for a random series, yeah. I hate how spread apart it makes everything seem.
@Game design club.
I dont think theres much point in this, if you really want to discussion game development you can use either the video gamers club, the video game forum, or the game development forum, with the video game and game dev probably giving you the best chance of good activity.

@Art Club
Theres been discussion about this before and I think it ended up with being that theres already a forum dedicated to that kind of stuff so there wouldnt be much point to it.

Theres also no need for you to start a club, especially if it just comes down to being something random so you have a club.