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Works for me.

Anyway, also picked up a Shining Legends Premium Collection box while at the prerelease last weekend. Got a chance to open that today.

Pack 1: reverse holo Energy Retrieval, Damage Mover, Ultra Ball, Marshadow
Pack 2: Double Colorless Energy, Great Ball, Yveltal
Pack 3: reverse holo Sophocles, Pokemon Catcher, Virizion
Pack 4: Warp Energy, Hau, reverse holo Jungle Totem Venusaur, Palkia
Pack 5: Super Scoop Up, Energy Retrieval, Warp Energy, Keldeo
Pack 6: Switch, Raikou
Pack 7: Super Scoop Up, reverse holo Switch, Raikou
Pack 8: Switch, Jungle Totem Venusaur, reverse holo Pokemon Breeder, Manaphy
Pack 9: Jungle Totem Venusaur, Pokemon Catcher, Full Art Entei GX
Pack 10: Energy Retrieval, Double Colorless Energy, Reshiram

Solid for 10 packs.
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