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Originally Posted by Impo View Post
Oh that would suck

I remember I had 5 minutes left in one shift and a guys comes through with a trolley so I was like "sure okay"

and then he pulled 4 more from behind the drinks cooler thing and someone had to take over after I was 10 minutes late to clock off.

$1200 dollars later and asdfghjkl
This happens almost every day to me. It's time for me to clock out, my replacement is late, and I have to make someone's $50 order.

Today we had some lady call and cuss me out because the cashier didn't give them sauce. Lady, you need to ask! We're not psychic. After demanding corporate's number and hanging up, she called back an hour later saying "Hey, I found my sauce but now my food is cold can you replace it? My order was only $20."


My boss is also trying to have a baby but she can't naturally because she had ovarian cancer. She's shoveling money at it I really hope she does get pregnant but it'll scare me when it happens. :/