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Gay News for May 25th 2011
Originally Posted by Merzbau View Post
I think Lady Gaga's a cissexist, arrogant, white lady who thinks she speaks for everybody gay and otherwise, but hey. I can be a radical and ruin all your fun some other time if I want to.
Don't post anything that is insulting to a group of people, it kind of defeats the entire purpose of this club.

And, for the record, I am not talking about your Lady Gaga hating, I am talking about how you list a bunch of qualities you believe she has, then say she's white. Whether or not you meant anything by it isn't the point, it's how other people conceive what you said. When you list a group of bad characteristics, then in the same sentence directly afterwards you say that they're white, it gives the vibe that that's something you don't like.

What if I said, "I think Oprah is a cissexist, arrogant, black lady.." Kind of gives the vibe of me not liking her because of her race.

Racism is a two-way street, just like any other form of hatred. It's also not a very bright idea to openly say some very hurtful things about someone other people in the club care so much about. You're entitled to your opinion, but it will cause a flame war, and no me gusta.

Originally Posted by twistedpuppy View Post
May I join please? I fall into the gay catergoy.

The Afghanistan story was quite interesting. Maybe they shouldn't have spread the truth about the flags meaning. Who knows what could have happened if they continued hang the pride flag all around. There could've been a disco revival in that country. XD
Welcome pup! :D
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