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    Originally Posted by Dragonflye View Post
    Can you make a List for Emerlad pls. Thats very nice Work thx.
    No. I'm sorry but I do not have the time. I have my own hack to worry about, I am still pushing for the community hack, I write many amazing tutorials(:p), I am researching particle effects for moves, I have a life, I play sports, I do volunteer work, I am still in school, and, well, I don't hack Emerald. Why don't you make a list?

    Originally Posted by pikapoke33 View Post
    Awesome tutorial!
    just a few things i'm wondering though
    i opened up the script for the tree in viridian city and it didn't have flag0x011.
    also could someone explain to me what the variables from 8000 and above do? they weren't on the list of variables. I've guessed what some of them do, but for others i'm clueless. Help?
    Thank you!

    Variables over 8000 are completely temporary. Simple as that. Some have special functions, like one (the number escapes me at the moment) keeps track of the last sprite you talked to, and 0x800D is used as LASTRESULT which is the main var used by ASM to return temporary items.

    The flag for the tree goes in its Person ID to keep it hidden after you cut it, but once you leave the map, the flag gets reset and the tree appears again.

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