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    Mightyena is appearing to be quite a challenge as that's the only poke I can be using for a while, that's for sure. I'm making it though. And I forgot to take screenshots for the start of the game, I begun taking them after the first gym, whoops!
    PART 1:
    -caught my female Poochyena at level 2, right after I got my pokeballs
    -grinded a TON, getting Poochyena to level 16
    -took on the first gym
    -failed again
    -and again
    -and again
    -beat Roxanne on the 21st try. wow.
    -Poochyena evolved into Mightyena
    -aided the company man
    -got my pokenav
    -accepted task to go to Dewford and Slateport
    -arrived at Dewford Town!