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    Originally Posted by Zeffy View Post
    True yet this also implies that plants (technically, they are alive) should be given the same respect as those to a human and, by extension, those who abuse, and I use the this term loosely, plants should be punished with the same degree of punishment as a human abuser would receive. That's not entirely plausible now, is it? But let's not delve into that as it is a different topic all in itself.
    True, But you call still be respectful, Like when the Natives killed an animal they respected it and honored it by not letting its loss of life go to waste by using every part of it. Since I'm half Sioux i was raised to ALWAYS respect animals because we are all here sharing the planet.I eat meat but I'm very thankful to the cows. There are just some people who have no respect for other forms of life, I've seen people who would purposely run over animals if they were walking across the road. A big example is dog fighting, pitting dogs against each other to the death, because even if the dog doesn't die in the ring he is killed(very brutally) for simply losing. They do it for money but also for the "enjoyment"
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