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I think they're pretty accurate, with MyPlate being better because it places a neat emphasis on portion size. Apparently they're vetted by the agricultural industry overlords beforehand to include meat and dairy, but meat is delicious and milk is nutritious so it doesn't matter to me XD. It's a good idea because it focuses on intuition, which is realistic, and also balanced. I can see my own plain-jane diet to be roughly in those proportions, and the nutritional balance is also similar with 15/30/55 for the caloric ratio between protein, fats, and carbs. The pyramid just looks unwieldy in retrospect. I see these things as mass-education visual aids, and in that respect, they're doing their job in making nutrition more or less understandable. As for accuracy, close enough considering agricultural lobbying :P

I'm not sure where low/high carb, low/high fat, vegan, vegetarian or paleo should come in the mix for the education system. There's a lot of discussion to be done, and a lot of damage that could be done if they're covered superficially (and we all know we ain't got time to do otherwise). Vegetarian diets yes, because people should learn about how to cover their bases for nutrition without meat. The others require more inquiry, and should be taught at a more specialized level when those learning it have more background knowledge.