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PLATFORM: N64 (Nintendo 64)
GENRE: Adventure
AUTHOR: zeikku SSJ7

I began doing this hack 2 days ago, and thought showcasing would be a good idea to find out what people would like to see. I agree that changing the story line is pretty much impossible, but with the added difficulty I'm adding in this game, I believe the hack will lead gamers in new directions. But anyways the story is pretty much the same but with unexpected twist and turns. Levels are going to be re-done to add a new feel to the game, along with the new graphics I am making:D

To anyone.. who thinks I may have stolen this...well I havent its just a fairly easy hack to do...and 3 other people are doing it, I would even say its easier than pokemon rom hacking.

I, unlike others, will make this game a great and challenging as can be =D

Playing as Luigi
More Enemys
Longer Levels
Better Story
New Music (hopefully)
New Characters (hopefully)

*HUD is changed
*Mario is now Luigi =]
*He is slightly bigger (not taller, just proportionally bigger width and length wise)

A day's work...I did all this in a day..
Luigi Sprite Test




Me (Mystic zeikku! or Zeikku SSJ7) - Recolors, Custom Luigi, Text and Graphics
Unashamed Vandal - Graphics
Yep123 - forum banners
Hideki - Graphics and support banners
Virtual Chatot - Support banners and beta tester
linkinkid - Beta tester

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask :D

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