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    Sounds great! I will also post an empty SU sheet!

    NAME: (first and last)

    GENDER: (female or male)
    BODY: (what do you look like?)

    CLOTHING: (what clothes and accessories will you wear on your journey)
    PERSONALITY: (describe what you are like in general and how you act together with others. Make sure your character is not completely flawless, please)

    INTERESTS: (what are your interests / hobbies / particular likes?)

    DISLIKES: (what don't you like?)

    HISTORY: (write a little about where and how you grew up and were brought up. Include how you got your pokémon)
    SPECIES: (the pokémon you will own at the start of the RP. You may have had it for as long as you wish. Choose just about any non-evolved, non-legendary pokémon, please. And preferably not the same as another player. I'll let you know if I want you to change species. I will specify its moveset when you are accepted)

    GENDER: (what gender do you want your first pokémon to be?)
    RP sample
    (give me a recent RP post of yours, to give me an idea of how you are going to write in the RP)