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    The Buizel and Floatzel Fan Club

    About us:

    This is a fan club for the beloved Water types of Sinnoh, Buizel and Floatzel, here we talk about anything and everything about our favorite sea weasels, such as why we love them so much, what it is that we like about them, and anything else about the sea weasels!


    We all have friends, so we should all know about your partner, your partner has to be either a Buizel or a Floatzel, and it has to be the same gender as you, but it does not have to be a regular one, it can be a shiny one too, but it can also be a robot Buizel, a pirate Buizel, a ninja Buizel etc. It is whatever you imagine your Buizel/Floatzel partner to be.

    Sign-up form:

    Partner Details:
    Your opinion on Buizel/Floatzel:

    How to fill it out:

    Username: (put your username here)
    Gender: (your gender is the same as your partners gender)
    Partner: (the name of your Buizel/Floatzel partner, also tell us what kind of Buizel/Floatzel it is, like a shiny, a robot, etc.)
    Partner Details: (a brief description of your partner, such as personality, interests, etc.)
    Your opinion on Buizel/Floatzel: (why do you like Buizel/Floatzel so much)

    Sample form:

    Username: Masterge77
    Gender: Male
    Partner: Ace the Robot Floatzel
    Partner Details: A robotic Floatzel who is friendly, though often competitive, and enjoys video games
    Your opinion on Buizel/Floatzel: They're the coolest Pokemon I hav ever seen, I've loved them since they were first introduced

    Rules (please read these before joining):
    1. All PokeCommunity rules apply
    2. Respect people's opinions on Buizel/Floatzel in the club
    3. No spamming, flaming, or trolling, keep discussion clean
    4. Keep all posts on topic, no thread derailment
    5. Only the owner and co-owners can start new discussions
    6. Stay as active as possible, if you do not make a post in two months, you will be moved to the Inactive Members list
    7. Have fun!

    If you break any of the rules, you will recieve a star (*) by your name, these stars usually go away if you obey the rules for more than a month, a total of three stars (***) will result in a ban from the group, so please follow the rules!

    Members List:



    *Masterge77 (Ace the Robot Floatzel)


    *AlexOzzyCake (SippyCup the Baby Buizel)

    Active Members

    *Hikari10 (Ellie the Buizel)
    *Curtis talli (Rika the Ninja Buizel)
    *Ssj3 Pikachu (Average Buizel/Floatzel)
    *Taposa (Ardsen Buzil Bofanio the Revolting Buizel)
    *ikaroschase (Mariana the Buizel)
    *PokemonLady (Banzai the Samurai Buizel)
    *quilzel (Hiro the Buizel)
    Flame-Typhlosion (Floatzarykx the Alien Floatzel)

    Inactive Members

    *PelipperMail (Unnamed Buizel) Permabanned Pokecommunity user

    Discussion Topics:


    *What is your favorite thing about Buizel/Floatzel?
    *Do you like Buizel and Floatzels shiny colors, or do you think they would look better as a different color?
    *Which of Buizel and Floatzel's moves is your favorite?
    *Buizel and Floatzel: Cute or Strong?
    *If you could give Buizel and Floatzel a rival Pokemon family, which would you choose?
    *If you could change one thing about Buizel & Floatzel, what would it be?
    *If Floatzel had an evolution in Generation 6, what would it be?
    *If you could have anything Buizel/Floatzel related for Christmas, what would it be?
    *Would you like to have a game with a Buizel as a main character?
    *Which do you find cuter, Buizel or Floatzel?
    *If there was a baby version of Buizel, what would you name it and why?



    If you have any questions about the group, feel free to VM or PM the owner!
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    The Owner of Sea Weasels, the club for Buizel and Floatzel fans!