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    Originally Posted by Nuke View Post
    Well I'm typing this while being bored to death by Ukraine and Sweden. It's not even a bad game, it just seems so uninteresting.

    Anyway, England claimed a good result against superior opposition and we should have a good chance of progressing from the group. The referee became more and more of a joke toward the end of the game though.
    Do you really think France are superior? I think they were too even teams considering the players playing for both teams. I think the result also reflected this.

    Referee was certainly shocking though. Oxlaide-Chamberlain (spelling?) looks like he could be a damn good player though, also disappointed with how deep England were defending at some points. Anyway, first game over with and it wasn't a loss so that's a start.

    Just wondering why he didn't start Defoe either, the most natural finisher England have and it wasn't like we had many chances.

    Also, what does everyone think should happen with Russia in regards to the fans? I'm sure I read something about them attacking both Irish and Croatian fans after their game as well. Just wondering whether the team will be made an example of with regards to them cracking down on this sort of thing. I feel for the players and the fans that have gone to genuinely support their national team though.