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^ I would say "you lost me", but I actually related to a lot of that. So like, I know almost exactly where you're coming from. I'm agender, but I've always leaned towards male, and I'm also bi, sooo regardless of what gender I hook up with, it feels kind of gay. Being trans and being bi / gay is an odd combination, and it just a really extreme set of issues to grow up with. So it's no wonder that it takes so many trans people years to deal with / come to terms with situations like that.

As far as parents going "You're straight, and you'll realize it when you're older", that pisses me off. It's like, when you're 12 and you say you're gay, that's been known to change, or you figure out that you're bi eventually (not always). Young kids go through a lot of changes. Though, when you're nearly an adult and being told that, it's just insulting.

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