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    Originally Posted by Inferna View Post
    Your sprites are good for first attempts. Instead of making fakemon try just mixing two sprites together so you can get the basics of spriting down. it'll look so much better if the parts are blended together and not as obvious as to what Pokemon they came from.
    Once you do that and get confident start scratching the mixed parts on and adding shading, you'll eventually find it much easier when you start scratching full fakemon.
    Try and keep the outlines and shading, they look horribly skewed and jagged, but nice ideas though, I like Bongolian c:
    Thanks for the advice.

    When I've learned everything on spriting. I'll scratch all my fakemon sprites.

    Also thanks for liking my designs ( I have some very awesome designs in my mind like a bug/Dragon pokemon. .... Spoilers :D)
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