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    Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
    So if Lugia's person ID is 1, I put 0x001?
    And the flag is any fromm 0x1 to 0x8C2 right?

    Also, if I want multiple of them, do I make one for each of them?
    Yes! you want to use flags between those values, any higher and you will mess with the games processing data I think, giving game glitches.

    You can find a list of used flags in the game in DIEGOISAWESOME's MEGA HUGE SCRIPTING TUTORIAL so I suggest that so you don't accidently pick a flag like 0x820 (the boulderbadge). I would link but I can't yet! (Low post count)

    You can have as many Lugia events as you want, as long as you have a seperate flag for each.