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Tocker Corporations Orientation Handbook

Welcome, New Employee, to Tocker Corporations (located in Lumiose City), where you will be learning about your new, exciting career. Congratulations on your first interview, as you are a recognized member of society well fit for our corporate organization. This will be your orientation guidebook, to help you understand the ins and outs of company procedures, company policy, company guidelines and even your benefits package! Before your final screening, you are required to not only fill out your orientation questionnaire, but you are also required to read, and accept, the following in this handbook, which you will only be allowed to read before you are taken in to your final screening, and will be seized upon exit of the waiting room.


1. Job Description
As you are applying for a clerical position within the company, you are obligated to manage financial reports, records, and accounts for the Poké Ball Factory, partnered with Tocker Corporations. Your dress attire will be office casual, so as to make employees feel comfortable during their work. We only ask that you wear shoes to protect your feet. You will be living here for the next ten years, under extreme surveillance. You will also be conducting billing processes, balancing accounts, and other auditing responsibilities.

Preferred Qualifications, Responsibilities and General Rules:
• Must be 21 years of age or older.
• Must be able to lift objects of at least 50 lbs., or your Pokémon if you cannot.
• Must be able to handle directions, and accept harsh criticism.
• Understand that you will be investigated and your information will be pier reviewed for your own benefit, and to help your employment create a smooth transition.
• Confidentiality between you and your supervisor.
• Attention to detail, and attention to your coworkers, reporting any suspicious activity to your supervisor.
• Exceeding math skills
• Exceeding skills in sitting for hours at a time, and willingness to participate in Tocker Corporations survey experiments.
• One Pokémon Partner permitted; for emotional and/or mental health assistance. For non-emotional supports, they must provide various assistance around the corporation. Further explanation on Page #2.
• No cellular devices, Pokenav, Pokegear or any similar communication devices on hand while past the security checkpoint.
• No sharp implements, or anything that may be deemed a weapon may be permitted on the premises or in the office environment.
• No meeting in secluded areas/outside the office.
• Health Insurance; Tocker Corporations is not responsible for damage to property, person or Pokémon upon discovery of damage, abduction or death. If a property, person or Pokémon has been found missing, Tocker Corporations will file a missing persons/Pokémons report upon 90 days once all items and documentation have been properly confiscated by the appropriate management staff.

The Health Waiver will also be included with this handbook, which must be signed before you are fully employed.

2. Pokémon Partner

We at Tocker Corporations understand that the bond between human and Pokémon is unbreakable, and we happily allow and insist you bring a Pokémon partner with you. We also understand that certain individuals may have emotional or mental health issues, and must be around their Pokémon Partner with them at all times.
However, there are rules and guidelines that you must follow. If your partner Pokémon does not meet certain requirements, we must request you have another Pokémon accompany you, or you will be terminated and escorted out of the premises.

Your Pokémon must not be more than four feet and seven inches tall. This is an office environment, and we must consider space among the office.
• Your Pokémon must be able to maintain and conserve any and all bodily functions that may cause discomfort in the workplace. For example, Pokémon like Magcargo and Magby are not permitted unless they can retain their internal heat. Also, Pokemon like Sliggoo and Gastrodon must be kept close to your desk, so as their bodily fluids may be kept at your desk for you to clean after office hours.
• Your Pokémon are absolutely forbidden to use any and all moves, unless instructed by your supervisor, or if you are properly promoted to Office Control and Defense Personnel.
• Your Pokémon must refrain from creating overly loud noise, and not to be distracting to your work, unless you are of emotional and/or mental conditioning.
Your Pokémon are not to travel outside the office, unless accompanied by an appropriate member of staff.

The final screening process will require you to present your partner Pokémon to your supervisor for proper appraisal and inspection.

3. Benefits and Living Expenses

At Tocker Corporations, we are here to supply you with a new living environment, as you will now be living within the specified timeframe in Tocker Corporations Apartments, located deep underneath the building. These living quarters will be complete with the following accommodations:
• Complete security monitoring and constant staff supervision
• 24/7 pool, spa, gym and internet access
• All food, water and utilities are completely covered by Tocker Corporations Living Agency.
• All Pokémon care and treatment are to be handled by our nursing staff, readily available at all hours.
• Real-time day and night simulation aligned with outside conditions, including weather simulations.
• Fully grown park and forest for Pokémon relaxation.
• Fully secure park and forest.
• Fully operational appliances, all of which upon request.
• Online shopping available, same day delivery!
• Sign-on Bonus of $1000!
• Fully secure online money management system.

4. Conclusion

We at Tocker Corporations are looking forward to your employment, and we assure you that your employment, and your stay, will be a smooth transition into a new lifestyle, and a new work experience.


New Employee Orientation Questionnaire
(Sign-Up Sheet Template)

Now that you have completed reading through the Employee Orientation Handbook, you are required to fill out this Questionnaire, and prepare for your new lifestyle. If you have a photo ID, please attach it to your Questionnaire.
We are currently expecting six new employees to join us, and we hope you’re one of them!
Good luck!

1. Tell us about yourself. What makes you YOU? (Name, appearance, age, personality)

2. Tell us about before you decided to apply with Tocker Corporations. (History)

3. Tell us about your Pokémon Partner. Please disclose any and all information about your Pokémon. (Pokémon, Ability, Gender, Moves up to six moves including one egg, tutor, and TM move if you may desire.)

4. Do you suffer from any emotional and/or mental afflictions/disabilities? (Optional)

5. Where do you see yourself in five years? (Clue is in Handbook, must answer correctly to join)

New Employee Members of Tocker Corporations

1. Helene Sarget

2. Tyler Duren

3. Asuka Fujioka

4. Ariana Raynes

Once you see your name on the screen, you will immediately hand your paperwork to the nearest security representative, and then remain seated until your name is called.

You are not to leave the room, as you are now contractually obligated to Tocker Corporations. Rest assured, any and all concerns will be taken with the supervisor who will be aiding you in transitioning to your new lifestyle.


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What Dunsparce said. I'm not sure I can manage it right now though.


space adventure

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this... actually looks like fun. O:


Countless shards

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Color me interested!
I'm not very experienced (I only wrote in like 3 roleplays ever...), but I hope this won't be an issue~

Edit: The Sign-up is here!
Edit 2: I rewrote some parts, specifically about clothing and history. I tried to make it more clear, and added more information about what Helene actually looks like (which is useful for the first IC post). Hopefully it's a better read as well, even though it's a bit longer!

Helene Sarget

1. Tell us about yourself.

Name: Helene Sarget
Age: 24

Alright, I'm Helene: female, straight, and very nervous. But I'm here anyways, so let's - at least - put some effort into this. Don't act so scared, write coherent sentences and stay safe!

Appearance: I am 5’7 tall and more on the skinny side; I think of myself as average in strength and build. My skin is quite pale, with some freckles throughout my face. My eyes are hazel, while my hair is mahogany. They are straight, fairly long, and I keep them loose most of the time - in which case, they fall just below my shoulders.
I don't claim to have a well defined style when it comes to clothing: anything that I consider interesting enough and not too colorful is alright! I usually combine shirts and jackets with jeans, skinny trousers, or (more rarely) miniskirts and socks. During the winter, I like to use scarfs and trenchcoats, whereas I sometimes wear short dresses when the weather's warmer.
I prefer closed shoes, especially boots, and I still like to carry my things in a backpack - just like I did when I was younger. When it comes to make-up, I try to use it for small, finishing touches only. I don't wear much jewelry: most of the time it's just a rose gold bracelet and a watch, both gifted to me in the past.

That photo is a bit old, but what I've written should work. I don't really do much sport to keep myself fit, but working as a waiter (no need to mention it, right?) and getting around the city's just enough. I mean, let's be honest, there's definitely weaker people than me out there. About clothes...? Does it even matter if I'll just get an uniform to wear 24/7? Let's just say my sense of fashion quite sucked when I got here, but I improved. When a big party comes, I do wear fancy stuff and try my best to look good. I don't make myself look like a Zigzagoon anymore, I don't make stupid match-ups anymore, and I think more about comfort. My stuff isn't that expensive, designer stuff most Lumiose people have - my income wasn't great - but is just fine, and I can always borrow stuff in a pinch (I have great friends). ...and you don't want to destroy your most precious clothes if you fall on skates.
Today something went wrong though! Old workplace has a strict dress code (white shirt, black skirt/jeans, black shoes) so I'm wearing a very similar shirt and pair of trousers... Only difference's this pair of high heels boots, and of course they're starting to hurt! *sigh* Come on, what's next?

Personality: I think of myself as a quite knowledgeable person, especially when it comes to Pokémon. Moreover, since I was a child I have been dreaming big, maybe too much for my abilities. But, whereas I used to act quite spoiled and rely on others when I was younger, I now try to overcome new challenges myself and improve my skills instead. However, I still am impulsive and rash with my actions. I don't really take enough time when making choices, and this makes it hard to manage my money or avoid being influenced: in that sense, my friends and especially my Pokémon help me considerably to calm down and make up for my own hiccups. I am also quite vain and self-centered: I care about my public image more than I like to admit. In short, I really think Lumiose itself must have affected me in some way.

Really? What’s this? I wrote so fast I don’t even wanna proofread this. It’s gonna be ok, let’s move on.

2. Tell us about before you decided to apply with Tocker Corporations.

History: My hometown is Coumarine City, where I lived a quite happy and sheltered childhood in an upper middle class family: it was me and two slightly older brothers. My parents ran a quite important business in the city and were fairly interested by exotic Pokémon, thus sparking my own interest in these creatures. Something to keep in mind is that many families from Lumiose, most of them quite wealthy, visited Coumarine in the summer, and I always had a love-hate relationship with them: as much as some were great childhood acquaintances, some were just as squeamish, and because I was just a kid, I would not understand what they were so fussy about.
As I was growing older, though, that family business wasn't as successful as before, and my parents' wealth worsened. Of course, by that point I had become quite the spoiled child and that was starting to be a problem. In fact, when I was about 16, I decided to keep studying what I liked the most – science and Pokémon – rather than trying to learn and find a job like my brothers had eventually done. I did it mostly to run away from responsibilities I didn't want, and in fact this became a source of conflict in the family.

Only later on I realized my choice was the right one to make – studying more was my gateway to harder job placements, and from there to higher wealth. This doesn't work for everyone, surely, but I was willing to try. If I wanted to continue on with more specialized courses, I had to move to Lumiose City, and despite some more threats from my parents, I did it. Things didn't go so well at first: I felt alone, far from home, and I stuck out like a sore thumb here in Lumiose, because I wasn't as glamourous or wealthy as most of its citizens. But I found a nice flat further from the center and some fantastic roommates! They helped me with my studies and with managing home, they gave me some great fashion advice, and taught me how to skate, in order to get around the city more quickly. Shortly after I found a part-time job as a waiter to fund my studies and my new home expenses - while I had to work after school and had almost no free time except on some weekends, I was feeling much better and more confident in my abilities.

History? I'm the next heir to the crown of Kalos, obviously. Well, I was in my childhood dreams. And not only that was definitely out of my family’s league, but it was also made further from reality by my "Coumarine" mannerisms. That's also why I stood out in Lumiose city. But for anything else... yes, they’d always help me in the best way they could (if my brothers didn’t get in the way). I sometimes forget, they had the best intentions. Too bad they just weren't farsighted enough!
Guess I'll just add the skating part... how could I not give it a try? My roommates were so persuasive, and for good reason! ("We have that great park on Route 5", "You can't afford cabs", "It's a must if you live in Lumiose", yadda yadda). I know skates are useless for office work, but deep inside I still hope they'll allow me to bring them in.
Alright, don't forget why you're here, Helene. You studied, you were a waitress, you got looked upon, you rebuilt yourself, now you get the big reward - the lifestyle you deserve!

3. Tell us about your Pokémon Partner.

Pokémon details: Camille - Tsareena, ♀
Moves: Trop Kick, High Jump Kick, Aromatherapy, Play Rough (Egg), Synthesis (Tutor), Acrobatics (TM)
Ability: Queenly Majesty

4. Do you suffer from any emotional and/or mental afflictions/disabilities?

No, I don't think so... maybe. What if Tsareena isn't around and I panic? Just like I'm about to do now? Second thoughts are coming back strong. I don’t think I can live ten years down here, I’ll break down crying literally tomorrow. I’ll miss everyone, even if we didn’t get along before...
How many questions are left...?
Oh, it's just one and it's short. Maybe I still have a chance here...

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Don't steal pls. What if I'm wrong?
Still working ìn Tocker Corporâtions.
If I survive...
alright Helene, calm down, it's over. It's over. *sigh*

OOC: I tried to make the sign-up just by answering to the job interview in the first post (even though I don't have much experience about that), but since some things would have been left out from the character's description I added her own thoughts in red. Hopefully it gives more information about Helene and her personality. Also OMG Cyaloom is writing a sign-up for a female character, get ready for cringe.
Yes, I messed up something in that other post and decided that I'd better delete it 😅
The picture is Akiza Izinski from (I removed myself the background with GIMP) just because, half-way through writing this, I had a sudden realization... even if it wasn't intentional, Helene and Akiza have a lot in common! 😅
CSS made by me with a lot of help from the web~


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My interest is piqued! I'll think up an SU soon.


Toxic Terror

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I have a question, can the character also have a party of pokemon, like their pokeballs with them as well, or do they not have them at all and only one pokemon in general?
No, you will only have your partner Pokemon with you. All of your other Pokemon will not be available for a period of time.


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Alright, thanks! And i'll get my SU done ASAP!
Edit: I got most of it done so far, here it is! Finished! Sorry if the history doesn't sound good, was trying to come up with a good background.

Asuka Fujioka

Tell us about yourself. What makes you YOU? (Name, appearance, age, personality)

Hello, my name is Asuka Fujioka and I am twenty one years old. I have hip/lower chest length vermilion hair let loose with some strands framing my face and bangs over my eyebrows, and (warm?) emerald eyes. When I won’t be wearing the uniform, which will be in my apartment/home, I wear mostly a black tank top, a large floral white turtleneck sweater with a red stripe around my waist, a green pleated skirt, and brown boots. My height is five feet and two inches, short for my age, and due to that and my looks, I've been told that I look younger than I actually am, which causes misunderstandings sometimes. My personality, describing it how one of my old friends did, is compassionate and empathic. I like to help people in need, from the smallest chores to the biggest tasks. I’ve been told that I tend to overwork myself, and I lose sleep sometimes, so Aria learned Yawn to make me sleep when it gets late. I love to bake and cook new and old recipes, it also helps to relieve stress.
To confess, I have a fear of Pokemon battles ever since a certain incident and a chain of events that followed it, so I hope you don’t ask me to participate in any future battles.

Tell us about before you decided to apply with Tocker Corporations. (History)
Well, before applying here, I worked at a small flower shop back in Sinnoh along with my current partner, but something happened and caused the shop to close, forcing me to look for another job anywhere. I used to be a Pokemon trainer, but since my brother's disappearance, I gave up the drive and started working, leading me to the flower shop. I moved to this region and I head about the Tocker Corporations looking for new members through the ads and media.
I was born in Hearthome City and lived there for awhile, but my parents died in a mysterious accident, so my brother had to step up and get a job to raise me. Luckily, he managed to find a good job, but my brother told me tat 'this' job came with a price, and indeed it did, years later, he disappears after a gruesome battle with a stranger, resulting in one of his Pokemon almost dying. I was shook from the event and lost my battle spirit, not wanting Kira to go through the same experience. With the little money left, I used it to move to a different town, Floaroma Town, and found a flower shop, working there for awhile until the shop closed, causing me to look for another job, again.

Tell us about your Pokémon Partner. Please disclose any and all information about your Pokémon. (Pokémon, Ability, Gender, Moves up to six moves including one egg, tutor, and TM move if you may desire.)

Pokemon: Kirlia
Nickname: Kira
Ability: Telepathy
Moveset: Teleport, Psychic, Heal Pulse, Shadow Ball(™), Confuse Ray(Breeding), Hyper Voice(Tutoring)

Personality: Kira is Asuka’s second pokemon and her main caretaker. They have been through alot together, and has been under Asuak’s ownership since she was a child, when she was given to her by her parents after her first pokemon. She is motherly towards Asuka, having been there when those ‘events’ occurred, and will do anything to keep Asuka alive and healthy. She will get huffy if someone nearby is doing something unhealthy that could get Asuka sick and will try to get her away from said person, knowing how bad it will be for her weak immune system. She is seen mostly around Asuka. She was trained by specialist for when Asuka’s immune system gets worked up.

Do you suffer from any emotional and/or mental afflictions/disabilities? (Optional)

Well, not mentally, but I do have a weak immune system. Kira is my caretaker in a way, she was trained a certain move so if my weak immune system acts up, she can use it to heal me if anything comes up.

Where do you see yourself in five years? (Clue is in Handbook, must answer correctly to join)

I see myself still, working at this company, and for a long time.

}The picture used in this post doesn't belong to me! All rights and credit go to its rightful owner!}


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Stellar sign-up! You're approved!

Also, to everyone who is signing up, I will be in the RPT Discord making a channel for this RP.

If you have any questions, please ask me ASAP.


Toxic Terror

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I have a question: what if our partner has two moves from one category and one from another, would that be acceptable, like two moves from breeding and one from tutor?
One of each is acceptable.

Magnificent Magilou

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"Ya gonna see that Ah can climb this corporate laddah!"

Ariana Raynes / Female / 21 Years Old

Tell us about yourself. What makes you YOU?

So ya wanna get to know me? Ah guess Ah can take a few minutes to gush about mahself! Ah'm a Sinnoh girl, born and raised! Ah stand about 5'8" tall and Ah'm not too modest to admit that Ah got a bod Ah bet most girls would kill for! Unless ya happen to be blind or somethin', ya'd be able to tell that I have blonde hair and just the most enticin', sapphire-blue eyes! I like to keep my skin complexion lookin' pretty fair. After all, no one likes a girl who's so pale that they look like they ain't ever went outside a day in their life... but at the same time, too much sun is bad for ya. Ah absolutely love to keep up with the latest fashions. After all, ya can't expect to stay stylish if ya just keep runnin' around in borin' jeans and sneakers, right! It's all about the designer boots and skirts with me!

What's that? My personality! Geeze, ya really are a bit nosy ain't ya? Well, whatever. I like to think of myself as a rather positive thinker, always lookin' on the bright side of things. After all, what's the point of livin' life if ya always think about doom and gloom, ya know? Ah've got energy to spare and Ah can get a bit easily excited, but in a place like this ain't that a good thing? It means that Ah'm always ready to give it my all and try new things! Ah also pride myself on bein' honest to a fault. Ah ain't afraid to tell people exactly what's on my mind and what Ah think about them! That sort of charisma should go a long way, ya know! Ah guess one of my less than stellar qualities is that Ah tend to act first without thinkin'... Ah mean, it's not like anythin' bad happens all the time, it's just that Ah tend to rarely think about how what Ah do can affect those around me! But that ain't so bad, right? Ain't the best kinda prize a surprise? Also... Ah know it's crazy, but people tell me that Ah can be a bit loud and obnoxious! Can ya possibly believe that? That's just rude if ya ask me!

Tell us about before you decided to apply with Tocker Corporations.

Ah really dunno what ya wanna know 'bout little ol' me. Ah was born and raised up in Sinnoh, spendin' most of my life in Veilstone City. My daddy happens to run a very profitable... and very charitable organization, so a lot of people assume that that meant Ah was just raised as some little spoiled girl gettin' just 'bout anythin' I could've ever wanted. But boy, that ain't anywhere close to the case! In fact, daddy didn't even give me my third credit card until I turned 16! Can ya believe that? Anyways, daddy always spent a lot of time on business trips, going all around the region and meetin' with some very important people. Ah was never lonely though, 'cause he was always bringin' me all kinds of gifts and even some rare Pokémon to call friends when he came back!

Ah guess you could say it was because of daddy that Ah'm even here applyin' today. Ya see, daddy said it was time that I got to be a bit more responsible. He wanted to see if Ah could make my own connections and way in the world, so he sent me all the way out here to apply to your company. He says it'll good experience for me and see if one day Ah could be reliable enough to take over the family business when he's ready to retire. Personally, Ah think it's silly to send me all the way out here in the middle of Kalos for somethin' like that, but he really didn't leave me any choice. He even threatened to cancel my cards if Ah let him down! Ah guess you could say my motivation is a bit selfish, but... ya gotta help a pretty girl out! Please, just give me this once chance! Ah promise, ya won't regret a thing!

Tell us about your Pokémon Partner. Please disclose any and all information about your Pokémon.

Klein | Male |Serious | Proud Of His Power |Inner Focus
Quick Guard | Aura Sphere | Power-Up Punch |Poison Jab (TM) | Blaze Kick (Egg) | Iron Defense (Tutor)

Do you suffer from any emotional and/or mental afflictions/disabilities?

Are ya tryin' to say that Ah got some kinda problem? Well, for you're information, there ain't anythin' wrong with me!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Ah plan to still be with this company, obviously! Ya better keep an eye out, 'cause there's a good chance ya'll are gonna be answerin' these questions from me!


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1. Tell us about yourself. What makes you YOU?

My name is Tyler Duren. I’m just shy of twenty-four. I’m a very hard worker who believes in the old adage of loyalty. I believe that too many young people go into the workforce with the thought that they can bounce around from company to company in search of a better paycheck. My father taught me that true loyalty is the greatest advantage anyone can have in today’s society. So, in essence, I aim to be the most loyal and dedicated employee you’ll have yet!

Oh right, my other information. Well, I am five feet and four inches tall, not all that tall to be honest. Shortness runs in my family. I keep my weight in check well enough. Whenever I’m at work I aim to dress professionally. I’ll make sure to wear long sleeve dress shirts and slacks. I like to diversify my wardrobe, but I mainly switch between gray and black slacks, and calmer colors for my shirt. I enjoy blues and whites mainly, though I do have a few yellow and lavender shirts as well. The lavender I mainly save for casual dress days. I have brown hair that I make sure to keep short, and brown eyes.

2. Tell us about before you decided to apply with Tocker Corporations.

My first accounting job was with Santalune Accountants. Compared to what I’ve seen so far, their offices were much smaller. The environment there was more close-knit, family friendly sort of thing going. Most new hires spend a year there and then bail. I impressed them by actually staying with them. By the end of my third year I gained a promotion to senior accountant and was given an expanded client base to work with. You might notice on my resume that one month later my time with SA was over. I do want to assure you that it wasn’t voluntarily. While I am unable to comment about the incident directly, I will say that it was not in any manner my fault. I’m sure by this point that you have already contacted the management over there. If it was something really bad then I’m sure that I wouldn’t even be having this interview!

Other than that I’ve done a few odd jobs here and there in Santalune when I was younger. I would mainly work the front desk for local businesses. Since I was there out in the open a lot of customers would come to ask questions or get directions to products we sold. Over time I became experienced enough to handle questions, comments, and even call a manager whenever a customer needed something that I couldn’t provide. I’m an excellent listener, able to remain polite even when I’m talking to someone who could be considered rude. My best trait I gained is working to defuse stressful situations so that a customer walks away in a content state.

3. Tell us about your Pokémon Partner. Please disclose any and all information about your Pokémon.

Well, that would be my Weavile, Yuun. He wasn’t personally trained by myself, but by my brother. I did try my hand at the trainer lifestyle. I didn’t last a month. Living on the roads and having to constantly train a pokemon just… it just wasn’t me. My brother managed to somehow survive, and has been doing it ever since. Apparently he has too many pokemon on his hands, and so he sent a few my family’s way.

Yuun is an odd Weavile. A majority of Weavile are thin and built more for speed. My brother says that there are some pokemon out there that form groups, kind of like Mightyena with their packs out in the wild. Yuun was apparently some sort of warrior for his group. He didn’t know many ice moves at first, given that he was in a tundra and everything there is ice based. I guess it wouldn’t make sense to use ice against other pokemon who naturally resist ice. Anyways, he’s more of a physical guy. He actually helped me a whole bunch around my other office. He can lift a few heavy items and can scale shelves if something is too high for me to reach. Apart from that, he mostly hangs around my area and keeps an eye on me. I think it's more his way of ensuring I'm safe.

He knows how to pressure his opponents during battle, based on the few he’s been in with me. In terms of attacks, again, mostly physical based actions. He knows Metal Claw, Quick Attack, Screech, Thief, and Fury Swipes for his main damage dealing tactics. In terms of utility he also knows Attract, just in case he faces off against a female in battle. It’s something that my brother says helped him out here and there.

In terms of age, my brother says that Yuun should be around seven. Weavile can live up to thirty years, or so the internet says. That would make Yuun around 23 or so in Weavile years. Pretty much in the prime of his youth, so if you offer any pokemon insurance know that he won’t be injuring himself anytime soon. Do you want to see a picture? I'm sure I have one in my wallet, one moment.


4. Do you suffer from any emotional and/or mental afflictions/disabilities?

Not that I’m aware of. I’m just trying to perform my work as quickly as possible. I don’t have time to develop any disabilities.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Why, still in these offices, working at Tocker. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(OOC : I don't have a trainer picture cause, well, I don't own any art of one! But a Weavile I do!)


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You are hired! Very nice, I like it.

That is two out of six employees.

However, I may lower the employee count if this thread doesn't see more interest, as I don't want to make people wait.
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