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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Cubone's Desire

Rom Info

Base ROM: 4273 - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky (USA).nds
Patch created with Delta Patcher 2.0.1
Language: English


Follow the journey of a Cubone who wakes up from a terrible nightmare, only to find his loved one disappearing. Join Cubone and meet friends and enemies alike on his way to find what he cherishes the most.


  • New original story.
  • Tip textboxes at the start of the game are removed.




• Story
• Scripting Scenes
• Custom Scene Art

• Custom Gengar Animations     (take out map facing down/right, put away map facing down/right)
• Custom Cubone Animations     (cry facing left/down, rolling, sit down facing upright, search inventory)
• Custom Aggron Animations     (point downwards, return to normal from pointng, stomp, emerge from ground slowly)
• Custom Charizard Animations  (point downright, return to normal from pointng)
• Custom Dusclops Animations   (itch head)

• Cubone Custom Portraits      (crossed arms/look away/closed eyes)
• Aggron Custom Portraits      (happy, pain, angry, surprised, closed mouth normal)
• Graveler Custom Portraits    (pain, worried)
• Hitmonlee Custom Portraits   (angry, surprised, arms crossed, poiting)
• Wurmple Custom Portraits     (happy, worried, sad, surprised)
• Bellsprout Custom Portraits  (worried, surprised)
• Dusclops Custom Portraits    (happy, pain, angry, worried, sad, teary-eyed, inspired, surprised, sigh, stunned)
• Pineco Custom Portraits      (angry, worried, surprised)
• Deoxys Custom Portraits      (leaning forward)
• Scizor Custom Portraits      (happy, pain, angry, worried, surprised, worried-alternate)
• Marshtomp Custom Portraits   (happy, pain, angry, worried, sad, surprised)
• Kecleon Custom Portraits     (surprised)
• Murkrow Custom Portraits     (happy, angry, worried, pain, surprised)
• Shiftry Custom Portraits     (angry, worried, pain)
• Wobbuffet Custom Portraits   (surprised, worried, stunned)
• Chansey Custom Portraits     (worried, worried-alternate)
• Marowak Custom Portraits     (surprised)

• Cubone Custom poraits   (not sure wich, i think those not present in RT but in Skytemples portrait resource)
                          (which i believe are: sigh, stunned, dizzy)

• Delibird Custom Portraits   (edited by Tainted)

• Gabite Custom Portraits

• Disable the tip texboxes that shown in dungeons at the beginning of the game

• Extract actor and level lists

• Extract hardcoded item lists

Everyone who contribured to Skytemple, making this possible.
And much love to the Skytemple discord and their community.




  • Cavern Depths midpoint displays the wrong location on the top screen when in Ground Mode.
  • Gengar is missing some animations. (i just haven't gotten around to do those)
  • If you defeat Sableye you break the game progression.
  • Apple Woods doesn't take your partner with you.
  • Adventure Record sometimes displays the wrong location.
  • The worldmap has an orange tint to objects.
  • If you saved somewhere earlier to your current progress with an option to save before a dungeon, but chose not to at your current progress, you'll be booted back to another scene prior to it. So it's adviced to always save when you see a Kangaskhan Rock.


• Version 1
Release Date: 2021:07:19
Notes: About half of the game is done. There are currently 6 dungeons and between 1.5-2.5 hours in total.

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I see your game was missing a title and the category so I added them to your thread, if it needs to be changed feel free to do it. This one looks very insteresting to play.

By the way, thread approved.
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Feels good to see you again Tainted! I remember your previous hack, Pokémon Paragon from 2017! I'm glad to see Mystery Dungeon hacks with original storyline slowly crop up outside of the usual difficulty mods.
Finally dropped my mixtape Venting session vol. 2! This mixtape is deeply personal to me as the 4 tracks touch up on themes such as Mental health, parental upbringing etc. Do consider tuning in!
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_kAUxSM3mgS8eAk9x8TtbkDStWZ4UuxyGA
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A mystery dungeon hack :0
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so true!


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Hej everyone. Just thought I'd drop in with some news. Work is slow at the moment but it's progress. The skytemple community also recently held a hack jam, which I participated. And my entry focuses on story and is related to Cubone's Desire. So if you liked it, you might find my entry enjoyable too. Naturally there were other entries as well, check them out here.

PMD: Divided Spirits

Adventure after adventure with some friends our main character feels the need to take a break.
Though it's no ordinary break. Needing to clear their minds they enter a dungeon.
But there's a foreboding aura all the way down to the bottom. What really happened down there?

Download here

edit: I forgot to mention there's some bugs present. Only game-breaking one is if you win the first boss fight. There's also some typos here and there. No idea when a release fixing these will be made