Best pokemon joke ever.

Started by Prince_of_Light April 14th, 2010 7:26 PM
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Alright, so I just posted this on another forum, but since this place specializes in pokemon I want to see how much lulz I get. =P

The first one someone else had posted, and the second one I came up with.

Feel free to add your own funny poke-jokes.

EDIT: whoops! My bad. Totally didn't realize I was still in Other Chat. XD


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lol I thought the abra one was funny xD

You always need to be wary of Peepin' Toms. If not, they'll surely:

Yeah, I just thought of that >>

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Why did Misty say that Ash and Psyduck were alike?
Answer:They are both very dense in the head.

What did Pikachu say when it was playing hide'n'seek with Togepi? Answer: Peek-a-choo!

there alright I guess.

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Um, here's some I made, sometimes I get laughs from them, sometimes I don't.

Running joke:

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heres 2 more:

i made another one but its quite rude, i would got banned if i posted it ;)
ROFL!!!!!!!!!! On the Pickachu one!!! I don't get the Charmander one though...

And as for the rude one, if it as to do with Pickachu, don't post it. If it doesn't, Spoiler it ;)
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You always need to be wary of Peepin' Toms. If not, they'll surely:

Yeah, I just thought of that >>
You totally stole one I thought of! >_<

Except mine was: What is a pokemon that likes voyeur?
A Peek at chu!


Here's one that my friend's brother told me in like 2nd grade: "What do you get when you cross a Magneton with a Snorlax?"
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