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Old April 3rd, 2013 (4:57 PM).
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    What Pokemon seems to stand out at you as a whole? Whether you can't have a team without it,or that Pokemon relates to you in real life,what do you consider to be your signature Pokemon,and why?

    I would say Snorlax is my signature Pokemon.Its big,friendly,and practically does nothing but eat and sleep,just like me.

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    I'm gonna move this to Pokemon General, since it isn't game specific.

    Anyway...even though Umbreon is my favorite Pokemon, I think Petilil is more of my signature Pokemon. Everyone knows I love it, I think it's fierce, and I use it for usernames in many places. I use it in gen V games whenever possible as well, and I am small and cute just like Petilil. We go so well together! lol

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    Pichu, by all means. He's such a cutie, I full for cute.

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      Think everybody all ready knows what my one is...Pachirisu
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      I'm going with Tropius and Hydreigon. I can't choose one, both are my favorite Pokemon. I don't know why I just fell deeply deeply in love with each of them when I first saw them xD
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        Celebi, because it is just too cute.
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          Im gonna go with aggron, but not because im like him physically, (obviously), but because of their style, were both stubborn, prideful, and have a will of iron that wont let us give up until we cant fight anymore.
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          Torterra, of course!

          He tanks really well, isn't affected by sandstorm, can take out fire-types with his STAB earthquake, and is just frikkin' epic in design.
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          Obviously gligar,it's my favorite pokemon
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          I read the title and my mind just screamed "MEGANIUUUUUUUUM!"

          But yes, Meganium is obv my signature Pokemon. It's more than just my favorite, it's the must have Pokemon for my team, even if it has a sucky level-up moveset (although it has improved in Gen V when I got a Meganium from trade), but I can still teach a variety of moves to the flower dino. <3

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          Watchog is my main companion in the Unova games. In a way I could say its my signature Pokemon, if its not with me I'm not happy.

          It only applies to my Unova games:
          What Pokemon seems to stand out at you as a whole? - Watchog primarily, there are also 2 more (Dewott and Mienshao)

          Whether you can't have a team without it, or that Pokemon relates to you in real life,what do you consider to be your signature Pokemon,and why? It can't be out of my teams at all, for me its not a complete team if at least one Watchog (and one of the two I mentioned above) isn't on there. It's their weasel-type body that gets my attention, for Watchog/Miruhoggu its the eyes and the fur marking (every time I'm petting my mom's ferret I'm imagining petting a Watchog).
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            Houndoom actually. However I have never ever used it in any of my games. And I will never ever use it. Houndoom has a special place within me and it stays there.

            I like him because of his very strong appearance yet he seems a little shy to me, reserved to be more precisely. That is me. I'm never the center of attention, I'm reserved but when it has to I can stand my guard and more... Also he's dark. I'm not a dark person. But I know for some reason it just fits me to complete me. Houndoom are protective and loyal and that's exact as most of my friends and relatives describe me too.
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              Obviously it's raichu with shiny Charizard as my powerhouse
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              My signature Pokemon would be Victini, because it's cute and very adorable.
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                Charizard (if you haven's guessed it already from visiting my Profile).

                Charmander and its line have always had a special meaning to me beyond nostalgia. Raising a tiny frail Charmander (with all of its disadvantages early on) into a powerhouse Charizard in Pokemon Red played a pivotal role in shaping who I am today (along with other various staples of my childhood). It was a practical example for me as a little kid in teaching me that if I persevered and had that belief in myself, I could accomplish any goal, despite how many things might be going against me. For that, it will always have a special place in my heart.
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                  Mine is slakingcause it seems lazy like me. and has beyond pseudo-legendary stats.
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                    I would have to say Gardevoir in the Hoenn games. I just love it's elegance, and it's by far my favorite Psychic type.
                    Though, in the Unova games, my main companion was Reuniclus. Also one of my favorite Psychics.
                    Old April 6th, 2013 (4:56 AM).
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                      It's so menacing, and is by far my favourite Dark-type. Although Torterra is up there in the ranks too, as being one of my most reliable Pokemon during my in-game odysseys.
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                        Lucario's my homie. He got me through my gen four/five adventures

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                        Old April 6th, 2013 (11:27 AM).
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                          I'd say Azumarill, I choose a non-water starter just so I can have him in my team :D
                          Old April 7th, 2013 (12:48 AM).
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                          Up until 2 years ago I would've said Pidgeot, since it always seemed to be a staple on my teams, no matter which game I was playing. The more I think about it, though, Butterfree is probably my signature Pokemon.

                          Even when I was a kid, I was almost willing to trade some of my best Pokemon cards for a Butterfree (only to find out there wasn't one in the Base Set). I even went as far as getting a Japanese Butterfree- which is still the only non-English piece of Pokemon merchandise I own. In the games I had sort of avoided using Butterfree, but by the time I played HeartGold, Butterfree became the main Pokemon on my team, and is one of the few I've actually bothered leveling up to 100.
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                          Most likely Gallade, even though I rarely use it in battle.

                          Old April 7th, 2013 (12:58 PM).
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                          I haven't had a consistent signature Pokémon, but for themes, I would say a 3-way tie between Totodile, Servine, and Fennekin (all of which I have had themes on here at PC).

                          However, in the games, it's Kyogre. Ever since Generation III, I have always used Kyogre in battle. Kyogre was also the first legendary I truly fell in love with when I was younger as well.

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                          Vaporeon, if that wasn't obvious enough. It is my favourite and I'm referred to as it a lot.
                          Old April 10th, 2013 (12:09 AM).
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                          If it's in game, it's always on my party.
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