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Old March 22nd, 2013 (10:02 AM).
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chapter 3; PART One
Corvin White // Pewter City

“Hey, you!” At the call Corvin turned to find that indeed the gruff voice had been calling out to him, not too surprising since there were not that many people around.
“Yes?” Corvin responded to the man, a tall and ridiculously hairy man wearing a yellow shirt and dirt-covered denim overalls, with a quizzical expression on his face. The reason for this expression was rather simple to say the least; the man was sitting in a rundown wooden shopping stall surrounded by simple grey rocks of various sizes.
“Wanna buy a rock? After all, you can’t come to a stone city and not leave without a stone”. Corvin stood looking at the man his mouth ajar, bewildered by the ridiculous request. He had heard rumours of people attempting to sell rocks to tourists under the guise that they were something special, or were something perfectly normal to find in a gift shop, but he hadn’t for a moment actually thought that a single one of the stories was true. He couldn’t help but feel as though his intelligence was being insulted, but more than that how could this man be so lazy as to not just search for a real job instead of selling pebbles.
“You have got to be kidding me right? That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in my life! Those aren’t even evolution stones you’re charging people for; I could find an equally interesting rock lying around in the dirt! Stop being such a lazy pr*ck and get a real job!” It may not have been appropriate to yell at the shopkeeper, if you could even call him that, but the man was disgusting. Regardless of appropriateness it certainly wasn’t wise, the man was at least a foot taller than Corvin and was certainly better built, probably from finding rocks and hoisting them onto shelves. Said man was now standing, red in the face and with clenched fists, which is really never a good sign.
Oh Cr*p the young trainer thought to himself before sprinting down the street, the man abandoning his ridiculous rock shop to give chase.

This was not the first unfortunate experience in which Corvin had found himself during his stay in Pewter City. He had arrived two days ago only to find that the gym leader, a young man by the name of Brock, was fully booked and so he had spent a lot of his time wandering around aimlessly and training with Royal and Hammer, his heracross. It was during those travels that he had managed to find himself somehow continuously walking into the shadier part of Pewter City, because for some reason he could end up in the most criminal infested parts of even the nicest places. So far that day he had been mugged by a street gang, attacked by a group of feral Mawile, thrashed in battle by a machoke that he was certain was on steroids and now chased by an enraged shopkeeper. All in all; Corvin was not exactly on a role as far as Pewter City was concerned. All this was on Corvin’s mind as he hurtled down the streets of Pewter City the angry behemoth of a man hot on his tail.
“I’ll show you lazy you little s***!”
“Wonderful” Corvin panted to himself “He even has bad language to go with that cheerful appearance” a statement which was followed by a barrage of obscenities from behind him as the brute continued to pursue Corvin down the street.

Running down a side street Corvin released Hammer from his pokeball
“Heracross” called the large blue beetle in response to its release
“I’d ask you to knock him out, but I don’t want to go to jail, Horn Attack on that stall over there!” Confused, but at this point not surprised by Corvin’s predicament Hammer obeyed his trainer his horn pulsating in a silvery-white light as he rammed a shopping stall, that was far better crafted than the rock stall of the man chasing Corvin. The stall shattered under the strength of the attack spewing merchandise one the ground and causing the shopkeeper and his pokemon, a group of Jigglypuff, began to work on clearing all the while yelling angrily at Corvin and Hammer. Thankfully the group of enraged pokemon and their owner were blocking the road as the cleared their merchandise stopping the hairy oaf chasing Corvin for a while. Corvin took the opportunity and sprinted further down the side road, Hammer in tow before turning into a maze of alleyways.

Turning down yet another alleyway Corvin stopped, breathing hard, and pressed his back against the wall listening intently as Hammer descended from the sky on his thin transparent wings to land next to his trainer.
You know you’re in a sucky part of town when nobody try’s to stop a man who must be in his mid to late thirties from chasing a fifteen-year-old down the street whilst hurling obscenities Corvin thought to himself as he tried to slow his breathing. That was when he heard the noise
“Mawile!” Looking to his right he saw some unfortunately familiar faces. He had somehow managed to stumble upon the same thuggish group of Mawile that had attacked him earlier.
“Hera?” Hammer asked, it wanted to know what it was supposed to do. Corvin had a fairly good idea of what was going to be happening next, he didn’t share the confusion on a course of action that his bug-type had.
“Mawile!” Corvin turned and sure enough the other side of the alley was blocked by more of the strange steel-types.
I can’t catch a break today can I?
“Royal, I’m going to need some help” Corvin said to his Marshtomp as he released it, the blue aquatic creature emerging to see itself in what couldn’t not be considered a favourable position in any way, shape or form.

The humanoid pokemon began to charge at Corvin and his companions from both sides, attempting to Bite at the trio with the strange jaws sprouting from the top of their heads.
“Hammer, use Fury Attack!” Corvin wished that his pokemon had learned some fighting typed moves as it began knocking back the attackers with quick jabs from his horn, deflecting most of them but not doing much damage.
“Mud-Slap!” Royal began hurling mud from the super effective attack slapping the closer mawille with mud-covered hands, refusing to give an inch and relying on his stocky build to prevent himself from getting overpowered. A mawile lunged at Corvin only to be struck by a powerful horn, Hammer seeing what Royal had not had slammed into the opposing pokemon to protect Corvin, hurling it into a wall but taking several Bites from more of the steel-types in the process.
“Hera!” the cry of pain was chilling. The moves may not have been that effective due to Hammer’s typing, but several at once was a lot to handle. It was then, as Corvin and his pokemon were forced into a corner that the loud squawking noise could be heard. A large bird pokemon, that Corvin recognised as a Pidgeot thanks to his time helping his parents with their breeding work was circling around the alley, signalling someone.

That someone was the man from the rock shop who had arrived with a Sandshrew at his side. For a split second Corvin thought the aggressive man was actually going to help him out, until he heard the still angry shopkeeper scream at the Mawile
“He’s mine!”
“Great” sighed Corvin as Royal looked at him wondering what was going on. All hell broke loose as the man and his pokemon charged down the alley after Corvin, causing the mawile to temporarily change focus. The angry pokemon and the aggressive man, were now fighting over who would get to tear Corvin and probably Hammer and Royal also limb from limb.
“Return guys” Corvin returned his pokemon back to their respective pokeballs before running down the alley and out onto a street, straight through a group of elderly people and then a group from a nearby trainer school. He didn’t stop running until he reached the pokemon centre but upon entering he walked straight into a pair of police officers... who had a picture of him.
“Corvin White?” asked one of the cops, a tall and thin woman with spiky blue hair. Although Corvin was fairly sure she already knew it was him because it was followed by
“You have been causing quite the ruckus throughout the city these last few days, I'm afraid you’re going to have to come with us for a chat”. A statement that would have been far less intimidating if she hadn't pulled out handcuffs.
Well what do you know; I am getting arrested after all. I really hate this city.

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Old March 22nd, 2013 (10:26 AM).
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@ gimmepie
That's some rough start for Corvin! Can't wait to see how he'll handle the police.

- Royal (Marshtomp) grew to lvl 19!
- Hammer (Heracross) grew to lvl 15!

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chapter x; PART X
Topaz // area name here

Topaz sat down on the tree branch, his two friends sitting nicely next to him. Swablu trying desperately to get away from the stench of the human Society, while Servine was keeping tis distance because she knew Topaz wasn't ready yet for the human world. The two had been discussing things as they had went through the Veridian Forrest and Topaz had explained what his childhood had been like. It turned out, Servine knew more about the human world than Topaz did, which made Servine the kind of guide and guardian to the kid. Though to be honest, the kid was sometimes more of the snake's guardian, as they often got side-tracted and Topaz seemed to be the only one of the two who could find his way in the thicket.

Servine was just too civilized to ever be rehabilitated back to the Wild like some might be when they were released. But even without Servine's consoling, Topaz didn't want to come to the human world just yet. The Humans were so strange and were all probably much stronger than he was, so he knew that he was going to need to train more in the wild before he could come to them.

Jumping away from the branch he and his friends were sitting on to get a nice view of Pewter City, Topaz made his way back. Landing in the nice thicket of Tall grass, the wild Pokemon bounced with his arrival, getting alerted to his brazen attempts to get their attention. As he danced and backflipped and cartwheeled, many of the Pokemon wondered why he did not just walk and wait for one of them to attack, like so many other Humans did before all of this.


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Chapter 3; PART 1

Hector Ayoba // Just outside of Viridian Forest

Hector was walking along, having a grand old time with Sword and Scythe. The Scyther, his newest addition to the team, was calm natured, unlike most Scythers. He was singing a little marching tune with Sword. It was almost hilarious to see a human with poofy hair and goofy shorts and other such things marching with their knees high, especially with a Scyther and a Dewott. "I don't know what I've been told." The pokemon chanted back in their own tongue. "Oran Berry sammiches are as good as gold." They chanted back again. They all loved Hector's mom's Oran Berry sammiches. They were excellent in every way and form: Truly culinary gold. Hector burst out laughing, as did Scythe and Sword. This trio was going to have fun on their adventure. Sword was just like Hector in almost every single way, except he was smooth with the ladies. (AHHHHH YEAH!) Scythe was a bit less social, but he liked to hang out with Hector and Sword. "Good job guys!" Hector and his pokemon were laughing so hard that he might've had a laugh-attack. They had just come from Viridian City, a very successful run. He and Sword had defeated Scythe, and Hector had caught him right as they entered. Hector had won about four or five battles, so they were feeling pretty bossly.

Hector strolled out into the clearing. The sun was shining down, and the Swablus were screaming. All was well. "WOOHOO!" He couldn't help but to let out a loud shout. He began to run around in circles making airplane noises. One might think that they were high, but they weren't. Hector sprawled to the ground, and his two partners ran up to his fallen body, laughing as well. As Hector stood up, he saw three figures to the south. "HEY, OVER THERE! YOU!" He began to sprint towards them. It was a trainer and his pokemon! "HEY, DO YOU WANNA BATTLE?"

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chapter 3; PART 1
Jack Freeman // Pewter City

The walk through Viridian Forest seemed endless. Every corner Jack turned there was a bug-catcher or a wild Pokémon that was extremely irritated. The Pidgeotto that he had caught was trying to attack him and his Quilava, Vulcan, before Vulcan exploded in anger and dealt a powerful Flare Blitz to the poor Pidgeotto. Jack decided to name the angry bird, Rovio. Along the way, Jack began to understand Vulcan’s nature. The Quilava was a brave Pokémon, and displayed that through his strength during battle. It also seemed to have a hot-temper, very similar to Jack

A spark of relief uplifted Jack when he saw Pewter City’s sign. His legs ached from the long walk, and he immediately seeked the Pokémon Center. The town was a pleasant place from the looks of it. It was rather small but there were many people standing or walking outside and conversing. It was a change of pace from the slums of Celadon that Jack unfortunately called home.

Jack was starting for the Pokémon Center when he crashed into a young boy who seemed very upset. Jack’s sense of relief was replaced with fury.

“Hey watch where you’re going, kid…” Jack snapped.

“I-uhm-I…” The kid stuttered, “I was going to the Pokémon center because my Growlithe and I just got attacked by this really, really, really, super tall boy!”

Jack realized that the boy’s glasses were snapped in half from the collision, and the lenses were cracked and caked with dirt. He felt regretful for snapping at the poor kid, and wanted to make up for it.

“Okay kid, it’s gonna be alright…show me where this ***hole is…” Jack tried to sound as apologetic as possible, “I’ll battle this kid if he’s so tough.”

The kid stood up and brushed himself off; he grew a long, cheerful smile and reached his hand out for Jack. Jack turned away and the kid became dissapointed.

“Look kid, I don’t wanna go making any buddies here. I just want to be a Pokémon master, just show me where this kid is so I can show him who’s boss—“

Suddenly, a slender, boney hand grabbed the boy’s shoulder and pushed him to the ground. Jack looked up and saw a creepy-looking face peering down at him. The kid’s long, moppy, and black hair was covered in dirt and dust and swept over his eyes. His face was plagued with acne and dirt smudges. His teeth were crooked, buck and yellow. He looked like a demonic rabbit.

“Ha! Who’s this scrub, Max?” The tall kid asked to the boy with the glasses.

“He is a Pokémon master! And he’s about to show you who’s boss, Remus!” Max replied. Jack grinned and nodded; he went along with it.

“Oh really? Hahaha…this kid is a scrub, I can tell…” Remus smirked as he scanned Jack’s posture and body, “How’s about a Pokémon battle. Then we can really see who’s boss…”

Winning was Jack’s only option. Not only did the kid defy his authority, but he challenged him to a battle as well.

The battle was on.

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chapter 3; PART 2
Topaz // Just outside of Viridian Forest

"HEY, OVER THERE! YOU!" Topaz's attention turned to the human boy coming his way from across the field. "HEY, DO YOU WANNA BATTLE?"

Topaz was overjoyed at the idea of someone wanting to play with him, though he needed to know if his Pokemon Friends would be willing to do so. Servine pulled up, ready to do this, but instead, Swablu swooped down, landing on the ground but making sure than none of its feathers got dirty when it landed. Swablu didn;t get much battling during that trip through Viridian Forrest. Mostly because it was so grimey and leaves were poking out everywhere. If Swablu tried to fly through there, he would have gotten covered in leaves and twigs.

But now they were out in the open and he could show to Servine that Wild pokemon were just as good as trained Pokemon.

"Um, I guess both of my Pokemon friends want to fight, so, do you mind if we make this a one on one battle with two Pokemon?" Topaz liked the boy's hair, it was nice and crazy and looked like a place Swablu would have his mate lay her eggs.


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chapter 3; PART TWO
Corvin White // Pewter City

Corvin, who had managed to get himself arrested for vandalism and disorderly conduct was sitting in a dank holding cell in the back of Pewter City’s main police station. He was staring intently at his bag and pokeballs both of which had been confiscated from him upon arrival at the police station. Needless to say; Corvin was not having a good day.
At least the assault charges have been dropped he thought to himself, thankful that the elderly citizens of Pewter he had run through knew of the rowdy mawile in the area and cut him some slack. The police officers on the other side of the rusty bars were not quite so nice. They sat on opposite sides of the desk his bag and pokeballs were on top of discussing something and glaring at Corvin like he was a murder suspect or something.
I’ve been sitting here for half an hour. No phone call, no lawyer... they won’t even give me a cup of water for crying out loud, how I get stuck with the worst cops in the city on top of all this!

It was in the middle of his irritated musings that something in the quiet conversation of his arresting officers caught his ears
“Stolen from the museum? When?” Corvin wondered why they were talking about that when they were still filling out paperwork for the, rather numerous, charges against him.
If they have time for idle gossip and chit-chat then they have time to have given me my phone call and a damn lawyer! Corvin fumed from the uncomfortable seat in the holding cell, what he heard next though took him from fuming to beyond furious.
“Well it fits the time period that the kid has been in the city, and all the commotion would make sense if he was in a panic after robbing the museum” the male cop said to his partner, to which the woman, who appeared to be smarter but less experienced (in Corvin’s eyes anyway), replied
“But how would some kid from Viridian have any idea how to break into our highly guarded museum without even getting seen by a security camera?”
“The kid may not have been able to, but from what we have seen he is a fairly good trainer and that bug of his is certainly quite nimble”
“You have a point there” and with that she began typing on her computer.
Are they nuts? I’ve been too busy being attacked by people and arrested to have robbed a museum... THEY THINK I ROBBED THE MUSEUM!!! What the hell is wrong with these idiots, Pewter’s museum has incredible security, you hear about it all the time! How could I, even with Hammer and Royal’s help have gotten in and out of there in one piece? Corvin was rapidly becoming more and more irritated with the Pewter City Police Department.

Several minutes later Corvin found himself sitting in an uncomfortable steel chair in the interrogation room. Sitting across from him was the male cop and to his right were the door and the cliché mirrored glass that the other cop was undoubtedly standing behind.
“Where were you last night between the hours of five and ten PM?” asked the man, whom Corvin had decided was rather chubby for a police officer.
“If you don’t even have security camera footage how the hell do you even know that’s when the break in occurred?!” Corvin had no intention of playing nice with them, especially since they were probably going to send him to jail anyway
“Oh, and I’m still waiting on a lawyer, you know because of the law and all that”. The officer across from Corvin was turning a shade of red remarkably similar to the colour the layabout who was selling rocks did.
“When did I say that you were under arrest? We are just having a friendly conversation, no lawyer needed” the smirking cops response didn’t exactly thrill Corvin
“Well, you could understand me being confused since you cuffed me, threw me into a cop car, confiscated my bag and my pokeballs, left me in a holding cell and didn’t even give me a cup of water when I asked. But hey, my mistake and since this is just a conversation I guess I can leave”. Corvin stood up and walked out the door back into the room he was originally in and grabbed his satchel and pokeballs before heading out onto the path outside the building and walking down it, back in the direction of the shady part of town he had been in.
That, was probably not the smartest thing I have ever done...

Corvin had been walking for about ten minutes when he noticed a black feathered bird pokemon flying above him, or rather that the same Murkrow had been following him since he left the police station.
They could have at least used a pokemon more common to this area... These guys really are terrible at their jobs. Corvin looked around the street he was on, but was no able to see the dirty cops themselves anywhere nearby. He figured either they were better at hide and seek than police work or that Murkrow was going to lead them too him once he stopped somewhere. That was fine by him really, he was in the rash frame of mind he got into when he was angry, which was never a good thing for him but he couldn’t really control it. Corvin crossed over the street into a small park decorated with large white boulders, one of which Corvin sat on whilst he waited for the cops to show up, again. Removing his cap and running his hand through his surprisingly soft brown hair he thought to himself
I don’t know who the thief is, but they have caused me more trouble than I really needed right now. I’m going to find them and I’m going to see how much they like having Hammer’s horn stuck in their ******s.
It was not much longer after the rather violent thought that the pair of police officers that had been causing so much trouble arrived at the park, the murkrow resting on the male cop’s shoulder.
“It looks like we found you. You need to work on finding better hiding places kid.”
“You need to get better at your job but you don’t see me pointing it out” for once Corvin actually wanted the police officer to not be thinking straight, the angrier the better “You must realise I didn’t do it, you can’t be a complete idiot but since I’m a nice guy I’m not even going to hold this against you, in fact I have a proposition for you. Let’s have a one on one battle” the last part was directed at the officer with the Murkrow, whose brow was now deeply furrowed “if I win you let me go for the rest of the day to look for the actual thief and if I find them you then miraculously forget about all those other charges, and arrest the big idiot that was chasing me in the first place”. His pride insulted, and looking for a chance to take it out on someone the angry policeman agreed quickly to Corvin’s proposal and within the next thirty second Corvin and Hammer stood facing the police officer and his Murkrow.
“Leer!” Hammer’s gaze seemed to bore into the very soul of the feathered dark-type standing in front of him, lowering his defences dramatically. Corvin had a fairly steady plan for how he was going to win the battle, although it wasn’t really his style.
“Peck!” Murkrow jumped into the air and flew at Hammer trying to hit a super-effective move right off the bat
“Fling it behind you with Horn Attack!” Hammer had used that strategy himself when he battled Royal in Viridian Forest, catching his enemy by surprise and fling his head up thus launching his opponent over his head. The murkrow was fairly tough, righting itself in the air easily and acting like it was never hit
“Leer again!” once again the terrifying gaze emanated from Hammer, lowering the defensive abilities of the bird yet again. Corvin had to be patient, not a skill of his, but his strategy would pay off.
“And again!”
“Sky Attack!” yelled the police officer in response. Hammer again lowered the Murkrow’s defensive stat, but this gave Murkrow a free chance to charge the powerful and super-effective move. In a blazing light the bird collided with hammer sending him flying into one of the white boulders which cracked under the impact, splitting in half.
“Hammer, are you okay?”
“Her...” the bug-type groaned climbing slowly to its feet but swaying as if he may fall over any moment, that attack had packed on hell of a punch.
Not good... I still need to land one more leer.
“Leer again!”
“Peck!” At close range the peck came very close to Hammer, forcing them to change move
“Night Slash!” Hammer swung its right arm, now cloaked in darkness, up to intercept the move resulting in both pokemon being thrown away from each other
“Leer! Quick!” Hammer responded by following the order, in mid-air.
“Horn Attack!” Still in the air the Heracross righted itself before ramming into the Murkrow hard with his massive horn. The flying type fell to ground no longer able to battle
“See you guys tomorrow” Corvin said to the shocked police officers before returning Hammer and continuing on the way he had been headed originally.

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Chapter 3; PART 2

Hector Ayoba // Just outside of Viridian Forest

Hector jogged over to the scruffy looking guy. He had short, white hair and an interesting outfit. "Um, I guess both of my Pokemon friends want to fight, so, do you mind if we make this a one on one battle with two Pokemon?"

Hector raised his hand to his face and stroked his face for a few seconds, then nodded in agreement. "That sounds like a plan." Sword and Scythe ran up to stand beside him. He analyzed his new opponent/friend's team. There was a Servine and a Swablu. Dewott eyed down the Servine, analyzing his strength. It seemed to be strong. The Swablu seemed to be strong as well. It would be a good battle.

Hector strode to the other side of the clearing and looked to Scythe. "You're up first buddy." The Scyther quickly ran to the middle of the field. It licked the blades of its scythes', a prebattle ritual, and issued a challenging cry, 'SCYTHER!' Hector grinned, and Sword danced eagerly from foot to foot, anticipating his turn to battle. This battle would be just what the team needed. "THE NAME'S HECTOR AYOBA! I'M YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!" He chuckled at his own introduction. "PREPARE TO BE DEFEATED!" Sword, who was standing next to him, looked up at him with a puzzled look. "Just roll with it buddy." He nodded and they both turned their attention to the battle. "Scythe, get ready! Use Focus Energy!" Scythe closed his eyes and entered his inner mind. Seconds later, he opened them again. The battle was on.

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chapter two; VELVET LIGHTS (Penultimate)

Chapo Currian // Veridian Forest

Now that the battle was over and Roland was near Chapo again, she could really see the number that Pidgeotto had done to him. The turtle's shell was scuffed and scratched up beyond belief, and his bushes were now angrily disheveled with branches and twigs sticking out here and there, bent and broken. What little aid Absorb covered was slowly doing its job, and when the girl looked hard enough she could actually see her pokemon's wounds fade away and his ruffled appearance mend itself bit by bit. This was welcome news, of course, but Chapo was hoping that she wouldn't have to send Roland into battle a whole lot more for their trek through the woods. The way the turtle strutted about with a grin on his face seemed to indicate that he had plenty of gas left in the tank, but he was hardly in the posession to run a gauntlet if he had to. Not to mention that the forest was supposed to be quite rampant with bug and flying types, both of which weren't exactly easy setups for a grass type like Grotle. Sure, Roland won this match, but Chapo didn't like to go out of her way stacking the deck against herself. Roland nudged at Chapo's legs, clearly gesturing for her to get back on his back.

"No, it's okay Roland. You rest." Chapo said, shaking her head. She enjoyed riding on Roland, but it seemed rather insensitive to do it after he fought a hard fight. If Roland had any problem with this, he didn't show it. Unlike before when he wouldn't stop asking until Chapo complied, this time he gave a friendly "Grotle" that seemed to say "no hard feelings" before getting back up. The trainer smiled and stroked the turtle pokemon appreciatively before looking back at her newly used Heal Ball. She could barely make out the colour and patterns on the orb in this darkness, even with its bright pink body and pastel markings. She thought about the Pidgeotto inside. Should she let it out so soon after catching it? It had been in quite a tiff when she had been fighting it. What if it was still angry? What if it was absolutely livid now? The ball would've fully healed it upon capture, she doubted Roland would be able to go round two with it back up to full strength. The bird proved itself to be incredibly wily, Chapo doubted it'd fall to the same ploy twice. At the same time, what sort of trainer would she be if she was afraid of her own pokemon? Silently reaching her decision, Chapo took the Heal Ball and activated it, letting it fall to the ground as it loosed a flash of light. The Pidgeotto flew out of the light rapidly, the only noise it made being the beating of its wings as it shot skyward. However, instead of screaming and initiating the attack, it gave a small, lazy circle in the air before landing on Roland's back. Its feet touched down gently, and its sharp talons didn't so much at tap against the Grotle's shell. Pidgeotto's wings furled in to its sides as the bird stared directly into Chapo's eyes.

Chapo couldn't help but balk at the bird's stare. It was hard and stern like steel, but while Chapo expected the pokemon to be even the slightest bit angry with its situation, there didn't seem to be any anger to be had in Pidgeotto's eyes. If there was one thing Chapo didn't fancy herself to be, it was an empath. As far as reading others went, her unique powers offered about as much help with people as they would with rocks. However, the girl seemed to understand her catch's feelings as they locked eyes. Pidgeotto didn't feel any malice or hate towards being caught, although its pride was perhaps a bit wounded. Instead it seemed to be sizing Chapo up, gauging just what exactly its new mistress was capable of. Despite being its trainer regardless, Chapo couldn't help but feel worried that she would be found wanting by this harsh pokemon's standards. As if to deny this fear, though, Pidgeotto suddenly gave a curt, sollemn nod before breaking its gaze and preening itself nonchalantly. Still not quite understanding what had just happened, Chapo felt a cold shiver run down her spine as she slowly reached out to touch her new pokemon. She had almost reached it when one of its eyes opened again, glaring through what felt like Chapo's soul as both trainer and pokemon were completely still. The girl was about to move her hand back to her side when Pidgeotto closed its eyes again and leaned over and forward, its neck and head so close to Chapo's hand that its beautiful plumage tickled her palm. Taking the gesture for a sign of consent, Chapo stroked the pokemon the same gentle, soothing way she did for Roland and her siblings. Pidgeotto's soft feathers felt unlike anything she had felt before, and its body was surprisingly warm and soothing to the touch. Overjoyed by this development but worried that saying anything would spoil the sanctity of the moment, Chapo silently pulled out her pokedex with her free hand and browsed at her new catch's data. The Pidgeotto was a girl, and rather young. As soon as Chapo let go of Pidgeotto to examine her pokedex in more detail, the pokemon straightened up, looking at her trainer with a somewhat softer gaze.

"'re a clever girl, aren't you?" It wasn't phrased in the condescending way that some people would playfully use for their house pets. Chapo asked it with a friendly tone and an obvious bit of respect. Pidgeotto simply looked at Chapo in a way that implied that she already knew this fact, but wasn't bringing it up because that would be impolite. Chapo just smiled back. "You'll need a name, I suppose. You were rather fast when we fought, like the wind. Perhaps something related to that? Hmm..." Chapo frowned as she thought up wind related names. "Typhoon? Gale? Breeze? Gust?" She offered. At each one, Pidgeotto merely gave a rather flat, sour stare that almost looked offended. "No? Something more exotic then... Hmm... exotic wind name... exotic wind name... How about... Sundowner?"

"Pidge." The bird's voice was actually rather soft and gentle when it wasn't screaming in rage. The proud creature seemed to like that particular name. Roland seemed rather pleased with it as well, as he started to happily shake about in his usual way. With what seemed to be its usual poise, Sundowner gave a few flaps, lifting herself up off of the pokemon's back until he was done twisting about.

"Sundowner it is." Chapo said, smiling. With that particular manner settled, she should probably get back to trying to find the weyward musician that caused this whole mess. "I don't suppose either of you saw where that boy went, did you?" She asked, looking over at her two pokemon sheepishly. Roland gave a disheartened little shuffle that clearly meant he didn't know. Sundowner spent a brief moment plucking at Roland's berries and popping them in her mouth before looking at her trainer. Without a second thought she spread her wings and lifted herself back up into the air, slowly flying off into the forest. Chapo and Roland had barely started following her when a familiar voice screamed through the silent woods.


Chapo broke out into a run, worried that Sundowner had gone back to her old temperment and had started to attack. However, when she found the pokemon she was poised on a tree branch, a single wing gestured towards a cowering, huddled mass shielding itself with a ruined guitar. She looked quite pleased with herself as she glided back towards Chapo, landing on the ground at her side. The trainer sighed and shook her head, moving for the boy and kneeling down before him. "It's okay, I caught her and she doesn't seem all that interested in causing you any more grief."

The boy looked up and lowered his hands. Now that she was real close to him, Chapo had to admit he had the handsome, pretty looks that made her swoon inside. Not that she would ever say such a thing to a complete stranger... my but he was a cutie. The boy sat up, casting his ruined guitar aside as he looked directly at Chapo. "Uh... ah... thanks." He said quietly. "I didn't mean to wake anything up, I guess I just got carried away with what I was doing."

Chapo frowned. Right, murdering metal with acoustics and tone deaf caterwalling. "What exactly were you doing, if you don't mind me asking?"

The boy blushed redder than a tomato before answering. "I was... ah... I was... practicing?" He offered weakly. Sundowner had now hopped in close to the two humans' sides, and her glare seemed to be putting the fear of god into the poor boy. "L-look, if you really wanna know... I came out here from Vermillion to impress... somebody... and that didn't really work out so I figured I'd practice my music. But..."

Chapo put two and two together, although she didn't like the prospect at all. "You're sweet on a
girl, you wanted to catch her a pokemon from here but couldn't and then when that failed you tried to practice a genre of music you can't do?" Chapo couldn't help but inwardly wish that she got it wrong.

"Pretty much... yeah..."

The psychic inwardly cursed. Naturally. Naturally the first cute boy she'd meet on her journey would already have something going on. "Well... she did it before I caught her, but my Pidgeotto did sorta obliterate your guitar... so is there any way I could compensate you by maybe helping you out? Maybe help you find that pokemon you were looking for?"

"Oh, it was high time I got a replacement anyways." The boy said reassuringly, waving at the broken instrument. "But I would really appreciate that anyways. I'm not really very experienced with pokemon yet."

"Neither am I." Chapo admitted. "But wait, how'd you even get here all the way from Vermillion?"

"Oh, that's simple. I there's a series of cave and tunnels connecting this forest to some fields right outside Vermillion City." The boy vaguely gestured off into the distance. He got up and dusted himself off before offering his hand to Chapo. "I'm Hale."

"Chapo." The girl took Hale's hand, shaking it as she got up herself. "So what pokemon were you looking for?"

"Well, I was trying to find a..." Hale started to explain his plan, but got cut off by the sounds of a fight. The dark forest was lit up by erratic flashes of light. Without thinking, Chapo grabbed Hale's wrist and dragged him along as she ran towards the flahses and sparks.

"Holy cow!" Chapo and Hale stumbled upon another clearing to see a battle between wild pokemon in progress. A Scyther was desperately trying to get in close enough to attack a trio of Pikachu, but the three electrical mice were practically making a deadly fence of lightning, zapping the mantis each time it tried to land an attack. The whole display was actually rather intimidating.

"PERFECT!" Hale snapped as he pointed at the fight. "That's it! That's the one, Nora would LOVE one of those!" He was practically jumping up and down like a giddy schoolgirl.

"Yeah, I should've figured. Lots of girls really love Pikachu..." Chapo said, nodding sagely.

"Pikachu?" Hale asked, looking absolutely lost. "No! The Scyther! She'd LOVE it!"

Chapo immediately was starting to regret bringing herself into this. "...the Scyther? Really? This girl you're sweet on... wants a Scyther."

"Well, technically her favourite pokemon is Pinsir, but she likes Scyther a lot too!"

Chapo promptly planted her face into the palm of her hand and groaned. They were going to have to deal with the Pikachu anyways, and that Scyther was probably going to be furious about needing help to deal with them, so it'd probably be a battle against all four. "Oh god, this battle is going to suuuuuuuuuck..."

Back after long, unwanted, unforseen Hiatus... Nothing worth noting in signature as of yet... : <
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chapter 3; PART 2
Topaz // Just outside of Viridian Forest

Topaz was quite happy to have a chance to have a real, official Pokemon battle with another trainer. The guy was going to use a Scyther against Swablu, something that Swablu knew was not very smart in this case. For everyone knows, a bug type is no match for a flying type, though it was also a Flying type as well. Taking to the skies, Swablu prepared to keep a proper distance from the bug with giant blades for hands, knowing perfectly well that Scythers were dangerous enemies in close quarters.

After getting some nice distance, Swablu opened his mouth and began to belt out a beautiful song. "Swaaaaaaablu, swaaaaaaaablu, swa swa saw swa swaaaablu" The beautiful music would put to sleep the enemy for sure, leaving them completely vulnerable to his later assaults as well. like a nice peck to the solar plexus or to the jugular or whatever. Swablu hated getting dirty, so a method like this that kept the violence at a nice distance was great for him.


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@Heretostay123 and deathbymanga - Looking forward to the remainder of this battle, but please remember that long sections of player and player interaction like a battle should be done in a joint post.

@Puppeteer Mask - Oh wow, this battle certainly looks like it will be interesting :D

@PresentPastFuture - Your battle also looks quite interesting, hoping to read it soon.

@Me - Hammer grew to level 17, Hammer forgot Fury Attack and learned Chip Away.

chapter 3; PART THREE

Corvin White // Pewter City

Half an hour after Corvin’s battle with the less-than-ethical police officer and his Murkrow Corvin had found himself quite close to the area he had been arrested in, a shady part of the otherwise peaceful Pewter City that was surprisingly close to a large pokemon centre, the same one that Corvin was staying at indefinitely until Brock had a free slot to take a challenge. Apparently there had been an influx of new trainers wanting to challenge him. That was okay because it would give Corvin some more time to train and some time to track down the idiot who had nearly gotten him thrown into jail for stealing something from the museum.

It was on this walk that a flyer blew across the road, from an alley like the one the mawile had attacked him in, and flew straight into his face. Pulling the dirty paper from his face Corvin looked down at it, brushing some grime off of the text with the back of his hand.
Pokemon Tournament: Rare Fossil for Prize. Corvin let what had read circle around in his head for a while Could the fossil be what was stolen from the museum? They are famous for their work with fossils. Intrigued by the rather likely possibility that the fossil was the stolen item and that the thief would probably be there Corvin decided to enter and read the rules and entry conditions
Each trainer must have a team of three pokemon to enter the competition with no duplicate pokemon on their team. The first round will be a sudden death elimination battle royal with the remaining eight trainers going into the finals which will consist of two battles using two pokemon. The grand final will be a three on three battle. The tournament will be held tonight starting at nine PM at the Cobble Street Park. Corvin definitely wanted to enter and catch the thief, but first he would need to capture a third member for his team. He looked at the nearby alley before making up his mind; he headed back into the maze of alleyways and side streets hoping to capture one of the Mawile thugs.

After a while of walking through the alleys Corvin had failed to come across a single mawile, actually he had failed to come across a single pokemon at all. He had even had Hammer do an aerial scout but the bug-typed pokemon hadn’t seen a soul.
Of course, they are on the prowl when I don’t want to see them, but as soon as I actually need one to show up they decide to go for a nap somewhere! Wonderful. Corvin continued his search, until he eventually came across a pokemon. It wasn’t a mawile but a meowth, a meowth that was casually sitting in the middle of the alley looking up at him, a mischievous gleam in her eye.
“Well, you’ll do I guess”. The meowth seemed to take offense at the statement and lunged after Corvin with powerful claws causing the young trainer to dive to the side, trip on some litter and bang his head into the wall. Groaning Corvin said to the feline
“Well, aren’t you feisty...” he then released his trusted Marshtomp to combat the angry meowth “Royal, could you give me a hand?”
“MARSH!” exclaimed the amphibious pokemon, angry at the abuse his trainer had suffered at the feline’s hand...paw. The wild meowth responded with another ferocious Scratch, cutting into Royals tough flesh like it was butter and causing him to wince in pain before Biting down hard on his leg causing him to come down to a single knee.
“That kitten has claws alright, and it knows how to use them. Watch out Royal!”
“...tomp” Royal rolled his eyes, as if to say “no kidding” as he struggled to his feet.
“Ice Punch!” Royal punched hard at the smaller pokemon but it ducked out the way of the chilling fist and launched another Scratch, clipping Royals injured knee and bringing him back down.
“Get up!”
“Marshtomp!” Again Royal pushed to his feet, showing his dedication to Corvin – despite his tough training.
“Water Gun, careful it’s quick!” Royal fired a high-pressured jet of water from its mouth but again his wild opponent avoided the attack, this time springing off of a wall and Biting Royal’s head, dragging him back onto the floor. Royal howled in pain and Corvin, still groggy wasn’t able to help except for sitting there and trying to think, he was barely able to give the commands he had. The meowth continued to bit Royal’s head repeatedly causing the taller pokemon great pain. It was then that Corvin realised that Royal had a move that he hadn’t tried yet.
“Bide!” The howls of pain stopped as Royal closed its eyes taking the damage from each and every one of the little feline’s Bites and converting them into his own power.
Just a little further... Don’t faint, don’t faint, don’t faint, don’t faint... Corvin begged the powers at be for Royal to hold off long enough to unleash his attack.

The time that elapsed was only a minute at most, but it felt like an hour or more.
Come on Royal The meowth continued to bite and keep biting – until Royal opened his eyes. A bright white light erupted outwardly from Royal’s body causing cracks to form in the ground below and the wall in front of him. Corvin was thrown back against the wall he was leaning on, nearly being knocked out by the force of the attack, but remaining conscious through his will alone. As the attack faded it became clear that not only had Royal had to have taken a lot of damage but that Bide was a dangerous move when used at the right moment. The alley was cracked, litter had been shredded and dumpsters broken open and the meowth, having been behind the majority of the attack, was struggling to get to its feet next to the injured Corvin.
“Ice punch, quick!” Royal was groggy, reacting slowly, but managed to pull of the attack as the other pokemon got up, whilst still lying on the ground. Royal twisted swinging his long arm up, colliding with the meowth’s side and miraculously causing ice to encase most of her body.
“Meow!!!” cried the meowth outraged at being caught off guard by the likes of Royal. Corvin threw a pokeball at the frozen creature drawing her within the spherical object as it started to rock back and forth on the ground.
One... Two... the last second seemed to take longer that the first two but eventually the ball stopped rocking and Corvin breathed a sigh of relief. He had captured his third pokemon.
“Great job, return” he congratulated Royal as he returned him to his own ball. Pleased with the outcome of the battle, not so pleased with his headache and wondering what the cops he had left dumbfounded at the park would do when they found out about the alleyway he had wrecked Corvin headed towards the pokemon centre where he would have his team healed and his head looked at before heading off to the location of the tournament.

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