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Draconius GO
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Old November 6th, 2011 (4:40 PM).
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    I would slap my self several times and say something like "DAMN YOU'RE SO GOOD".
    I actually liked failing a couple of hacks, cause when I look back on some of them now they were pretty ridiculous and not to mention some of the features that I wanted were beyond my knowledge. I'm going to look at this post tomorrow or so and say the same thing but w/e. Well the bolder reason is because I got better as I gave up on the hopeless stuff. Oh, I'd also backup my hack thus saving me months of wasted time ;)

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    Old November 11th, 2011 (8:00 AM).
    Snivy063 Snivy063 is offline
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      I would teach myself to insert tiles as I really don't get how even though I tried following tutorials and stuff, failure. -.-
      Old November 16th, 2011 (7:44 PM).
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        I'd tell myself to keep a few back-up copies and to not replace all of the back-ups -.-
        The consequences... were depressing...
        Old November 21st, 2011 (7:00 PM).
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          I'd tell myself to stop procrastinating and get down to hacking. At the end everything seems to be easier when u just stop thinking and dive into it. You figure things out on the way and u get that awesome feeling when u do manage to figure something out urself for example scripting. I spent too much time trying to find some1 to help me script and teach me how to script instead i shud of just tried an error it wasn't hard at all. Shout out to diegoisawesome he was the key that unlocked my scripting brain. but yeah stop wasting time and just get into it.
          Old November 29th, 2011 (3:11 AM).
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            I would teach my confused self how to do scripting. So then I wouldn't be so confused with what to do all the time!
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            Old December 4th, 2011 (8:13 PM).
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              I would tell my past self to have more patience, that I/he wasn't gonna get everything in a weekend, that I/he shouldn't give up at the first mistake.

              Sadly to this date I still haven't learned that lesson.

              Disclaimer: English is not my native language.
              I'd appreciate any corrections on my grammar. (;

              Old December 20th, 2011 (8:42 PM).
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                i'd salp myself in the face then say "stop all this bleep and learn scripting!"
                this is a banner for my hack and that is not the starter town the starter place isn't even a town.... i don't want any helpers i'm pretty far into it.
                Old December 21st, 2011 (6:20 AM).
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                  If I could turn back time, I wouldn't teach the "past" me anything, because the past me had motivation. Motivation to do and to try, no matter how many times I failed. In my opinion, if you want to progress, you're going to have to stumble on a few pebbles. That guy was enthusiastic, he was.
                  Old December 25th, 2011 (10:05 PM).
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                    I would tell myself to not get discouraged and the hard work would all pay off.
                    I have left. Feel free to disable my account.
                    Old January 22nd, 2012 (1:25 AM).
                    aar2697 aar2697 is offline
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                      -Make a basic outline of the game's story
                      -Get a small testing group. Could be online people or people from school. It'll also help to make a FreeWebs website or even your own domain to organize your stuff better.
                      -Learn how to count in hex. You don't have to know how to translate, just know how to do very basic addition and subtraction with hex numbers.
                      ex. 10 - 1 = F
                      -Discover Diegoisawesome's XSE Tutorial and Seth's XSE Tutorial. Seth has a list of used flags that I refer to a lot. Diegoisawesome basically describes every single command. You don't need to memorize everything before making your game, just know how to start a script, compile a script, etc. Knowing how to use flags is great too.
                      -NEVER USE PERSON ID'S IN THE 2000'S RANGE. ONLY USE THEM IN THE 1000'S AND 4000'S RANGE. YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO IMAGINE THEY'RE IN HEX, JUST USE THEM LIKE NORMAL NUMBERS BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT GOING TO USE A THOUSAND FLAGS IN ONE GAME. (Sprites will reappear if you use flags in 2000's range if you setflag 0x[person id] after while)
                      -Know your limits when music hacking. For example, some tracks can't have music that's too long or have too many instruments.
                      Old February 17th, 2012 (11:32 PM).
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                        I could use that future self of mine rght now....but for now, I would tell myaelf where to get programs. It took me hours upon hours to find the right ones and I'm still not done....

                        Old November 21st, 2013 (8:32 AM).
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                        Definitely scripting I still have trouble with it
                        Old November 22nd, 2013 (3:01 PM).
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                        pokemon hack, please don't bump threads that haven't been active for over a month.

                        R.I.P in peace, my thread.
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