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Seen March 12th, 2019
Posted March 12th, 2019
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6.5 Years
There is one particular thing which I really like about you, 1158. You always seem to finish what you've started, and it doesn't take you 5 years to complete a game, or 3 years to progress up to like the 3rd badge. Disregarding your creation speed, your hacks are still top-quality. AAA+!

Seen September 26th, 2015
Posted August 7th, 2015
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4.7 Years

Hi!! I come to ask an important question :)
Well, I'm in the city where is the sixth gym, exactly in the fight versus Chrolis (I'm not sure how to write her name; Cybil's sister)...
But there is a kind of bug that will not let me do anything, I leave the generator where is the fight and everything remains the same; The people tell me that i must to fight with de leader, BUT I CAN'T!!! I beat that girl about 20 times or more! and as usual, I was in a loop ...

Somebody, please, help me to solve the problem...
By the way, I can't connect always to PokéCommunity, because I've problems with my Internet, so if anyone can answer me, send me a private message via the FB chat. My FB is "Namikawa Hitomi-chan"... Thanks in advance
Seen January 18th, 2017
Posted January 17th, 2017
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9.8 Years
If i randomize this will it mess up the story line? Because i am planning to do a series on this
I meant to comment on this earlier. I'm not even sure the Randomizer would work with this rom, even with Emerald's Randomizer. And if for some freak reason it does, it would probably screw the game (Not storyline) up, depending on what you randomize. It's worth a shot though, just make sure to make a backup of the game before randomizing.
Seen December 30th, 2015
Posted August 30th, 2015
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4.6 Years
I'm stuck after beating two of the bad guys in the towers in Osmanthus City, If I want to talk to the grandma/gymleader of to the last bad guy the game chrashes..I'm playing beta 3.2 and I hope someone can help me because I love this game but I can't het further now... Please help me.. (I wanted to post I screenshots but I can't because Im new
Seen March 12th, 2016
Posted August 14th, 2015
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6.2 Years
I Can't Get to the Sixth Gym. When I Battle Cybil's Sister in the power plant, a cutscene comes up talking about kasper's id card \ then i'm given the id card and get stuck in the room (if i try to leave, i have to battle her again).
Beta 3.2 [Pics For Proof]

EDIT: I clicked Yes and it's working fine now
Seen March 11th, 2017
Posted August 17th, 2015
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7.4 Years
Hi there, ran into a bigger problem today, while taking care of stuff in osmanthus city, after I got to the top of the third tower, defeated all the grunts and got to the two people facing each other. When I try to talk to them the game freezes... From what I saw in a walkthrought, there is supposed to be an event trigger where the character walks up to them on her/his own, but that just doesnt happen to me at all. :( Stuck for now I guess.


ιтѕ rαιɴιɴɢ oυтѕιde, нold мy нαɴd, ғollow мe, we'll вe ѕeт ғree...

Age 28
Celadon City, Kanto
Seen 1 Week Ago
Posted 1 Week Ago
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9.7 Years
WOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Thaannkss!
ιтร ʀɑιɳιɳg ѳυт тɦɛʀɛ... ωɛɑʀ үѳυʀ cѳɑт, тɑкɛσυт тнε υɱɓʀɛʆʆɑ ɑɳɗ รтɛρ ѳυт բѳʀ ɑ ωɑʆк υɳɗɛʀ α gεηтℓε ʀɑιɳ sнσωεя...
cℓσsε үѳυʀ ɛүɛร... ғσcυs үσυя εαяs ση ʀɑιɳ ɗʀѳρร тιcкʆιɳg ѳѵɛʀ υɱɓʀɛʆʆɑ...
բɛɛʆ тɦɛ cѳʆɗ ɓʀɛɛzɛ вℓσωιηg αℓℓ σvεя үσυя вσ∂ү; εcstαsү...
ʀɑiɳ Բɑʆʆร
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