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Yeah, basically what the title says. Whenever I open the new posts page, it shows the thread and the person who posted last, but the preview is always the original post of that thread:


I'm not really sure if it's a bug, so I was confused as to what category put this in. The suggestion is for the preview to actually show the new post made by that person instead of the first post in the topic.
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As far as I'm aware, this is currently being looked into by the dev team, but unsure if they found a fix as of yet.


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Developer Post
This will be fixed in a future rework of the feed system that's already begun. We're not actively looking into fixing this ahead of that as it's quite minor.
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My game freezes when I am fighting the elite four member when Groudon is appeared every time in Pokemon fire red advanced version. Please help me out in this what to do..??
This section is specifically for question related to the PokeCommunity. Try asking over in the thread for Fire Red Advanced which you can find here.
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