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i love everything about the quest around getting heatran in DPPt - the fact that it's an actual legit sidequest as opposed to just tripping over a legendary pokemon in the wild, the partner trainer-ing with Buck, the design of the mountain (volcano? idr) and the areas leading up to it, and the fact that you have to return to actually get heatran. I really feel like a lot of the games make it way too easy to just vacuum up legendaries in the postgame (see: Gen 6's legendary nightmare) when like, these are major figures in the world mythology - if you're gonna dump one in a volcano somewhere there should be some story and difficulty around getting it, yaknow?

In general I think the games do a good job making the main legendary of the game seem like a powerful and mythical creature and that capturing it is difficult and a big deal, but then for the postgame they just throw more legendaries at you like ??? put some story in please?

it does look like Game Freak is leaning away from postgames, probably because they're not worth the time and money spent to develop for players that have already bought and completed the game. but in a perfect world i really wish the design of the story and world made catching a legendary feel like a bigger deal

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I completely agree with what you said! Recent games lack good post-games! After the end of our main adventure, they just throw us one or two areas to explore, and then a Battle Facility and the whole "catch previous games' legendaries" thing. Specially regarding this last feature, I would love if there was more backstory to the legendaries we were going to catch and, as you said, a whole quest behind it. I think the whole Darkrai and Cresselia events in DPPt were fine, as well as the Heatran in-game event. There definitely needs to be a reason behind our characters catching/encountering those legendaries and why they are there, not just the "Wormhole" or "Hoopa's rings" excuse. Oh well, let us pray that Sword and Shield have good post-game content!
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aaaa yes. 👍 I at least want better events for gift legendaries like we used to have, rather than them just being given out as presents over WiFi/at your local game store with no backstory whatsoever. Watched a video recently and gift legends/mythicals used to have pretty good stories behind them, especially in gen IV.

Postgame legends deserve more love, too. Maybe the absence is because the games have more and more legendaries nowadays, so they feel players wouldn't care to go through a story for all the ones available in a generation? Sure, some people go hunting for as many legendaries as they can access in the post-game for competitive purposes and don't care much for the backstory behind it, but most don't do that, and I think those of us would like some more content to expand on the background and lore.
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I just want to completely agree. Getting them as gifts is nice and all, but I really think Pokemon that powerful deserve something with a little more substance.



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Agreed. I can't really recall the last time we had a big quest to find or receive a legendary post-game. There were events like the Delta Episode which were practically bonus levels (other events like this are only the event legendaries, as far as I can recall), but I agree with the fact that these quests would at least provide some content in the end. Even if it's not too exciting, a long struggle and some story bits to catch or obtain the legendaries makes the entire experience more memorable and just more rewarding.


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They should make us do some tedious quest than just easy grab because every gen I played expect D&D&PT of course (its tedious quest). Postgame should prolonged the enjoyment and just ends really soon.
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