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The title is intentionally vague as to not box people in - how you wish to define your political leanings is up to you, whether they be hard left or centrist or what have you, or if you are more of a single-issue kinda person.

What are the failings or inadequacies of your political sphere, either from an ideological viewpoint or within the community? i.e the struggle with tankies in the far left
What do you think should change/should be done?


the princess without voice

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My side needs to work more on fact checking and not just jumping to conclusions without backing up the information with reliable and non-biased sources. I've so seen many share misinformation they saw online somewhere without researching and tweet/post about it on social media knowing they will cause outrage. And then when the outrage spreads and it comes to me, I'll look it up and learn that 1) it's not true 2) there's some info the person left out to purposely cause controversy 3) it comes from a source who obviously fabricated the story knowing it will make them “triggered" 4) it's a source from years ago and has already been resolved.

Another thing I wish my side wouldn't do is I wish they wouldn't find a reason to be outraged by everything. A lot of it is very justifiable and reasonable in my opinion, but sometimes I'll find myself visibly angered when people on my side get outraged by something. Biggest example is my side being outraged when someone don't talk about literally every social issue. Like "why are you talking about this when this other thing is happening?" Cause not everyone knew about the latter issue? That doesn't make one issue less important or less bad than the other?? Cause I don't have the time or mental stability to care or talk about every bad thing that happens? All you're doing is making people feel guilty for not caring about something they didn't know about. You can focus on more than one issue and sometimes it's too mentality exhausting to talk about everything happening especially when there's a crisis or controversy happen almost everyday. Another things is this new trend of unnecessarily changing certain terms to something that's more "gender neutral". Like the city of Berkeley passing an ordinance to change "manhole" to "maintenance hole" or colleges changing "freshman" to "first-year". Like what's the point of that? Who's that upset by the word "man" being included that it's necessary to rally for certain words to be changed. I always fight against the idea that we are "easily offended" but sometimes it cases like that it really does seem like it.
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My side needs to learn that people who agree with you on 90% of the issues aren't your mortal enemies and that you should actually have a great relationship with them, not a fight to the death about that 10% that makes it impossible for you two to actually have any sort of cooperation at all. And that the single most stupid thing you can possibly do, politically, is throwing away the election to the right because someone else in the left dared to only agree with you in just 90% of the issues so it was better to have someone who agreed with 0% in power than compromise in that 10%.


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Much of my side need to learn how to actually formulate an argument to support their stance. It's not enough to just decide you're right about everything based on a moral high ground if you can't actually defend your position. Also stop hunting for reasons to be offended. Trust me, they'll find you.
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