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Is it wrong that I play most rom hacks in 2x speed. I do it mainly bc i think the animations are way to slow and make the game boring like for example say you get double teamed and your struggling to land a shot I've had that happen to me and I swear it took me like 15min to beat the Pokémon I was fighting like bruh so I tried playing in 2x speed and the game was much more enjoyable.
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Well, let's be honest, how many players would actually finish rom hacks / fan games (especially the ones that expect you to grind, EV train, breed, swap team members, go through one cave/forest after another, etc.) if there wasn't a turbo feature?

Pokémon games aren't exactly known for valuing the player's time. It's easy to see on YT playhtoughs how many players play with the turbo most of the time, because otherwise they'd just bore themselves and their audience. I personally avoid using the turbo as much as possible, but if I have to grind or deal with whatever boring stuff I end up using it.
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