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Worst parts of SM! Page 5

Started by Salzorrah November 22nd, 2016 4:41 AM
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Posted December 19th, 2016
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I don't have many complaints, really. However:

-No National Pokédex. Seriously? That's just annoying.
-Linearity. My goodness, it's worse than BW, and that's saying something. I miss the roadblocks that were actually logical, like Psyduck with headaches (DP remakes plz).
-Weather SOS Battles. Ugh, getting Castform is a chore. I don't mind SOS battles in general, though.
-Some of the nerfs. Talonflame was fine, dammit! Meanwhile, the Parental Bond nerf only minimally affects Seismic Toss or Power-Up Punch spam, and M-Salamence is still god even with a slightly weaker Aerilate. I also think Dark Void was overdone - just making it fail for non-Darkrai should have been sufficient.

On the other hand, I am so glad they finally added Mega Stones to the battle event opponents. The Maison was a pushover.


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Posted January 3rd, 2018
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I have two main issues with the game.

1. The removal of the PSS. Game Freak, you had a great multiplayer system with convenience and ease of access. Festival plaza is okay and all, but just...why?

2. The Battle Tree/BP farming. If you thought that the Battle Maison was full of cheesing and RNG manipulation, you haven't seen anything yet. You will lose to freeze. You will hit yourself in confusion three times in a row. You will get the most painful stalls you have ever seen. And you'll cry the entire time. Thus, earning the BP just to get a destiny knot is the most miserable experience you will have in the game.


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- Half the Mega Stones are missing. Want to use a Mega Sceptile or Gardevoir post-bank? Sorry their stones are unobtainable in the game. Stick to Gen 6 if you want to do that. :(

- However trainers in the Battle Tree can use whatever Mega they want. Losing to a Mega Swampert which I will likely seemingly never have the option to use is particularly galling.

- Maybe Game Freak wants to move away from Megas but at least have all the stones obtainable. No Mega Hoenn starters, Gardevoir or Heracross among a fair few others. Unless they are all somehow obtainable in an update it is a real headscratcher by the Developers.

- Likely most will appear in an event of some sort but this will screw over those who miss the event due to not knowing when it is or being in the wrong region and those who want to restart their games for whatever reason. QR codes for the items might be the way to go but they really should be in the game already.
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Posted December 20th, 2016
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lots of nitpicks really, very few big issues

- no National Pokedex.
- SOS battles are annoying (but I'm getting the hang of them by now)
- Alola Pokemon seem like a bit of a missed opportunity (fantastic idea, too few of them, and why are they all Gen 1) and considering how strong the designs we have are, I wish there were more non-legendary new Pokemon in general
- Bottle Caps should be more common considering the fact that they absolutely throw Heart Scales at you
- Lusamine's team is the exact same both times, which feels lazy
- no good place to train after you beat the Elite Four
- if you're gonna have Gen 5 EXP mechanics, you need to have Audino everywhere too (though the fact that Pokemon only need to be L2 in affection to get boosted EXP helps, it's really easy to do that)
- I like Festival Plaza but PSS should have been its own, separate thing. It was much easier to deal with.
- really, Oricorio doesn't learn any non-Flying STAB until L40?!

I disagree with a lot of the gripes in this thread, though (I don't think it feels small or overly linear at all), and think it's a really great game.


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Posted September 22nd, 2017
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- No good place to grind in the post-game (at least give us Audinos, dammit!)
- Why are Bottle Caps only 1% chance to find with fishing?? Why are they so rare?
- Half the Mega Stones are missing, and the worst part is they're all my favourite ones. Sure let's keep the broken Mega Salamence and Kangaskan and Gengar but Mega Beedrill, Pidgeot or Sceptile? Hah good luck they're all useless Pokemon again... just why??
- Mallow and Kiawe's battles are version exclusive.... really?
- Smaller one, but no Johto trainers in the battle tree was kind of dissapointing
- The challengers who try to steal your champion's title only use 5 Pokemon, ugh.
- and on that point, Hau. Hau should be using way more Pokemon, he always has one less than he should have at every point in the game.
- The cutscenes at the beginning of the game are way too much, that, and the tutorial, just let me play dammit! It was cute and fun in the first playthrough, now it's just annoying.
- oh yeah I forgot, lack of PSS was really dissapointing too, FP is just a point to get online with, it really is, and why does it have to do Game Sync every single time???

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Posted January 27th, 2019
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I really loved the games so there isn't much that really bothers me mechanics-wise:

A massive complaint I do have is repels mean basically nothing in some areas where there are overworld sand and grass shuffles and flying pokemon shadows, especially in Haina Desert. It doesn't help that the place is a nightmare to navigate if you don't know the pattern! XD

Also Charizard Ride. Charizard isn't even in Alola... Why can't we ride on a Toucannon instead?

I love Stoutland though. I go almost everywhere on Stoutland with his little feet pattering... XD
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Posted August 16th, 2018
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Getting what you think would be a good trade on the GTS.

Failing? Yeah OK, I can handle that, someone else was just quicker. But crikey, don't then show that exact trade I failed to get when I do another search.
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Posted March 27th, 2019
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The fact that early game is soooooooooooooo hand-holdy. It was a nightmare in BW2 but SM takes it to an entirely new level. The cutscenes are nice and all but it takes so long just to get into free roam.
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Posted August 16th, 2018
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SOS battles actually made catching my oricorio memorable, so I'm really not gonna dare touch those. Worst moment for me was probably the lusamine clefable who managed to reach +6/+6 defences and force me to PP stall. One of the dullest boss fights I've had in any game, UUUgh
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