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Music Streaming Services

Started by FlameChrome August 15th, 2019 11:08 AM
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By today, there are many music streaming services out there. But some are better than others, some have better evolved and so forth.

As of currently, my favorite is pandora, create a station, add or even delete artists to create the station to better aquire your tastes, and its like an endless radio, which i love the radio like feeling. The ads dont get overdone, it puts the ads in there that makes it nice and actually sorta feels like a radio but no overabundence of them either.

I used iheartradio for awhile, even had iheartradio plus, which sadly is only on mobile. Launch the app, click a station you get a ad, listen to a station for about 15 minutes, change to something else you get a ad. Honestly probably not even 15 minutes for that. But their live stations is awesome and i enjoy that along with the radio feel of the favorites radio it gives you.

Spotify, to me it wasnt completely horrible. But i like a plain old radio feel so it just wasnt for me. So im not gonna kick it down for that.

What music streaming services have you used and how do you feel about them?



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I use Spotify. It's decent, but it's a complete pain to discover new songs imo. All the playlists I search seem to repeat the same songs over and over and it's sooo aggravating.
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spotify works well enough for me


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I've only heard good things of Pandora but sadly that's not available in my country, but I use Spotify and find it quite useful and usable. I used to have a premium subscription though later cancelled it as I wasn't using it that much anymore (and mostly at home), as during train trips I prefer to use a dedicated MP3 player with tracks from my own library and CDs.

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i use Apple everything for the most part except for Apple Music. I have a ton of music in my library from iTunes (RIP), but I pay for and use Spotify on the regular.
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