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Old December 24th, 2018 (4:30 AM).
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    I know you read that title in the "who's that pokemon" meme voice from the O.S! I know you did, don't even try to avoid the fact you did! Anyway. Fun experiment / Game...or discussion or whatever you want to make of this. The rules are simple. The pokemon you choose cannot be the Uber Tier or Overused Tier Pokemon. No doing idiotic stuff like giving 100% accuracy KO moves to a pokemon or doing something like +150 points to a pokemon's stats like giving a butterfree +100 speed and +100 sp atk or stupid stuff like that. We will say a maximum of +35 points and the changes must make sense. So, if a pokemon gets wonder guard, it must make sense to give it that other than you don't want it to have any weaknesses what so ever like a wonder guard shedinja or Sableye or something like that. The final rule is that it must be the final evolution of a certain set. So no making the pre-evolution of a pokemon stronger than it's next levels.

    The basic general purpose is to take a weak pokemon, or one that very much under performs and make it viable for other battles WITHOUT making it "intentionally" an Uber tier, just, a much more viable option. Here is an example of how to format it so that people can have maximum understanding of how to show off your ideas.

    Pokemon: Muk

    Abilities: Poison Touch is now it's most default ability. With Stench as its second ability and Immunity as it's hidden ability.

    HP: 105
    ATK: 110 ( +5 )
    DEF: 105 ( +30 )
    SP ATK: 30 (-30)
    SP DEF: 105 (+5)
    SPD: 80 (+30)

    Moves: Add Poison Jab as a Level up technique and add in Body Slam, Surf, and Dynamic Punch.

    By shifting it's stats from Sp Atk to It's ATK and Def this makes muk a much bigger Tank, which is what he should be. Adding the 35 I get to Sp Def and Speed ensures that it can keep up more easily, but not have that absolute abysmal 50 speed. Finally, I gave it MUCH better abilities, the ability to poison on contact AND take a lot more punishment with some new more powerful moves that also expands its movepool set as a natural part of its level up moves makes Muk the first poison Tank pokemon in existence that is viable for competitive play. At the very least it can be a Borderline and be useful in just the right team.
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    Old December 24th, 2018 (10:34 AM).
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      Muk needs Recover more than anything else.

      Drain Punch would be equally as ideal, since Garbodor can also learn it through Move Tutors.
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      Old December 26th, 2018 (2:02 AM).
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        Immunity on a Poison type seems useless to me. I'd give Muk Water Absorb instead, since it looks like it can absorb water. Also, you can find wild Grimer by fishing in Celadon City.
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        Old 4 Weeks Ago (3:07 AM).
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          i'd improve slaking and regigigas by changing their abilities .
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          Old 4 Weeks Ago (8:59 AM).
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          Jumpluff would actually be really good if it learned Spore thanks to its high speed tier and Infiltrator. Bonus mention to Strength Sap too since it has that already.
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