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The Great Pokemon Battle 14

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After the success of TGPB13, the time has come for the Great Pokemon Battle 14!

• The game begins with 6 Pokemon, all at 30 points.
• The player takes the current points values, and adds 2 to one Pokemon, writing (SAVE) beside it. He/she then removes 2 from another Pokemon, writing (ATTACK) beside it. (because writing KILL just won't do for Pokemon)
• If a Pokemon rises to 60 points, they enter the Hall of Fame. If, however, a Pokemon drops to 0 points, they enter the Box of Shame. In either case, the next player after them adds a new Pokemon. You'll pick it up as you go along.
• You can not bring in a Pokemon that is in the Hall of Fame, or in the Box of Shame.
• If a Pokemon has multiple forms, they count as the Pokemon they're from. They can't be added separately. (Examples: Alolan Raichu counts as Raichu, Shaymin-Sky counts as Shaymin, and Rotom-W counts as Rotom.)
• If you don't understand, check any of the previous threads:

• All standard Trivia rules apply.

Hall of Fame:
Ampharos, Arcanine, Armarouge, Blaziken, Braviary, Dondozo, Eevee, Electivire, Gardevoir, Lapras, Magmortar, Medicham, Meganium, Nidorino, Pawmot, Pikachu, Porygon2, Raichu, Spheal, Starmie, Vaporeon, Yanmega

Box of Shame:
Abra, Cascoon, Caterpie, Cleffa, Dewpider, Duskull, Feebas, Hatenna, Helioptile, Igglybuff, Iron Jugulis, Magikarp, Patrat, Silcoon, Skitty, Stunfisk, Surskit, Toxel, Walking Wake, Watchog, Wimpod, Wurmple

And here's your starting six:

Porygon2 - 30
Nidorino - 30
Helioptile - 30
Hatenna - 30
Duskull - 30
Braviary - 30

3... 2... 1... Let the battle begin!
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Porygon2 - 32 (SAVE)
Nidorino - 30
Helioptile - 26 (ATTACK)
Hatenna - 24
Duskull - 26
Braviary - 42