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Interest Check Trouble in the Chubu Region

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Old June 9th, 2017 (3:16 PM). Edited June 11th, 2017 by Dungeon Maker.
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    A large region of time honored traditions, home to many retired pokemon trainers and champions. The people and pokemon here are happy because life here is simple but peaceful. The elderly pass down a rich knowledge of culture to the next generations.

    However, one thing about this next generation is unclear. Kids these days don't care about old values and customs. They instead seek out what's easy to do and ignore the price of convenience. Also, a life of luxury has long been appealing to the youth of Chubu. Promises of great opportunity sends youth away to other regions with bigger cities.

    Facing that problem, Politics in Chubu have become divided in recent years. Leaders seek to improve the quality of life of the people with industrial development. But that comes at the cost of nature, pokemon, and old ways of life. Dangerous to embrace but a solution impossible to ignore.

    The league was divided over the issue and has since split apart at the top. Soon the gyms of the region will begin to topple as well. The foundation of society will be broken. It needs repair... but the solution is unclear.

    The way to proceed is for the next generation to decide.

    People and Pokemon.

    Because of the region's natural draw of retired trainers and champions, there are a great deal of skilled pokemon enthusiasts that outsiders often come to visit for advice or even personal training.

    Another draw are the 100 region exclusive pokemon, Chubu forms, and local legends. Being near to Kanto and Jhoto, man pokemon from both regions can be found swarming during certain seasons.

    Mt. Fuji is said to be home to a dormant pokemon, Ryu Fuji a dragon type which is said to bring reckoning. Champions from afar try to scale the mountain but its heights often prove too difficult to reach. Due to the number of injuries in recent years, hiking the mountain has been restricted.

    Close to Chubu are a few small areas of land to small to be their own regions but in close association with Chubu.

    They say that legendary pokemon travel to these sub regions.

    Legends speak of doors, gates, portals to other strange places. The locals of tese sub regions tell similar stories but always about legendary pokemon appearing out of nowhere to prevent catastrophe.


    Are you a retired trainer or even a champion?

    How will you shape Chubu, will you preserve nature and the customs of people?

    Or will you bring Chubu to the present and strengthen its place in the world?


    If you want to sign up, wait for the interest check to be over. Here's what will go into the sign up.

    Character Name and Description: You can be anything you'd see in the games from a construction worker to the president of a billion dollar company. Just be sure your name and description match the next section.

    Main Goal: This is an RP with a lot of choice. Your goals shape how you will be able to interact with the world. There's gyms in Chubu but the league is broken at the elite 4 level. Are you going to restore it?

    Pokemon: You can begin as an outsider with all non-legendary pokemon available on your team of 1 long term companion pokemon. Or you can be a local with access to 1 of 3 starters which won't be revealed until sign up.

    Here's a hint! Water/Psychic, Grass/Bug, Fire/Poison.


    I'm Dungeon Maker, and I love table top games. What I'm bringing to the table are some simple conflict resolution mechanics that I'll facilitate.

    I enjoy writing and telling a story. But I want you to make this story with me. I've got a plot and a region. But I need you to explore it, shape it, and master it.



    Type. Your most important aspect of the pokemon, every pokemon has one or two types and weakness are associated with each allowing for an interesting chart. You know how to look them up.

    Stats. Your pokemon has 6 stats. Base stats of pokemon are used in battle to compare and calculate certain outcomes such as damage to an opponent.

    HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed.

    HP, use this chart to figure out the HP of your pokemon based on its base stat. Level is irrelevant.
    Base Stat:
    1-50: HP is 3
    51-100: HP is 4
    101-150: HP is 5

    Attack is compared to an opponent's Defense when a Physical Move is used.
    Special Attack is compared to an opponent's Special Defense when a Special Move is used.

    If Attack/ Sp Attack higher than Defense/ Sp Defense then it helps the chance to damage, a +1 on a roll.
    If even then it does nothing.
    If lower then it hinders the chance to damage, a -1 on a roll.

    I'll tell you about those rolls in a lower part.

    Speed is very simple.
    If a pokemon's base speed is higher then it goes first.

    If its lower then it goes second.

    If its even then they take turns, starting with the pokemon with the greater total base stats or by coin flip if identical.

    What moves does a pokemon have?
    It knows all moves it would learn by leveling up. So that means all Bulbasaur have access to Petal Dance for example.

    Pokemon have certain abilities which can be used in battle. Any pokemon may have its hidden ability as these are much more common in Chubu. Some are relatively simple to translate in this RP while others are more difficult to reinterpret.

    An ability such as "Intimidate: when switched into battle the opponent's pokemon have -1 stage of attack" are simple to use.

    But an ability such as "Analytic: boosts move power when the pokemon moves last" need a slight adjustments to fit. Each ability is case by case for a simple fix.

    Using Damaging Moves
    Every attack uses a roll of 1d4.
    Landing on 1 and 2 means it missed, 3 and 4 means it hit. I will roll these numbers using an online generator.

    When an attack hits, 1 HP is lost on the damaged pokemon. When all HP is gone, pokemon is fainted. It is a simple foundation for battling!

    Now, remember stats? Keep out a pokemon with an Attack/Sp Attack stat high enough to overcome your opponent's defense and you'll be hitting them 3/4 of the time.
    Getting stuck with only 1 pokemon on your party with a low Attack/Sp Attack however and you'll only be getting 1/4 of your hits in.

    Also consider types.
    x2 Weak means a pokemon takes 2 damage. (Such as Grass being x2 weak to fire type attacks)

    x4 Weak means it takes 3 damage. (Such as Grass/Bug Being x4 weak to fire type attacks)

    x2 Resistant means the pokemon takes damage as normal but the attack roll (that 1d4) has to land on 4. (Such as Water being x2 Resistant to Fire type attacks)

    x4 Resistant means the pokemon takes damage as normal but the attack roll (that 1d4) has to land on 4 while there's a bonus to the pokemon's attack or accuracy, or an infliction to the enemy's defense or evasion.

    Immunity means it can be harmed by that type of attack unless a special move or ability is used to counteract the type's immunity such as Mold Breaker or Scrappy.

    Now how do status moves work?

    Any stat changes go +10% or -10%, but don't stack beyond +/- 30%. These of course are temporary and I will do that math during the battle.

    Status rolls are 1d4 but don't get any bonuses or negatives. Any status move that causes a condition must land on 4.

    In the case of an additional effect attached to a move, the additional effect works if the attack lands on a 4.

    Strong Moves
    PP, power points, aren't used to limit the number of times a move can be used. Instead it allows us to consider the strength of a move. If it's above 5 then the move can be used as normal. If not or if the move's power is above 100 then it can only be used once before needing a turn to recharge. These types of moves are pretty powerful!

    They do +1 damage!
    Or if they are Status can do something special!

    Paralyzed means a pokemon will go second and has a lasting -1 on its rolls.
    Confused means a pokemon will hit itself when it rolls a 1, doing 1 damage to itself.
    Poisoned/Burned means a pokemon will lose 1 HP when infected/burned and anytime they roll a 1.
    Sleeping/Frozen means a pokemon will rest for 3 turns but can wake up to follow a command if the roll lands 3 or 4.
    Flinch means the pokemon does not move on its next turn.

    When a new condition is used then I'll add it to the list. For now, these 6 conditions are all that you need to know.


    Type: Normal (Weak to Fighting, Immune to Ghost)

    HP: 4
    Attack: 55
    Defense: 50
    Sp Attack: 45
    Sp Defense: 65
    Speed: 55 (In case of tie, higher total base stats: 325)

    Moves: (Covet, Helping Hand, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Baby-Doll Eyes, Quick Attack, Bite, Swift, Refresh, Take Down, Charm, Baton Pass, Double Edge, Last Resort, Trump Card.
    Bold indicates a move that does +1 damage.
    Italics indicates a move has its own special effect listed below.
    Trump Card: Always hits with 1 Damage.)

    Ability: Adaptability: While using a move of the same type, its damage is 2.

    This Eevee looks pretty useful! A wide array of moves to choose from and an ability that couples well with its attack stat. This little pokemon could make quick work of opponent's with a low defense and also do a number on their stats as well. A good strategy would be to use tail whip to lower defenses then use Double Edge for a total of 3 damage.

    Further Impact

    You are able to bring in your own fakemon/custom pokemon for this RP granted that I can see the following information: Type, Stats, Move Pool, and Ability.

    I figure that this is a rare opportunity for you all, and I would love to see fellow creators of pokemon.

    But some ground rules.
    1. No legendary pokemon and nothing above a psuedo-legendary's base stat total.
    2. Unique types, abilities, and moves balance are permitted as long as I perceive them as balanced.
    - If the type has another unique type in its balancing, I will make NPCs from your region appear with pokemon that provide a challenge.
    3. You can only bring one to be your long term companion.

    If you're playing a hack or fan game, you can get pokemon from there as well. Just make sure to get the correct information.
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    I like the region idea, the main conflict reminds me of my old Arcanum region (: new vs old.

    The mechanics look a bit too much for me, but it'll surely interest some people!
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    Old June 10th, 2017 (3:24 AM).
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    Mechanics based RPs have been a little more popular lately, but I'd recommend cleaning through them to make them as simple as possible. That makes them more appealing to the average RPer.
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    Old June 10th, 2017 (6:24 AM).
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      Originally Posted by adventure View Post
      I like the region idea, the main conflict reminds me of my old Arcanum region (: new vs old.

      The mechanics look a bit too much for me, but it'll surely interest some people!
      New vs Old is a theme I like to explore. Maybe I'll find your work and read it.

      Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
      Mechanics based RPs have been a little more popular lately, but I'd recommend cleaning through them to make them as simple as possible. That makes them more appealing to the average RPer.
      I did that and discovered a couple unnecessary steps. But I could use a fresh set of eyes to help clarify and simplify anything that is confusing or too much to worry about.

      In the end it's all about comparing base stats then me rolling 1d4 or 2 to determine if an attack hits or not. Not that much to worry about but I'm open to critique.
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      Old June 10th, 2017 (2:23 PM).
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        I figure i'd make an alert that I'm allowing fakemon/custom pokemon including types, abilities, and moves from your own RPs and fangames/hacks to be permitted. It's a one per person basis however.
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        This looks really great. Hope it will get through interest check.
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