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    Personally, I love the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. I would love if they made one with all the generations or with Generation 7. My favorite game of the series is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky and I believe that everyone should play it if given the chance.
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      Same here, I have a lot of memories from playing Mystery Dungeon.

      I was really hyped for it as a 11 year old to play it on the GBA, and how I did love Red Rescue Team.
      I played it so often and fantasized a lot about it, too.

      I was also really hyped for EoTD and played a lot of it, too. EoS then is the best out there yet.
      I replayed it several times. It has one of the best post-games out there I know from Pokémon.

      I missed Gates to Infinity but that is probably for the better. I did watch a playthrough but that was about it.

      I got SMD as well and also loved the story. I haven't played it much it still was a great game. Post-game I did not really go further because there wasn't a lot of it, story-wise and I found that disappointing.

      I also hope we get a new one for Gen VII. If so I guess it will come late next year so I think?
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        I absolutely loved Explorers of Darkness, the story was just epic and brought me so many shivers and tears, but I couldn't get myself to finish it last time I restarted. It's something I really have to sit down for because it's more story-heavy, and contains a different kind of RPG system that is just not my favourite.
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        I just bought Blue Rescue Team again a week ago, and I'm having loads of fun. I've played and finished all the Mystery Dungeon except the latest, which was such a disappointement to me I sold it back after less than a week playing :( I did not enjoy the new recruitment system at all. I hope they make a new one with the older mechanic.

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        Tbqh, there is nothing that matches the Mystery Dungeon Series for me. Loved the game mechanics, awesome storyline, so much to do post-game & you get to play a Pokemon . My fav would be the original ones, Red & Blue Rescue Teams. I've played those more times than I've played any Main Series Game.

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        PMD has some great memories for me, and I really enjoyed the storyline and just fulfilling that dream of playing as a pokemon. Along with the story, the characters were another favorite element. I think the PMD games I would replay again would be the Red/Blue rescue team or Explorers of Sky. I have yet to complete Super Mystery Dungeon, but from what I've played I really liked it!
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        I spent so much time with Blue Rescue team as a kid hahah. I've never actually finished any of the later ones despite having played bits of all of them, so that's definitely on my list for when I get the chance.

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