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Originally Posted by Nevan90 View Post
Thank you for the reply!I think A-Muk or Mimikyu are better with Marowak as trick roomers,comfey doesn't really draw enough attention and the risk of getting double targeted is high.
My EVs spread tend to be very simple,and I noticed yours seem very specific.Would you give me a quick rundown of why you chose this spreads,and how can I understand how to best invest EVs?I feel pretty green honestly
I got those EV spreads from Trainer Tower. Each EV spread is meant to let the Pokemon in question survive specific attacks.

The Assault Vest Kartana can take Garchomp's Tectonic Rage and Golduck's Hydro Vortex in rain. A prominent VGC player, Ray Rizzo, came up with that particular Kartana set. The Scope Lens Kartana is meant to take Tapu Koko's Thunderbolt under Electric Terrain from full health. None of the aforementioned Pokemon are allowed in Tiny Tourney, but I guess the extra investment can help against other attacks thrown around.

I made a mistake with the Comfey set; it's meant to be Bold and the listed EV spread lets it take Adamant Tapu Bulu's Wood Hammer under Grassy Terrain from full health. However, Bulu isn't allowed and the heavy physically defensive investment can let Comfey take physical attacks more easily that way.

Marowak's EV spread would normally let it avoid the OHKO from Tapu Lele's Psychic in Psychic Terrain, but since Lele isn't allowed, you can get away with max HP/max Attack instead.

Mimikyu's heavy physically defensive investment would let it take Gyarados' Hydro Vortex, but since it isn't allowed, you can get away with max HP/max Attack too, but that spread can help compensate for its physical frailty to an extent.

Muk's EV spread lets it live a max-powered Eruption from Torkoal at full health under the sun and make its Heat Wave a 3HKO with Figy Berry recovery taken into account. Also, it can't learn Trick Room. The reason why I suggested Porygon2 or Mimikyu alongside Comfey is to have a backup Trick Room attacker in case one of them is in an unfavorable matchup or, in the possibility you bring both in the same battle, have a backup setter in case one goes down.

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    I didn't know about that site,it seems great!is there a software or a website other than damage calc on showdown that would let me know what will my mons survive based on their stats and spread?
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