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Started by Sheep September 10th, 2019 1:30 AM
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I was HUGELY into Yu-Gi-Oh! between the fifth season of the original series and the first season of 5Ds. I was on a YGO forum, I collected the cards (god I lost so much money in those...) and I played both the TCG and the video games. When the forum went to hell I kinda lost interest in it, and every time I've tried to pick it back up since it's been a nightmare because of all the new muk they've introduced into it. XYZ summoning? I thought XYZ was a monster type? Pendulum summoning? Link summoning? ADVANCE summoning? They changed the terminology?! What is even going on?!

I have Legacy of the Duelist on Switch that I intend to sit down with and play through and catch up...eventually. I might even watch the anime again too. But I'm a decade (!!!!!) behind and there is a lot to catch up on. It's...not a high priority right now. Not unless I find someone to play with, or the forum I was on gets an unexpected revival and everyone comes back, which is even less likely. RIP.

I also used to roleplay a lot. I joined an RP site populated by people in their mid-to-late 30s and I was 15 at the time...I got a pretty brutal wakeup call that my writing was not as good as I thought it was at the time, haha. I mean, they were nice about it - the admin was great, he actually invited me onto the site from elsewhere and we used to talk on MSN for hours about things - but I had to do A LOT of revision of basically everything I wrote there. But even after the site closed down I did a lot of roleplaying on various forums for years after. A little of everything, although right before I quit I joined a few jcink Pokemon region RP sites, which were great because they helped keep my waning interest in the franchise alive...this was just before I joined here. idk why I stopped roleplaying honestly...I think in part I got fed up of waiting for replies, it was hard to find interested parties, spontaneous roleplaying was never my thing (I like to plan things out waaaay in advance and then improvise as we go, not just post reactions to what someone else posts; I want to write a story, not a conversation, and I don't think that's how roleplaying works in a lot of places now unfortunately) and...idk, I guess I don't have the time either. Or the friends. It was the people that made this fun for me, and without the people it just wasn't as interesting.

Star Wars used to be a major interest of mine too...I know the scripts for the original trilogy word-for-word. Or I did at one time. Probably couldn't recite it now. I've also read more Expanded Universe (psyduck you Disney, it's the Expanded Universe until you come up with something better in your "official canon" and stop stealing the best bits from the best books) than is healthy for me. I was VERY into Star Wars when they re-released the originals in the mid 90s. Then the prequels happened and even though time has shown them to be the second worst thing that has happened to the franchise (the worst being the sequels, because at least the prequels were original stories and not bad re-tellings of the originals, thank you JJ Abrams and Force Awakens) it was a pretty big craze at the time. Not quite as big as Pokemon, but still pretty big.

Power Rangers is currently a past interest, although it may not remain so...I was hugely into it during Mighty Morphin/Zeo, got bored with Turbo, loathed In Space until I got older, still hate Lost Galaxy, loved the hell out of Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder, despise SPD, Mystic Force, and Operative Overdrive, got back into it again with Jungle Fury, loved RPM, then Saban got the rights back and...ugh, there goes my interest. I have yet to watch Beast Morphers although I hear good things. But until I watch it it's still a past interest because I haven't actively watched it since RPM...I have the live action Disney and the current generation of Pokemon to trample my childhood thanks, I don't need this too.

I think that's about it? idk.
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