Game What are you drawing now v0.1

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From sketches passed between friends in class, to WIPs that barely have a single line drawn, to completing full pieces you’re putting finishing touches on, to just doodles on napkins cause your parents forced you to go Red Lobster with them cause it’s your little brother’s birthday blehhhh.

I had a dream about Daveed Diggs (Jefferson from Hamilton) as this badass demon inspired by his song “Same the Name” (not from Hamilton lmao) and I’m drawing it but will probably never post it lol.

So... What are you drawing? Pics are not required, descriptions encouraged.

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Mostly just OC portraits. I've tried doing full body pictures but they all ended up being pretty awful. I try to focus more on using references as that's still one of my bigger problems right now.
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Today, I was drawing dragons and a derpy Wigglytuff.
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