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Hi everyone,

I'm Laika and i'm new here. I love pokemon and have been playing on and off for 15 or so years, but never too seriously. Still haven't played the two most recent gens, but my fave games are probably X and Diamond.
I'm excited to meet you all and talk about things, in particular i'm interested in learning new things about the battle meta, IV breeding, shiny hunting and just hearing about your favourite pokemon!

P.s., a little something about me is that I want a Shiny Greninja so damn bad and i've been hunting FOREVER with no luck, lmao.



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Hi there Laika! Welcome to the forums! If you've been playing Pokemon for about 15 years, you're pretty much a veteran in this community! X/Y are my favorite games too. :) Even though I do love Sword and Shield (and def recommend it!) I completely understand sticking to the older, golden age games.

If you're looking for a shiny Greninja, definitely check the Trade Corner! They're masters over there and I'm sure can find you anything you're looking for. Good luck! :D


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Nice to meet you Laika, welcome to the community!

This is definitely the best place to discuss your Pokemon passions. My favorite section to spend time in is the Pokemon gaming section, you can reach them by scrolling on the main page or clicking here. I can tell by your favorite game choices that you'll definitely have fun discussing w/ others in the Previous Generations subsection of Pokemon Gaming.

Once again, welcome to the community! I hope you'll be here to stay and make plenty of friends who share your passions.
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Welcome Laika! This is definitely the best community for Pokemon, though that may be a little biased lol. Gen 4 are at the top of my list of favorite games. I do recommend playing Sword/Shield when you have the opportunity. Drop by the trade corner, I'm sure someone is willing to trade you a Greninja. Enjoy your stay!