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Pokémon FULL TRAINERS (IC) Page 7

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Chapter 4: Rock Tunnel
Starting date May 23rd, Thursday

Weather: Cloudy, occasional rain, some wind.


Connecting Cerulean and Lavender the long way around, Rock Tunnel is a wondrous place according to some. A nightmare, according to others. At its entrance is the tiniest village with a pokémon center and some shops and really nothing else. It's practically impossible to go by motor driven vehicle between Rock Village and Cerulean, so deliveries (and most travel to and from) happen via flying pokémon as that's deemed to be safest. Of course Palm neglected to tell you that such a service existed. He sure likes to keep you walking!

It is a long trek through a mountainous terrain, with no tall peaks, and plenty of tunnels. Despite its name, Rock Tunnel is not one single long tunnel through the ground. There are plenty of openings in the "ceiling" where daylight can shine through, and even some parts of the path where there is no roof above your head at all for a while (but too steep to climb up on the sides and nothing but dry rocks to discover outside anyways, should you somehow succeed to).

Perhaps partly as a result of this, there are plenty of exotic plans growing inside the caves, although the main path is mostly clear from vegetation - except for a little bit where daylight shines down. The locals living around Cerulean City and Lavender Town like to talk about another reason too...

Ruins of an ancient civilization have been found deep within Rock Tunnel. It is thousands of years old, and little is known yet about them. It has now been several years since a proper archaeological mission was performed here though, because the risks didn't make it worth the cost for the funding parties. Risks include heavy, strange underground vegetation which seems to grow very fast (which the locals claim to be due to the magic left by the ancient civilization), dangerous narrow caves and cliff formations underground (which the locals claim to be traps laid out by the ancient civilization), as well as hostile wild pokémon.

It will take you all day to get through Rock Tunnel, so you will exit near Lavender Town in the evening some time, depending on whether or not you searched for ruins and wild pokémon or loitered in other ways.

- At the "Rock Village" you'll find a very small pokémon center, but it has all necessities and places to sleep. Even sells a little bit of food if you need to re-stock.

- A dusty "Rock Tunnel Ruins Gift Shop" selling various pokémon statues or toys. They also happen to sell camping/hiking gear.

- A peculiar little hut/shop selling strange plants in pots, herbs made from them and other odd medicines for pokémon and humans. They're made from the exotic plants found in Rock Tunnel.

- Some homes for the workers.

- Inside the tunnel, you might find some hikers and travelers, but quite few. Feel free to be creative though.

- A main path through many subsequent caves and cliffs that is lit up by electric lanterns (and sturdy cords that will seldom fail).

- Very many offshoots and caves where you'll have to enter in order to find pokémon.

- Ruins. Just kidding, you actually won't find them. For now...

All are possible to team up with other players in.

FAIRYTALES: May 23th, Thursday / OPTIONAL
- A few determined archaeologists have recently returned to Rock Tunnel to try to find out more about the ancient ruins that the locals talk about, but that the big funding companies these days try to play off as "fairytales". You meet one of these brave souls and accompany them deeper inside of the mountain in search of history.

- Reward? You return to the main path without finding any big ruins in the end, but you did find vague remnants of the civilization, and an evolution stone of your choice there too.

- Alternative? Something goes wrong and you and the archaeologist become separated deep inside the caves. You don't find them again... Will they survive and find something spectacular on their own? And will they reward you if they do?

ODD ROCKS: May 23st, Thursday / OPTIONAL
- You stumble upon some really odd rocks. Unfortunately, someone else found them before you, and they refuse to let you have any of them unless you beat them in a battle.

- Reward? You win the battle and get a fossil of your choice, which you will be able to revive eventually. Aerodactyl is not available.

- Alternative? You lose the battle or refuse to battle and either don't get a fossil at all - or you try to steal one instead. There might be repercussions later on if you steal it, though...

Hover for movesets. All are approximately Lv 8-10.

Pokémon below live deeper inside the caves and only available after you have at least 1 pokémon at Lv 16 or at least 2 pokémon at Lv 12. All are Lv 10 or 11.

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It had been a long day for Gwen. Now that she was done cleaning up everything she used to cook dinner with, she felt it was an appropriate time to give in to how exhausted she was and fell on her knees. But while her body was tired her mind was definitely wide awake. Custard took notice and jumped in her trainer’s lap.

“Second battle I lost today…” She said to herself, not entirely aware she was speaking aloud. “I lost with a type advantage but I didn’t expect some rando to have psyduckin’ endure on their Vulpix...”

“Endure’s been saving me a lot lately,” Casey mused, dropping down next to Gwen and her small campfire. A Charmeleon slunk over to sprawl across his thighs. “How’d you lose the first battle?”

Gwen glanced over at the boy only to see him shirtless. The sight of this was enough to make her blush but she managed to turn her head away quick enough to where she hid how red her face was. “W-W-Well I d-didn’t really lose the first battle I got in...” Gwen thought it was fine that she didn’t look at Casey since she almost never looked at people when talking to them. “...But I didn’t exactly win either..”

“Double knockout?” Casey's casual tone was quite at odds with Gwen's inner turmoil.

“Well no, this one guy had a damn Morgrem and took out both Pix and Tusk. At least my battle with...Bethany was her name?” Casey nodded in her periphery, and Gwen continued. “Anyways at least it was a fair fight but this psyduckin’ guy had a Morgrem so I was destined to get swept. I managed to get a thunder wave on em but he ran away. Oh! But speaking of the guy he was really weird, he had a black cape and a mask and trying to steal a Hydreigon.”

Bruno turned his glance to the kids, quite interested in the conversation and joined the group.

“Hmm,” said a curious Noel, as she arrived for the conversation. “A black cape and mask, you say? Certainly not a performer, I think. At least not one part of my group. Though the mysterious vibe does give me some ideas....”

Gwen paused as something occurred to her and jumped up, jolting Custard from her lap. “Hey wait a minute, that asshole tried to steal that Hydreigon!” After her minor outburst she looked around to make sure she wasn’t alienating her peers. “Err I mean...sorry, I sometimes just kinda… go off like that.” Gwen sat back down. “But man, thinking about people like that just pisses me off.” Custard approached Gwen again, but more carefully than before.

The commotion drew Jordan out of his tent, now wearing curry-free pants and followed by two Skiddo wearing flower crowns. “Okay, just put Spirit to bed, he’s sleeping like a log now. Thanks for taking care of him earlier, by the way.” Jordan beamed at Gwen.

“Ah, at least one of your women appreciated your gift,” Casey teased before cooing at the Skiddo trotting to him. “What a handsome accessory, Parsley, you look so good!” Parsley stuck a tongue in his armpit. “Ew, no, don’t do that.”

Jordan rolled his eyes. “Yes, ha-ha. Let’s take a picture later and send it to Vera to show her what she missed out on,” He appraised the crown on his own Skiddo’s head. “Gotta admire the craftsmanship, though, who knew Tangles was so handy with her vines.” Casey made a disgusted noise, possibly because of the bad joke but more likely because of the tongue in his face. Jordan cleared his throat, and tried to change the subject. “Anyway, what’s this about the masked dudes?”

“More people ran into them, apparently." Bruno answered.

Casey nodded, gently pushing Parsley's face away from his own. "That's five of us now. There must've been a lot of 'em."

“Wait…” Gwen looked around at everyone. “You mean you guys ran into masked guys too?”

"Yeah," Casey spoke, as Bruno and the others nodded. "Us three and Richard, too. None of us saw the same exact people, but they were all wearin' weird masks."

“The guy I ran into had long black hair but it was shaved on one side. Oh, and when Custard used Thunder Wave on his Morgrem he lost his muk; he started stomping his foot on the ground and screaming. It was really weird.”

"Yeah, that's way different than my guy. He didn't say much; just set his Hitmonlee on me while he captured a Garchomp." Casey went quiet for a moment, curling a hand into Parsley's fur. "Richard's guy sent him to the hospital. I'm pretty sure mine woulda killed me if Sorley's Pokémon hadn't shown up."

“Spirit and I got away relatively scot-free, but only because we happened to be right in the courtyard of the Cerulean Gym,” Jordan chimed in with his experience. He shuddered. “Spirit might be an actual spirit already if the Gym trainers hadn’t started coming into the courtyard when they did, dude had a freakin’ Glalie on him and they were definitely there to steal Pokemon. I saw the guy run off with one of the Gym’s Dragonair.”

"Mine was… very angry for some reason." Bruno said in a low voice. He looked away as if trying to remember everything and suddenly raised his eyebrows as an idea came to him. "Now that I think about it… mine used a Shiftry with Throat Chop against a Noivern. I-I don't know, but… I think this was premeditated and each one of them could've been assigned their Pokémon," he theorized, still looking away.

“Hydreigon, Garchomp, Dragonair, Noivern… all dragon types, it seems," Gwen added.

Casey shook his head, still focused on petting Parsley. "They're definitely organized, huh? Glad we got outta town."

"Yeah… barely," Bruno seemed to be doubtful, by the tone of his voice it was clear that something troubled him. After a few seconds of trying to rephrase his thoughts, he finally added: "I-I don't know about you, but Leader Hoshi asked for my number after this. I… think this could mean that whatever happened in Cerulean could happen in the rest of the region."

"Kel just said they'd call me if they needed to clarify somethin', or that I could call them if I remembered something else." Casey looked at Bruno quizzically. "You think they're gonna go get Dragons in other places too?"

“Man, you got to meet Hoshi?” Jordan asked Bruno in awe, as Sage brought him a bag of toiletries. He frowned. “Does this belong to anyone? Anyway, I didn’t even get to see him, some of the trainers just took me inside after and let me use their phone to call the cops.” Casey made grabby hands at his things, and Jordan suddenly realized he glossed over what he'd said. “What’s Kel?”

"My cousin, I guess. They're police."

Jordan looked at him quizzically. “You guess?” Casey shrugged and looked like he might have elaborated, but-

“AAAARGHH!” Gwen erupted. “Damnit, I can’t get over what happened with that guy! That’s so cruel what he tried to do; I just wanna find him and...argh!” After a brief pause she managed to cool down and sighed. “But someone from the Cerulean gym told me I should leave it to someone trained for the situation. That didn’t stop me from catching Jess though, since she has a type advantage against fairies if I ever run into him again,” she said while looking over at her Ekans slithering around in the grass.

"That gym person is right," Casey said firmly. "We're not capable of dealing with people like that at all."

"That wouldn't keep us away from any future trouble with them though." Bruno answered.

"You still can't fight them!" Casey argued, suddenly very serious. Parsley startled. "Oh- no, no, shhh, I'm sorry baby boy..." He nuzzled against Parsley's neck even as he continued in a far more subdued tone. "If we see 'em again, which I still don't think is likely- we can't fight 'em. They're perfectly willing to hurt us as well as our Pokémon. All we can do is stall long enough to get away."

“That’s why I’m gonna get stronger.” Gwen stated. “And when me and my Pokemon do, we’ll kick their asses.”

Casey sighed into Parsley's fur and shook his head, but didn't say anything more.

“That reminds me actually” Gwen said in a much more casual tone than her last sentence. “Since I caught Jess to beat that Morgrem I wonder if I could do something similar with uh...muk what was that Galarian trainers name again?”

"Bethany," Casey supplied, slightly muffled.

“Right, right. So as I was saying I wonder if I could adjust my team to try to counter any similar tactics if I ever run into her again.” Gwen wondered. “I think if one of my mons knew Taunt that’d help me out but… I don’t think any of them learn it. Not anytime soon at least…”

"Uhm... Taunt is the safest option." Bruno said and paused for a while looking at Gwen's Pokémon "Axew learns it… I think. But I don't think you want to put it against her Vulpix."

“OH!” Gwen exclaimed “Pix knows Quick Attack so if she ever uses Endure again I can get a hit in and take out her Vulpix… Why didn’t I think of this earlier?”

"Thinkin' too much," Casey mumbled. Parsley flopped down at his side and Casey took the opportunity to use him as a pillow, shifting Pepper to lay mostly on his chest. The conversation lulled, the five trainers taking a moment to reflect on the day.

Until Casey yelped and instinctively curled up as forty pounds of Dragon slammed into his side.
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Bruno Dillinger
May 22, Wednesday

Route 9, After Dinner: Part 2: The Vigilante

JP with Queen Nothing, Aquacorde and juno

Evening, Somewhere near the camp at Route 9

She liked the new name that girl and Bruno gave her. ‘Named after a saber’... it suited her. That and the recent battle left her with the urge of having a battle of her own, but that couldn't happen staying with the group so she limited herself to running around the camp and climbing the nearby trees. Weirdly enough, there weren’t any wild Pokémon nearby she could pick a fight with either, and as much as she wanted to pick a fight with the other Pokémon that would only mean more trouble… or not?

Shir was as entertained as possible, running around the flat ground of the camp and jumping from tree to tree at times. She thought of herself as some kind of superhero… or a vigilante since she liked attacking everyone on the wrong without her human’s approval, like a gang of Spearow, a pearl-robbing Zigzagoon or that bouncing food thief that she couldn’t catch because he was faster than her. She was hiding in the tall grass, waiting for a new villain for her to stop, one that only someone as strong as her could beat, after all her name was ‘Shir: Guardian of Kanto and Defender of Just--’ CRACK.

The Grass-Type jumped in surprise the moment she heard something under her small legs, the sound ruined her fantasy and her good humor, because superheroes shouldn’t be startled by those things. What caused that sound was only a small, broken stick. It looked as if it came out of a small tree or a bush and it had two smaller branches at each side. But for Shir this was not just a stick: It was a sword.

With a lot of might and a bit of effort, she took the stick with her two arms, having a lot of trouble trying not to cut it. It was perfect, big enough for her and easy to wield. No one stood a chance against her now.

As she was staring in awe at her “sword”, an Axew had begun to approach her, and he looked like he was ready to pick a fight with just about anybody. The Axew walked up to Shir with his chest puffed out and his head up, while looking down at anyone who was in his path. When getting close enough, the dragon Pokemon let out an arrogant “Kew kew!” in an attempt to strike fear in his opponent’s heart, regardless of how successful he was.

To him, Shir looked like a worthy opponent. In an attempt to rile her up, he swiftly yanked the “sword” from her arms and threw it behind him; His way of saying “fight me.”

Shir hissed angrily at the Axew. 'A villain' she thought. He was trying to destroy the little world she created and getting rid of her weapon was the first step for his goal and he had to be stopped. With another sharp hiss, Shir jumped against her enemy. The first one to attack had a better chance of winning after all.

The cocky Axew waited for Shir waited for the right moment and when she got just close enough, the Axew chomped on her arms, leaving Shir to dangle in the air.

It was an unexpected move from the Dragon-type, but Shir wouldn't give up just yet. She had to counter him and Shir had the perfect weapon for that. She swung her free arm and threw a Razor Leaf on the Pokémon's jaw, forcing him to let her other arm free. The Axew smirked, ran up to Shir to, and scratched the Grass Type. Shir answered with a Fury Cutter that threw the Axew to the ground.

Shir took advantage of the situation and ran to her sword that was still on the ground. When the Axew got up again, she hit him with it, causing her sword to break and making her trip. In response the Axew heartily laughed at what was just on display, letting his guard down.

As soon as she got up, Shir started running against the Dragon and pushed him across the way. They were getting closer to the campsite, but she didn’t realize it.

The Axew decided it was time to go all in. He puffed out his chest again letting out a louder “KEW KEW!” than before and ran up to Shir, scratching her multiple times. But Shir wouldn’t let that Dragon beat her. Using her arms, she started blocking the scratches as she could and tried to hit him whenever she saw an entrance. With each blocked scratch, the Axew was putting in more force into his scratches, hoping to break Shir’s guard.

Unable to block any more scratches, Shir rolled away from the Dragon and retreated back to the camp, hoping that she left the Axew behind her. This was not the case, as the Axew was persistent tried to pounce Shir but missed his target, instead hitting one of the trainers. Casey yelped and instinctively curled up as forty pounds of Dragon slammed into his side. Parsley startled and made a break for Casey's tent, leaving his trainer to hit the ground with an "oof!" Pepper, slow to move after his exhausting day, chomped flaming teeth down only on air as the Axew bounced off and charged back into battle. Jordan, who was sitting next to Casey, ushered his own startled Skiddo to join Parsley, before checking on his friend.

“Tusk!?” Gwen shouted “What the psyduck are you doing!? You know if you wanna battle somebody you gotta ask me first!”

Bruno looked back at where Gwen was looking after she called her Pokémon and quickly got up to pick up Shir the moment he saw her running against Tusk. “Stop it.” she was furious and struggling to break free from her trainer’s hands. “What’s wrong with you? You’re going back to your Pokéball unless you cut it.” Shir didn’t answer, she just looked away with her arms crossed as always still with the urge of cutting things. Bruno put her on the ground hoping that she wouldn’t lose control again. Casey sat up warily at Jordan’s prompting, running fingers over the back of his head.

“Oh, uh… sorry for that. Are you okay?” Gwen went up to Casey while hip-carrying a struggling Axew. “Sorry, Tusk here is just...really rough.”

"No blood," Casey inspected his fingers again in the low light. "Don't think. It's probably fine."

“I don’t know what happened. She gets carried away when she’s angry.” Bruno sighed. He looked back at his Pokémon, she was still standing there with her arms crossed. “She didn’t cut you, thankfully.”

"They woke me up though," Casey grumbled, pulling Pepper back into his lap. “She wants t’ cut something, she could do me a favor and cut the sleeves off this.”

Bruno tilted his head “What?”

Casey waved his scorched t-shirt vaguely. “This. Gotta cut the burnt sleeve off. But if I cut one sleeve off then I gotta cut both off. So I gotta cut both off.” He yawned. “And ‘m tired.”

“A-are you sure about this? I-I mean…” he looked back at Shir, she wasn’t angry anymore, instead she had her eyes very open and firmly looking at Bruno. The boy sighed, of course she liked the idea. “S-sure. Only the sleeves. But if something goes wrong…” he shrugged “Not my fault.”

Casey fluffed the shirt and laid it flat on the ground. Shir stood by his side, hopping a little rushed and moving her arms up and down. “Cut here,” he said, tracing the seams joining the sleeves to the body of the shirt. “Right on that line.” The Pokémon nodded and got into her work. Bruno could feel this wasn’t going to end well.

Bruno's Party:

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The Painkiller
Arianne and Vera
Route 9 - Day 3 - May 22nd

Joint post with Godzil

♫ - Alter Bridge - Addicted to Pain
Vera wasn't watching where she was going, instead watching her shadow growing as the sun set behind her. She had hastily grabbed her oversized backpack and tucked her Pokeballs into her pockets when she left, so at least she wasn't forgetting anything back at the campsite, because there was no way she was going back there. She had left in such a rush, it would be too awkward to go back now.

The cool air and the calm environment helped clear her head, and she finally stopped to take several deep, calming breaths once the glow of the fires were all out of sight. It was embarrassing, running away like that, and she hated how weak it made her feel. She hadn't had a panic attack like that since her first week at Cape College, but without taking the time to explain to anyone, they must have all thought she left because she didn't want to be around them anymore.

She looked back toward the campsite, no longer visible in the dying light. She thought about cooking with Pepper and helping him evolve. She thought of Casey and Jordan's goofy antics. Of Bonnie and Spirit bonding, of her friendly chat with Arianne, of maybe making some real friends for a change… and she turned her back on it, certain that she'd just ruined any chance of that. She'd pushed them all away again, leaving herself alone.

Except… one of them didn't want to be pushed away, and tried to hold on to the girl for as much time as possible. Vera could not know that though… not until she stopped running. “Vera…!”

Arianne also left the camp, hoping to catch up with her friend, but no matter how fast she’d walk the distance between them didn’t seem to shorten at all. She kept her eyes fixed on the girl, so she could react in time if she decided to change path, and was relieved to see Vera finally slowing down. Still unsure of what to do, Arianne walked closer to the other girl and waited for a bit, before finally showing herself and calling her name.

Vera turned when she heard her name, shocked to see her friend walking up to her. "A-Arianne! What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be back at camp? With the others?" She looked behind Ari, but didn't see anyone else.

“And what are you doing here, Vera?” the other girl replied instinctively, before calming down herself and taking some breaths. “I mean, I had the feeling something was up. And the way you were running away from the camp… well, I’m sure of it now!” After more panting, Arianne continued. “Just, are you sure you don’t wanna go back to the camp once you calmed down? It’s… it’s not safe out here.”

Vera let out her breath, thinking it over. She shook her head, but couldn't look Arianne in the eyes. "No. I don't want to go back. There's a Pokemon Center right down the road. It'll be easier to just push forward." She didn't actually explain why she left. She pulled Bonnie's Pokeball out, sending her out. She took note of the flower Bonnie had tied to her club, but dismissed it from her mind.

"Bonnie, use Leaf Blade. Just… make it appear, I have an idea." Bonnie did as instructed, summoning the green blade. It glowed slightly, shedding dim light roughly equal to a candle. Vera frowned at it, but forced a smile for Ari. "See? I have Bonnie to protect me, and she can even light the way so I don't trip or fall off anything. I'll be fine."

"That's…" Arianne muttered in surprise. "That's cool!" She realized only now she doubted on Vera unnecessarily, and feared once again, she'd only act as dead weight.

This feeling only got stronger as she tried to remember the way back to the camp. And couldn't. She also made some kind of promise with Jordan, and would have had to break it! But…

"I- I still would like to come with you, though. Just so you know, I'm not worried about you… well, tripping." she replied with a slight chuckle, hands in her hair as usual.
"Let's make it to the center now, alright?"

In truth, Vera had been very concerned about tripping in the dark, so Bonnie's ability to create even a little light was a great relief to her. But once again, Arianne surprised her. "You… want to come with me?" Vera hadn't expected that, thinking that she would be better off alone. But, maybe if it was Arianne it would be okay…

Vera nodded, briefly putting her hand on Ari's shoulder. "Some company would be nice. Let's go. Lead the way, Bonnie."

"Thanks, Vera!" Arianne cheered as she started walking after the Cubone. The fact that her friend didn't mind having her around was relieving.

Arianne still wanted to feel more useful, though, as if she owed it to the other girl. And the only way she knew was, obviously, to call out Eric once again. So, not much after that, the Squirtle was perched on Ari's backpack as she walked, ready to use Heal Pulse… on Vera, of course.

This time though, Arianne had at least the courtesy to ask. "Wanna receive Heal Pulse? It'll help us to get to the center in better shape!"

"That sounds lovely, but only if it's not too much trouble for Eric. He doesn't have a daily limit, does he? I'd hate to use it all up if he does." She walked closer to Arianne, not entirely sure of the range of his "magic". "If not, then yes, thank you!"

"You heard Vera didn't you? Feel free to use Heal Pulse the way you prefer… on her, of course!" Arianne whispered to her pokemon. Eric nodded, even though Ari couldn't see him, and targeted Vera with his move, slightly soothing her pain and tiredness. "What should I say then? I'm always carrying him like this!" Arianne then joked, trying to lighten the otherwise serious mood. "Let's keep going while Heal Pulse is in effect!"

Vera patted Eric on the head, thankful for the Pulse. "That still feels so strange, you know? Not bad, just strange. Does he do this for you often?" They kept walking, the sun starting to dip below the horizon making Bonnie's light more helpful.

"Maybe even too often…" replied Ari with a smile. "And the first time he did, I didn't even know! Look here-" the girl continued, moving some of her purple hair aside to show a few cuts on the right side of her head. "This happened when Mulan basically fell on my head, on Monday. Eric noticed this and kept using Heal Pulse, but I only discovered it when it was evening… because he was staying on my backpack like now."

"And while it's not some kind of panacea, it acts as a painkiller and tranquilizer of sort. Maybe that's why it feels strange?"

"Maybe…" Vera thought about it, glancing at a rock on the side of the road, but thinking better of whatever she was about to do. "I've… taken a lot of medicines in my life, and some have had really weird side effects. I haven't noticed any with Heal Pulse, which is… nice." She looked away again, not sure where she was going with that thought.

"Side effects? All I've noticed is, I'm getting careless and hurt all the time! But that aside, there are no side effects that I'm aware of." Arianne replied, again with a reassuring smile on her face.
"I'm sorry you had to go through that…"

"It's okay." Vera replied quickly. Maybe too quickly. "No need to worry on my account. People get sick, they get hurt. What's important is that they get back up. No matter how many times they fall, they always get back up. I'm a Trainer. I'm a good Trainer." She was looking forward, but Ari could see something in her eyes she hadn't seen before, not like this. Something hard, and determined. "And where is that Pokemon Center? I could have sworn it was nearby!"

Her own memories of Cinnabar resurfaced suddenly, thanks to Vera's words. They seemed to have come out of nowhere… no, wait. It was Arianne's last sentence, coupled with the effect of Heal Pulse. "Right!" the black haired girl cheered, thinking about all the things she had already gone through on her path to become a trainer (including, leaving her hometown).

Her friend's determination (which she'd never felt as strong as now) made her understand two things: one, she was justified to use Heal Pulse to heal herself anytime, and, two, she was justified to leave Cinnabar and choose her own path in life, because eventually everything would have fallen into place the way she wanted.

"About that center… yeah, probably further ahead than we thought." Arianne's thoughts were interrupted by her friend's other words, and a more fed up expression took the place of her smile. "You don't have a tent either, do you?"

" No I don't. I thought there was a Center on this road, and that the campsite was just going to be a little rest stop. And now I don't remember where I heard that information. So I don't even know who to be mad at for lying to me!"

"There's gotta be one, I'm sure… right before Rock Tunnel." Arianne patted her friend on the shoulder. "Let's… let's keep going!" she said in between breaths, as she tried to stay motivated by thinking about how much better an actual bed would have been, compared to a sleeping bag inside Jordan's tent.

Vera couldn't help but grin at Arianne. Always the optimist, she had more than once shaken Vera from whatever rut she found herself in. "Good idea. Maybe we just need someone familiar with the area to help us." She tossed another Pokeball, calling out Iggy. The little Rockruff wagged his tail when he spotted Vera, putting his paw on her leg.

"Yes, hi Iggy." Vera scratched behind his ear. "We're trying to get to the Pokemon Center. Do you know the way? Probably a lot of humans go there, use your... keen smelling or whatever dogs do to find it."

Iggy barked, then started sniffing at the ground. He walked around in a circle, ending up at Ari's feet. He barked twice, then sat down, panting happily. Vera covered her face with her hand. "Other humans, not Arianne."

The girl couldn't help but laugh. She would have wanted to pet Iggy, but remained collected so that Eric wouldn't fall down. "He followed his senses perfectly after all, plus he's still so cute!"

Arianne had no way to help, though. No flying types or developed senses. All she knew was that, at the end of that route and before the wretched Rock Tunnel, there had to be something. "All we can really do is follow the most beaten path… we'll get somewhere eventually." she declared, Eric still trying his best to keep the Heal Pulse in effect.

"Eventually, right…" Vera recalled Iggy back into his ball. "And in the meantime, it's getting darker, we're probably going in circles, and let's not forget my favorite part, there are snakes out here. Poison type snakes, along with Poison type rabbits, wild dogs, and apparently tiny dragons." She sighed, that rant taking a lot out of her. "I'm sorry, I just… feel like I made a mistake, and dragged you into it."

Arianne's team: Eric • Mulan • Alice • Mizar


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Vera Hill, Arianne Chandler
Chapter 3 - Pokemon Center of Attention
Route 9, May 22nd

"I'm sorry, I just… feel like I made a mistake, and dragged you into it.

Arianne felt this way many more times before… like with Ralph on the river, for example. Or back at Cinnabar, while swimming with her friends further away from the coast. All things considered, she had an idea of how Vera was feeling. Except…

“Be honest, Vera. You didn’t expect me to follow you this far, or have Eric help you. And maybe, you didn’t even think about the wild Pokémon, or where to sleep!” Arianne finally said, thinking about the best words to use. “But I was the one who decided to come after you. And I’ll do my best to fend off these Pokémon! After all, whatever mistake we’ve made, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Given how Vera was acting, though, the Heal Pulse was probably fading away - and Arianne’s encouragement couldn’t match up with the effects of a Pokémon move. “Are you alright, Eric? Sorry, it seems you can never catch a break with me…” she whispered to Squirtle, who replied with what sounded like a reassuring cry. “Vera, can you get closer to me, please?”

Vera looked away while Arianne talked, but the grumpy puffing of her cheeks indicated that she was spot on. She did look over when Arianne promised to protect her, earning a genuine laugh. "All this time, I always thought you were the princess in those fairy tales, but now you're my knight in shining armor?" She walked a little closer, close enough she could have put an arm around Ari's shoulders, but didn't. Thought about it, but didn't.

Bonnie was inspecting the ground, determining where the proper path was. She pointed to the east, walking slowly until the humans followed her so she didn't leave them behind in the dark. "Hey, she found the path!" Vera was in a better mood now.

“I know, I may have looked like a spoiled princess back at the College, but a princess can fight too.” Arianne smiled. Squirtle did the same, as his target getting closer meant it was easier for him to use Heal Pulse. “We walked so much after leaving the camp… the Center’s gotta be close!”

Vera laughed. "I don't even know how I looked in College. If you were the Princess, I was probably the wicked Witch or something." As they crested the next hill, they could see a few lights in the distance. Most prominently, the large Pokeball logo of the Pokemon Center. They had made it!

"A witch? Maybe, but a good looking one. Like… Froslass? Gardevoir? That seems like it!"

"Ha! That's not a bad image, actually. I'm okay with that." Bonnie suddenly stopped, sniffing at the air. "What's up, Bonnie? You smell something?" Vera looked around, but it was too dark to see much beyond their little circle of light. "Come on, it's right there. We'll be there soo-"

Bonnie leaped toward Vera, barely dodging an incoming attack. In the dim light, a massive Arbok reared up, hissing at the girls. It must have smelled them while out hunting. Bonnie held her club at the ready, waiting for instructions, but when Vera saw the snake she panicked, hiding behind Arianne.

“W-what… Eric?” Arianne yelped in fear, feeling Vera’s breath on her own neck and the Arbok’s eyes set on her own. But as the Snake Pokémon lunged towards the group, Eric jumped from her trainer’s shoulder and quickly used Protect. While still in shock, and barely standing up after Squirtle’s jump, Arianne had at least some time to think about her next move. “Better to keep up Protect, rather than attacking! Got it Eric?” she hastily commanded, while rummaging through her pockets and backpack to find as many other Pokèballs as she could.

"It's fast…" Vera whimpered from behind Arianne. "Maybe we can slow it down?" She pulled out Sapphire's ball, sending the dark Meowth out. "Sapphire, use Icy Wind, but stay behind Squirtle. I mean, Eric. He'll keep it at bay. I hope…"

Sapphire exhaled a blast of frigid breath, leaving a thin layer of frost on Arbok. It instantly turned to face her, hissing angrily and glaring at her.

Arbok attacked again, and Eric once again used Protect to keep himself and Sapphire safe. But this time, the Snake Pokémon was able to break it, as if it was a glass pane.

Eric endured the hit, but was knocked back behind Sapphire and Bonnie, and looked towards his trainer with weary eyes.

Vera stepped in front of Eric, taking off her backpack. "Sapphire, Icy Wind! Bonnie, Headbutt! Try to distract it." She fished around in her pack, pulling out a Potion for Eric. "You've been healing me for a while, how about I return the favor? Just please keep that monster away from me! Uh, us!'

Vera's Pokemon obeyed, and Arbok couldn't counter both at once. Sapphire was annoying, but she was keeping her distance, so it instead went after Bonnie, wrapping her in its coils. Vera quickly called Bonnie back into her ball, which unfortunately doused their only light.

Vera sent Bonnie back out just as quickly, igniting her Leaf Blade and creating more light. Arbok had managed to approach, now practically on top of the girls. Vera had the appropriate response: sheer terror.

Another attack came their way, but the girls were still unscathed. Another Protect was up, and knocked the Arbok back before it could hurt anyone.

Except… Arianne was knocked back too and nearly fell on Vera. The user of Protect was Mulan this time, and she was staying right in her trainer's arms - just like an actual shield!

Luckily, Vera's attacks had bought Arianne some time to call her out.

Vera steadied Arianne, getting an idea from Mulan in her arms. "Sapphire, one more Icy Wind!" Sapphire was behind the Arbok now, and her ice breath got its attention again. Vera called Sapphire back into her ball, then picked up Eric. "Run. These two will protect us, and Arbok's too cold to keep up now. If we can get to the Center, it should leave us alone!"

"Y-yes!" Arianne started to run, following Vera towards the Center, with Eric and Mulan ready to stop Arbok in case it tried to lunge at the girls. "We've gone around it! We did it!"

Needless to say, she was never going to be as fast as she wanted. She still was holding Mulan in her arms, and was definitely tired from the long walk. Arianne did her best to keep the pace of her friend, but (maybe because of the lack of Heal Pulse?) couldn't quite match it.

Vera wasn't about to let her friend fall behind. She held onto Arianne, casting a glance back over her shoulder. The Snake Pokemon had given up the chase, apparently knowing it was outmatched. Or maybe it was just trying to sneak up on them. Vera wasn't sure, and wouldn't feel safe until she was inside a well lit building again. "Come on, Arianne! We're so close to the finish line, you can't quit now!" She was tired, sore, and out of breath herself, but fear and determination are powerful motivators.

She pushed Eric closer to his Trainer. "Do your thing, little guy!"

Arianne recognized that feeling and knew what was happening. She looked at Eric for confirmation, and saw him smile at her, his eyes still glowing.

"I'm here, I'm here…" said Arianne with a cracking voice. "Thanks."

Can't believe he is still going, after all that happened today... she thought, trying to let out a chuckle but failing.

The girls made it to Rock Village, each carrying a Pokemon with a third at their heels, all of them running as fast as they could. It was definitely a rare sight for the quiet community, but most people were inside at this late hour, so no one actually saw them. They reached the Pokemon Center, and Vera threw her shoulder into the door to get inside as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, it was a pull door, and she instead bounced off the door and fell to the ground, wincing in pain. "Stupid… door! Why does it open out, that's a terrible plan! What if this were an emergency?" She got back up again, pulling open the door and ushering Arianne inside.

"Vera…?" The girl called out. Apparently even the most trivial things had the potential to go wrong in that route. "Are you ok?" She whispered as she entered the Center herself.

"I'm fine." Vera replied, though her face was beet red. "Just very embarrassed. Don't mention this. To anyone. Ever."

"But it's… ok, I promise." Arianne replied. In her mind, what happened was totally understandable, given it was an emergency, but the worried look in Vera's eyes suggested otherwise.

Vera nodded, not sure what else to say. "...thank you." She recalled Bonnie back into her ball, setting Eric down as well before heading to the reception desk. "Hello, we're Trainers, and need rooms for the night?"

“And we also need to heal our Pokémon, don’t we…” Arianne’s voice echoed through the otherwise empty room as, after recalling Eric and Mulan into their Pokéballs, she made her way to the desk - finally standing beside Vera.

"Yes. We also need to heal our Pokemon." The receptionist smiled politely and asked for their Pokemon, handing each girl a key in exchange.

"Would you like to be called when your Pokemon are ready, or have them delivered to your rooms? We can also hold onto them until morning, if you'd prefer."

“Delivered to my room… please!” replied Arianne, thanking the receptionist. She then turned towards Vera. “We’re here, we did it!” the girl said, relieved, trying to hug Vera once again.

Vera didn't resist the hug, letting Arianne embrace her. "Same, deliver them when they're ready!" She quickly told the receptionist before actually returning the hug properly. It was… nice, a hug. Not as bad as Vera thought. She kept her arm around her friend as they made their way to their rooms, conveniently located across the hall from each other.

"What a day…" Vera sighed, leaning against her door. "I just want a hot bath, then to crawl into an actual bed."

“Same…!” cried out Arianne, maybe a bit too childishly. “Well, we can’t say we didn’t deserve this. Oh, by the way…” she then added, “what about exchanging PokéGear numbers? Just in case.” The black haired girl grabbed the device, hoping that the battery would still hold some energy.

"Numbers?" Vera retrieved her own device, awkwardly clicking through it. "Oh, I do have a number! Sorry, I've never used this as a phone before." She found her information, and was able to exchange numbers with Arianne. "I've never actually given anyone my number before. I promise not to call all the time, but I will call." She tried to smile, not sure if she was joking or just being weird.

After noticing that her PokéGear was still alive, Arianne laughed. “Alright, I’ll do my best not to be annoying! This is the second time I exchange numbers with someone on my journey, but I have many friends and relatives registered already! Oh, what would I do without this thing…”
The girl sighed, her eyes fixed on her PokéGear, before regaining her smile. “Thanks again, Vera!”

Vera looked between Arianne and her PokeGear, remembering that she would often make calls on it during college. She hadn't thought about it then, but the mention of friends and relatives made sense. She snapped out of her thoughts when Arianne thanked her, returning the smile. "Any time. Except for the Arbok. Let's never do that again!"

She opened her door, pausing before entering. "Good night, Arianne. I'll… see you in the morning?"

“You’ll have to wake me up, I reckon!” the other girl laughed. “Good night, Vera!”

She then finally entered her room, laid her backpack down and sat on the bed. My Pokémon should be here soon…

Vera looked at the closed door. "Good night…" she entered her own room and sat on the bed. " friend." A small but genuine smile crept onto her face as she laid down, suddenly very tired.

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-------Noel ⏩ Camping
Intermission: Super Super Magic!!

“Ladieeeeees and Gentlemen!” shouted a voice. There were no other trainers as energetic sounding as Noel, so it must have belonged to her. Noel seemed to be wearing a different type of outfit; this one was more mono-coloured than the normal colourful attire she usually had on. She addressed the group with a smile and a bow. “I have a motto,that has been passed down through my parents to myself, you see… the best kinds of trainers are those who have the biggest smiles. So! Noel Yukino of the stars will now aim to dazzle you all, with what I call, magic!”

“Chahahaha! Aren’t you forgetting something, Noel?!” then seemingly called out a voice from nearby. Noel hastily looked behind her as the one to greet her was seemingly Luna, with somewhat of a large purple box. Perhaps Noel had it stashed somewhere and decided to assembly it prior to arriving at camp?

And another thing. Was Luna… talking?

Actually, no. It was just Noel, doing ventriloquism as Luna moved her mouth to match noel’s speech patterns. It was amazing how in sync they both are, but they were both two peas in a pod to start with.

“As long as I, the beautiful Luna is here, none shall escape my powers of infatuation! You’re charms and dazzlement are no match for me!” Luna then blew a kiss. A kiss that was styled by her Charm attack. She then smuggly sat on top of the box, holding a seemingly small parasol.

“That’s enough!” Noel heroically announced, pointing straight at Luna. It looks like they’re both also doing a small play as well. “Give up your dastardly ways!”

“Woah, a talking Clefairy!” Gwen said in awe, not realizing it was ventriloquism. “HEY, WHERE’D YOU FIND A TALKING CLEFAIRY!?” she shouted at Noel without realizing how rude she was being. Casey looked baffled.

"It's ventriloquism," he whispered to Gwen.

“Oh. Uh...I knew that.”

Luna giggled cutely as she flashed her parasol in front of her, only for her to magically vanish right before Noel’s eyes. Noel looked flustered as she surveyed the area right and left for her.

“Over heeeeere!” then cried a voice. It was Noel playing as Luna again. Luna seemed to have reappeared right behind and above Noel, floating above thanks to the parasol she was carrying. Luna was using her minimize, a move that shrunk her down till she was out of sight. Then after a while, she decided to grow herself again. Luna quickly kicked Noel with both her feet, making Noel tumble inside the mysterious box. Luna then grabbed the front lid of the box, closing it tightly.

She then winked to the crowd, then blew a stream of hearts to the box, caressing it with hearts and the colourfulness of pink, exploding it into a large pink cloud. “Now, behold the power of my influation! You are now under my spell, Noel!”

“Think again!” called out another voice. Luna was shocked to see that Noel had made her way out of the supposedly closed box, standing right beside it. “You’re not bewitching me today!” she then hit the box with her fight fist, as it flew open. Right from inside, a slew of Spearow flew from out of the box, who were all seemingly inside.

Noel and Luna exchanged looks. After a while the both smiled as the turned back to the crowd as Spearow continued flying out of the box. After a while, they’ve all flew away, as Noel and Luna both took a bow. “Thank you!”

Casey applauded. Pepper copied him, slightly less effectively. Gwen joined in on the applause fasciated at what she saw. Jordan stood up and whooped, disturbing the Skiddo who was laying on his lap. She made a snorting noise of discontentment, and he sat back down. Bruno wasn’t paying attention but did as if he was applauding as well, exchanging looks between Shir and the Spearow in case she loses control again, Bumblebee at his side was applauding in excitement, dropping a Snorunt paddle fan he stole a while back and nervously picking it up.

Gwen glanced over at Bumblebee noticing the Snorunt fan. “WOAH! A shiny Spoink! And he has the same Snorunt fan that I do! But that probably means he belongs to somebody.” She kneeled down to talk to Bumblebee and engaged in a bit of baby-talk “Hey little guy! You have the same Snorunt fan that I do! Wanna see it?” Gwen rushed over to her bag and searched through it but couldn’t find her Snorunt fan. “Wait a minute...Did that Spoink steal my fan?”

The Psychic-type shivered and shook his head really nervous, negating at the same time while moving his arms. He pointed repeatedly at the ground as he grunted, and with a trembling hand he handed over the fan to Gwen. “You little *****!” Bumblebee looked at Gwen with confusion. What does that even mean?

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It was around the time everyone else started to sleep for the night, and Gwen thought it was natural to do the same given how tired she’s been all day. She began to unpack her bag to search for her sleeping bag and pillow, but while doing so found a book she didn’t quite recognize.

“The Reasons for Pokemon Evolution?” Gwen read the title of the book aloud “Where did I...Oh yeah, I remember! I borrowed it from somebody from Cape College!” Gwen paused for a second to realize something “Oh yeah, I borrowed it from somebody from Cape College...and I never gave it back…” Gwen shrugged “Oh well. Maybe I’ll run into them on my journey, not that I’d remember them.” She said to herself before putting the book back in her bag.

After she unrolled her sleeping bag, she called for her Pokemon.

“Pix! Tusk! Custard! Jess! Time for bed!” Gwen got into her sleeping bag, and Custard quickly did the same. Pix curled up on the end of Gwen’s sleeping bag whereas Tusk just fell asleep belly first on the ground. Jess curled up on the ground, but nobody thought she would be asleep since her eyes were open. Not her fault though, she didn’t have eyelids.

“Man, we all had a long day today and I’m beat. But tomorrow is gonna be a new day and we’re gonna plow through Rock Tunnel like its nothing. Goodnight guys!”

Custard let out a tired “Pika!” but Jess and Vulpix gave no response. Tusk was already fast asleep by this point, snoring loudly while he was at it. This didn’t prove to be a problem for Gwen as she drifted to sleep after her long day.
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3: Respite // May 22nd; Night

One by one, everyone started to turn in for the night, until it was just Jordan up. The magic show had everyone in good spirits again, after the somewhat mood-dampening conversation about their Cerulean encounters, and the fight that broke out between Bruno and Gwen's Pokemon. Noel Yukino... gotta hand it to her, the girl definitely knows how to lighten the mood. Jordan smiled and shook his head.

He had a tough time getting all his Pokemon to sleep. Spirit was out like a light before all the excitement went down, which was a bit of a shame since Jordan knew he would have loved the magic show. But the rest of his Pokemon refused to return to their Poke Balls too, and he thought it wouldn't be fair to return some while letting the others stay out. So they all opted to continue their ‘authentic camping experience’, cramming into the tight, two-person tent together.

A shuffling sound woke him up shortly after he fell asleep. Jordan opened his eyes. Two large brown eyes stared back, no more than three inches from his face.

"Aah—!" He let out a small yelp of surprise, but stopped when he remembered how long it took to get everyone in his tent to fall asleep. He looked behind him and surveyed the tent, hoping he hadn't woken anyone. Sage still lay sprawled out in Ari's spot, taking up most of the right side. Ari's... spot... Jordan thought to himself sadly, sighing. Wedged between the Skiddo and him was a large ball of blue vines, cradling Spirit. Last he remembered she had been holding both Spirit and Hop, but he must have been feeling restricted and slipped out from her grasp. He stood over his trainer now, staring intently at him.

"Hey buddy, what's up?"

The Pidgey made a stretching motion with his good wing, flapping it gently.

"Yeah it's a bit cramped in here," Jordan sat up and cracked his back. "Wanna go outside for a bit?"

Hop bobbed his head up and down.

"After you, then."

- - - - -

A gust of cool air greeted them as they crawled out. Once outside, the Pidgey's playful nature came out again, as he sprinted over to a fallen pine cone and picked it up with his beak. He set it down a few feet away from where Jordan was sitting, before kicking it over to him with all his strength.

Jordan laughed. "You still remember the game we played when we first met?" Hop twittered excitedly, motioning for Jordan to flick it back. They spent the next few minutes sending the pine cone back and forth, until Hop started to tire out again.

Jordan stood up and stretched his legs a bit, before sitting back down in front of the tent. Hop did the same, stretching his injured wing as far as it would go, before awkwardly clambering up on his lap, as his trainer pet him on the head.

"How are the bandages, still okay?" Jordan lifted the wing gently, inspecting it. The Pidgey cooed softly, indicating he was not in pain.

Jordan leaned back and sighed. "Kinda beautiful out here, huh."

As they both gazed at the clear night sky, a Noctowl flew by, illuminated only by the moonlight. Hop stared longingly at it. He looked up at Jordan with an uncertain expression on his face, before looking down at his own wing. He had always seemed so unfazed by it that Jordan sometimes forgot he used to be able to fly, too, and must have missed the feeling...

"Of course I think you'll fly again. I believe in you." he said softly.

The Pokemon's expression softened, content with his answer.

"Do you believe in me, too?"

He chirped once, before nudging Jordan's hand with his head, asking to be pet again. Jordan took this as an affirmative.

"Alright! Tomorrow, bright and early, we'll be training the whole way to Lavender Town."

Pokemon on hand:

Tangela // "Tangles"

Vine Whip
Sleep Powder

Pidgey // Hop

Sand Attack

Cubone // Spirit

Bone Club

Skiddo // Sage

Vine Whip
Play Nice

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“Welcome back all to the Pokemon World Championship Series!” Gwen found herself in a large Pokemon Stadium, surrounded by fans relentlessly cheering her on. “Right now we’re in the final round! The winner will become the Ultimate World Champion, a position more esteemed than any other champion role!”

“On one side, we have Gwen Alanis hailing from the Unova region! She’s the younger sister of Jennifer Alanis and has definitely lived up to her, plowing through the brackets not losing a single Pokemon! We don’t think anybody could take her down, not even her opponent here Guy McMann!”

Gwen saw the other side of the stadium she was opposed by a man covering himself with a large black cape with long black hair, one side being shaved. Something about him looked familiar, but she couldn’t quite recognize it.

“Now with our introductions out of the way, lets our challengers BEGIN!”

“Tusk, you’re up!” Gwen sent out Tusk, but instead of being an Axew he was a fully-evolved Haxorus who stood at 8 feet tall instead of the usual 6 feet. The crowd cheered.

“Alanis sends out Tusk, her infamous Haxorus! How will McMann respond to such a threat!?”

Gwen’s opponent very casually tossed a Master Ball and sent out a Rayquaza of all things, this one being black instead of its usual green.


Gwen wasn’t fazed by this in the slightest. “Tusk, Outrage em!” Hearing this, Tusk immediately went into a frenzy and jumped high enough in the air to greet Rayquaza. While in midair, Tusk kicked Raquaza’s head, sending the legendary Pokemon crashing into the ground. Tusk managed to land safely on his feet despite having been so high up in the air, and the crowd went wild over this.


Just as casually as he did the first one, Gwen’s opponent tossed another Master Ball this time sending out Xerneas. Like the Rayquaza this one had unusual colors with its head being baby blue and its body being white.


Gwen smirked. “Piece of cake.” Tusk rushed up to Xerneas regardless while still in Outrage, and grabbed it by the neck, following up with a suplex. The audience lost their minds, cheering even louder than last time.


Gwen’s opponent held up an Ultra Ball this time. He tossed it out, but this time what sent out was unlike any Pokemon Gwen had ever seen or even heard about before. It looked really humanoid, almost uncannily so, and on the very feminine side. It had long blonde human hair, and- Wait, was it wearing clothes? It looked like it was hearing a white sundress. This Pokemon looked very familiar, but Gwen couldn’t put her finger on it. The crowd started roaring at the sight of it.

“AND McMANN SENDS OUT...uhh, sorry folks, what was the name of it again? Is it called Betty Maller? Well regardless, McMANN MIGHT JUST TURN THE TIDES WITH THIS ONE HERE!”

The opposing Pokemon looked Gwen directly in her eyes.

“Whats th’ matter, ne’er been in a Pokemon barnie?”

Gwen was shocked by this. Apparently the Pokemon she was fighting looked like a human and even talked like a human, so chances are, it was a human.

Not that she had time to think about this, because before she could process all this, the “Pokemon” disappeared and just as quickly reappeared, but she was next visible to the naked eye her fist was in Tusk’s gut. The impact of this caused Tusk to fly into the stadium walls. “Fock aff ye dobber!”


Gwen returned Tusk to her pokeball. After putting him back, she tossed a Premier Ball and sent out Mismagius. She had no memory of ever catching one, but she wasn’t complaining since it was her favorite Pokemon. “Awa’ an bile yer heid!”

“Mismagius, use Shadow Ball!” Mismagius began to build up the energy to fire a Shadow Ball but before she had an opportunity to even fire it, the opposing “Pokemon” dashed up to the Mismagius and kicked it, which sent the ghost-type flying into the air. There was a long silence that lasted for about ten seconds after that.

“Well I don’t think Mismagius is coming back from that! And Alanis only has one more Pokemon left!”

“Wait, I should still have four more!” Gwen said.

“Nae in the Championship Series ye dornt, ye chav!” Gwen turned her head to meet the “Pokemon” saying that but saw that it was rushing towards her, forming a fist that was right about to meet Gwen’s face.

Gwen woke up to the sound of a girl stumbling near her, she had a Pokémon with her who was cheerfully crying “Cue! Cue!”

“Shh! Rosie, we don’t want to wake up anyone here… even if it’ll be fun. Also that kid over there looks like Bru- wait don’t fall! Don’t- Ow!

A small girl with brown hair and sailor clothes laid in the middle of the camp with her face on the ground. Around her, six pink creatures stood and one of them still cried and jumped cheerfully “Cue! Cue!”. Gwen, in a daze from being woken up could just barely muster up any words. “Yo- Who the f- I was just having the best dream!”

The girl got up rubbing her forehead. “What? Who said that?” One of the Exeggcute heads suddenly started growling. Gwen didn’t realize that the other head shut up when that happened.

“An Exeggcute? Ok, Mismagius, use-” Gwen had to pause for a bit. “PSYDUCK, that’s right I don’t have one! You piece of muk, you woke me up!”

“Uh-oh, a talking Pokémon! And it’s angry! Wanda!” The angry Exeggcute screamed at when and the rest of the group turned at Gwen, all of them angry even the one that was crying before. Each pounced at Gwen, who meekly tried swatting them away. All the commotion was enough to wake Custard up and out of fear she used Thundershock on the Exeggcute. Of course this also hit Gwen, causing both of them to scream in pain, drowning out the sound of a zipper aggressively opening.

"Do [i]either[/] of you know what time it is." It wasn't phrased as a question, but Casey still glared at the girls expectantly from where he sprawled half out of his tent.

“Buoy kid!” the girl said. “Be careful, there’s this talking Pokémon here and is angry! Stay away, I got this!”

"Debbie. It's just Gwen."

“Who’s that?”

"One of our classmates."

Gwen was laying down feeling both tired and in pain after feeling Custard’s shock. “Wh- Debbie who? Never knew er.”

"Don't matter," Casey groaned, pressing his palms into his eyes. "I know you both so shut up and figure it out later."

“Wait. If you are here and that talking Pokémon is a classmate… then that guy over there is…”

"Sleeping. Leave him be."

“No need to be that boring! I was going to wake him up…”

“But I’m not a Pokemon.” Gwen muttered.

"If you wake him up he's gonna let that damn Gastly out. And that's gonna be a mukshow."

Debbie started laughing at him. “Oh you’re- you’re right!” Rosie on her hand laughed with her too.

Casey could see Debbie's train of thought coming from a mile away and chucked a PokéBall at her to interrupt it. It smacked her square in the forehead and released the Pokémon inside. "Pepper, make her lay down," he whined.

“W- Ow! Rude!” she looked at Pepper with attention knowing that something was different about him. “Hey, Ghost kid, what happened to this thing?”

"Evolved," Casey sulked, communicating to Pepper through some vague hand gestures. Pepper picked up his own PokéBall and tossed it back to Casey before politely smacking Debbie's arm a few times. He gestured for Debbie to follow him into the space between the two tents.

“Oh, cool! Good boy.” she said patting the Pokémon’s head. Pepper preened.

“Wait, how long has there been a Charmeleon here?” Gwen weakly asked.

"Oh my god," Casey whined. "Can we please sleep."

“Sounds good.” Gwen let out a loud yawn. “But why did that chick think I looked like a Pokemon…” Gwen passed out after asking. Casey let out a sigh of relief. One down.

“Say,” Debbie continued in a lower voice as she approached the tents, walking at Pepper's side. “Did you catch that one, or was it Bruno?”

Casey gave up. "Bruno'll tell you in the morning."

She giggled. “Guess I’ll have to wait here then. He’s impossible to wake up, anyways.”

Casey clicked the PokéBall and called Pepper back. "Good night, Debbie," he said firmly, zipping his tent closed once more.
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Casey Holt & Jordan Springs
Thursday, 23 May 2019
Early Morning • Day 4
Route 9
The tent is allegedly designed for two people, but only if they lay shoulder-to-shoulder and don't move in any way.

Skiddo don't understand that.

It's not Parsley's fault. He's not human, and therefore not proportioned to use a human tent. Casey's not exactly a small human anyway, and he tends to splay out and move around in his sleep.

Casey rolls over and breathes in deeply.

Casey is now awake.

He coughs out some leaves and sits up. Parsley, still in his flower crown, is snoring lightly. Interesting. He didn't know Skiddo snored. Buneary gives him a long look from Parsley's other side.

"I didn't choose to wake up choking."

She dismisses this and crawls over to paw at the door.

"Yeah, may as well."

Buneary strolls out on her own. Parsley refuses to wake up, so Casey shoves him out of the tent before joining them to start some stretches. Journeying is a lot of walking, he thinks. Obviously. But that means he probably doesn't need to do much in the way of cardio or lower body work for a long time. Upper body it is. Can't casually carry Pepper anymore, though. He's still not that heavy, but he's way too big...

Jordan is already packed up and ready to go. He doesn’t even look up as he snaps shut a latch on his backpack. "Get back in there and put clothes on."

Casey tsks and lets his arms fall back down to his sides. "Prude." He grabs his backpack from the clothesline before diving back into the tent. He returns shortly, appropriately clothed for the slight chill of the morning and mostly packed. He shoves some trail mix into his mouth and wonders when he's going to be able to cook a real breakfast again. It’s unfortunate that eggs are just not a travel-viable foodstuff.

Rock Tunnel is waiting, though! He has the tent packed up in under ten minutes, even with having to dance around a still-sleeping Debbie. It's definitely her fault that Jordan was completely ready to go before he even got up. Usually Casey's the one already doing things, even though they wake up about the same time. What was Debbie even doing out so late? He's not gonna wait around for her to wake up, so he supposes he'll find out next time he sees her.

The clothesline comes down and gets stowed away along with everything on it. His jacket’s fully dry, which is a pleasant surprise. So is everything else, but that’s the thing he was most worried about. The leather conditioner seems to have worked nicely too, he notes, as he pulls on the jacket and his boots. Buneary is quick to reclaim her spot on his shoulder. He’ll have to thank Sorley at some point, he thinks. Actually... Casey digs out his PokéGear and sends a quick text. Sorley’s response is immediate, though it consists only of a complicated emoticon that seems to convey some form of excitement. Both things seem very… them. He grins and sticks the device back in its designated pocket.

"Okay, let’s go!"

Jordan eyes him and his phone suspiciously as he steps up next to him. “Who’s that, are you texting a girl?”

"Why? Ya jealous?"

Jordan scoffs. “Yeah, right. But speaking of texting girls—” he pulls out his own phone as he pushes the Skiddo together, making them stand side by side. “Alright, look cute,” he instructs. “Time to show Vera my flowers are not useless…” He manages to snap a quick picture and hastily sends it off to the girl, before Sage shakes off her flower crown and starts eating it.

"Send that to me, too! I wanna have a picture of my baby boy looking so pretty, yes-" Casey continues speaking, but it quickly devolves into unintelligible cooing as he coddles his Skiddo. Buneary looks disgusted, which is fine. She can miss out on cuddles and kisses if that's what pleases her.

“Alright, alright,” Jordan returns his phone to his pocket after a few more beeps. “There, now let’s go for real.”

"To Rock Tunnel!" Casey cheers, picking up his walking stick and starting to head straight east once again. Hiking into the sun won't be great, but they'll make do. For the sake of a warm lunch. Vera had done well last night, but the flavor was still… camp-quality. Maybe he'll go for something with some kick to it when they get out to Rock Village. Wait-

Casey stops suddenly and pulls Buneary off his shoulder despite her protests. “Hey!” he says brightly, holding her at eye level. “I know your name!” She looks at him apprehensively. Last night’s suggestions had been poor at best.

“It’s Ginger!”

… She doesn’t hate it.
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Gwen found herself in a room that was very similar to her bedroom in her parent’s house when she lived in Unova. She was playing one of her favorite games from when she was a kid, Project Pokemon on the PlayStation 3, and for some reason Bruno and Casey were also there.

Project Pokemon was a 3D action game that featured human characters that could transform into Pokemon, and it was a game Gwen played religiously when she lived in Unova. The main playable character was a human named Jack Blaze who would transform into a Blaziken. Gwen was plowing through a level she didn’t recognize that was filled with ice type enemies, but she still managed to easily plow through the level like it was nothing.

This continued until she found her way to the boss of the level, a large Alolan Ninetales that was introduced through a pre-rendered cutscenes that made it apparent that you needed to attack its tails to defeat it. She approached it with ease in attempt to aim for its tails, but the boss soon started spamming ice projectiles. There were too many to get in attack in without getting Jack killed leaving Gwen with no other option than to block. The onslaught of projectiles lasted what felt like an hour.

“Come on Gwen, don’t just stand there! Do something!” Casey shouted.

“She likes to play it safe” Bruno said followed by him taking a bite out of something that was shaped like a Mime Jr.

Seconds later, Gwen woke up. “Another dream…” She said to herself. She looked around and noticed Casey and Jordan were nowhere to be seen. Bruno was still around, and Gwen noticed some brown haired girl she didn’t recognize was sleeping. Gwen shrugged her off since it wasn’t abnormal to her for people she didn’t know to show up seemingly out of nowhere.

First thing she did when waking up was brush her hair, followed by her putting her hair up in mini-buns. Afterwards she searched her bag to find breakfast.

Gwen had set up everything she needed to start breakfast. Today she decided she’d try making something simple, eggs and sausage, and made sure she had enough for her Pokemon except Custard. Gwen had some dry Pokemon food for her since Gwen knew she didn’t like meat.

Soon enough breakfast was ready, and Gwen called her Pokemon over. After serving her Pokemon and then herself, she took a few to muse on her last dream she had. Half the time she thought about it she was focused on Bruno saying “She likes to play it safe” and the other half she was focused on what he ate and why did it look like Mime Jr.

Gwen thoughts were interrupted the moment she felt something holding her leg. It was the brown haired girl, still inside her sleeping bag but she somehow moved to where she was.

Gwen jumped out of her seat but still couldn’t manage to get the brown haired girl off her leg “WHAT THE PSYDUCK ARE YOU DOING!?” Gwen yelled.

“Talking… Pokémon” she mumbled.

“Wait a minute, you’re that rattata who woke me up!” Gwen’s shock quickly turned to anger “I was having such a great dream where I was gonna be the Pokemon World Champion but you psyducking woke me up!”

“What who are you?” she asked confused “I wanted to ask if you saw a talking Pokémon here… wait!” she opened her eyes after her sudden realization “Oh, oh, oh! You’re the talking Pokémon!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about because I’m not a psyducking Pokemon!” Gwen said clearly trying to hold back her rage “And now you interrupted my breakfast!”

“But your food is still there… wait a minute. Wasn’t buoy kid here too?”

Gwen raised an eyebrow “Who?”

“You know, buoy kid. The one with that fire lizard thing.”

“Uhh...You mean Casey? I think that was his name anyways.” Gwen paused for a second “Wait, that Charmeleon was his, right?”

“Yeah. I thought it looked weird because it had this… lump on the top of its head, but it was because it evolved. Speaking of lumps,” the girl looked at Gwen and started laughing at her “Wanda really did hit you hard!”

“Wanda?” Gwen scratched her head “You mean the Exeggcute? I mean yeah, and I’m still pretty pissed about that.”

“Yeah! Wanda is the angry one! Jade is the leader! Rosie is the happy one! Violet is the one that looked like that kid over there,” she said pointing at Bruno who had just woken up. “Kim is-”

“What’s with all that noise? Oh, it’s you.” he looked at Gwen “Guess you met Deborah.”

“It’s Debbie!”

“Okay okay, enough!” Gwen stood up and pointed towards Debbie “For giving me hell, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!”

“Hell will continue even after that.” Bruno claimed.

“He’s right! Which means that I accept!” she nodded in an exaggerated way.

“Great!” Gwen exclaimed “Just...let me finish my breakfast first. I don’t want to rush my meal like I did before I battled…” Gwen had to stop for a moment “Whatever her name was!”

“Bethany.” the boy said.

Debbie looked at him confused “I don’t know why that name sounds familiar...”

After Gwen and her Pokemon finished eating their food, she jolted up and pointed at Debbie again “Alright Debbie, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle for real this time! Custard, you’re up!” After hearing her trainer call her, Custard rushed up to the battlefield.

“Uh… how many Pokémon? I have 3.”

“Well to make it fair I’ll use 3 too.” Gwen smirked “As the sister of Jennifer Alanis I figured it’d only be right of me to handicap myself when I’m at an advantage!”

“I don’t know who you’re talking about, but okay. As the daughter of the greatest sailor in Vermilion I’m not gonna lose easily!” she said confidently holding a Pokéball in her hand. She threw it and a Pancham let out a war cry just as it entered the battlefield. “Pancho, it’s your turn!”

“Of course you don’t know who Jenny is.” Gwen rolled her eyes. A Pancham huh? No doubt a physical attacker. Gwen thought to herself.

“Custard, use Thunder Wave!” Custard jumped in the air and launched electric rings from her tail that were aimed towards Pancho. The Fighting type cried in pain and had his movement seriously limited after the attack.

“Paralysis again, seriously?” Debbie complained, but her frown changed into a grin once more. “Doesn’t matter. Pancho, Circle Throw!” Struggling to move, but still with some success, Pancho managed to grab Custard’s leg. He rotated in his spot and threw her away from the battlefield, but not too far away. The attack activated Gwen’s Pokéball somehow returning Custard to it.

“Well on the bright side…” Gwen began to herself “I wouldn’t have to waste a turn switching her out.” Gwen pointed at Tusk and then pointed to the battlefield “Tusk, you’re up!” Tusk ran up and eyed Pancho; He knew he had a worthy opponent. He then let out a loud “KEW” and smirked at Pancho who answered with a louder war cry and then grinned showing the leaf between his teeth.

“Tusk, use Leer!” Tusk shot a nasty grin at Pancho, intimidating him enough to lower his guard.

“Uh… this isn’t good. Pancho, Taunt!” the Pokémon shot a similar grin at Tusk, and moved his fingers is if saying ‘Come on!’

Gwen laughed “Taunt on Axew? No biggie! Tusk, scratch em!” Tusk ran up to Pancho and scratched him across the face, however since he had his defense stat lowered and Tusk had a strong attack stat, this did more damage than any scratch attack.

Debbie grinned. It was strong, but still just a Scratch. Plus, Tusk was closer. “Arm Thrust!” Pancho landed a clean jab on Axew, followed by a second blow on its belly but stopping before the third punch when his paralysis acted up.

“Now's your chance! Bite!” With his opponent in such close range, Axew bit Pancho’s hand that would have been used for the third jab. Pancho backed off unable to move after being startled by the attack.

“Scratch em again Tusk!” Tusk followed with another powerful scratch, this time across Pancho’s chest.

Pancho tried to endure the hit and grabbed Tusk’s arm. “Circle Throw!” doing the same maneuver he did with Custard, the Dragon-type was sent back to his Pokéball too.

“Damnit, Circle Throw again!” Gwen had to think hard about what her next Pokemon would be; Either Pix or Jess. But since she had never used Jess in battle that’s what she went with.

“Alright Jess, come on up!” Jess slithered up to the battlefield, and looked Pancho directly into his eyes giving him a look that struck fear in his heart while hissing, lowering his attack.

“Jess, use Wrap!” Jess slithered her way up to Pancho while barely visible in the grass and snuck up on him as she wrapped her body around the Pancham. Pancho was having a hard time moving both because of Jess and the paralysis, and Debbie couldn’t return him to his Pokéball either, there was only one thing left to do and that was something both Debbie and the Fighting-type were good at.

“Time to break our way out! Pancho, Arm Thrust!” with a little difficulty getting his arm free from Jess’s Wrap, he started hitting Jess repeatedly in a series of unavoidable moves, ultimately loosing up Jess’s Wrap. Jess had at least slightly tightened her Wrap, doing at least a minimal amount to damage to Pancho.

“Jess, Acid!” Jess hacked up a pile of sludge onto Pancho, hitting him directly since he was literally within her grasp.

“Circle Throw a-” before she could finish the sentence, the Pancham had fainted.

Gwen smirked. “Heh, one down!” Jess released Pancho, but before Debbie had any chance to return him, Tusk had somehow unleashed himself from his Poke Ball. The Axew walked up to the fainted Pancham, and held out his hand as if he were trying to shake it “Aw, looks like Tusk enjoyed his fight with Pancho!” With the last bit of energy he had left, Pancho shook his hand. Both Pokémon grinned at each other before Debbie returned him to his PokéBall.

“Guess they have some kind of rivalry?” Gwen laughed “Okay but for real Tusk, I’m gonna need you to get off the battlefield; It’s Jess’ turn to shine, but all three of you guys did a good job!”

“Pancho, you did as great as always. But now…” with another grin she threw her second PokéBall “Dukko, gottem!” A Psyduck jumped outside the PokéBall holding his head and with a lost look. The moment he landed he slipped and fell with his head against the ground.

“Let’s start with the obvious! Confusion!” looking at Jess, although still on the ground, the Pokémon’s eyes went pink and shot a beam of psychic energy visible only to both Pokémon. The beam struck Jess who started moving on her own and got badly hurt in the process. The type advantage combined with the previous damage done was enough to make her faint, and Gwen returned her to her Poke ball.

“You did a great job for our first battle Jess! But you deserve some rest right now, we’ll handle the rest” Gwen said looking at Jess’ Poke ball. She grabbed Custard’s and sent her out. Custard had taken some damage from Pancho earlier, but she seemed like she’d be fine.

“Custard, Thunder Shock!” Custard unleashed a lightning bolt from her cheeks that targeted Dukko. The Water-type shook on the ground holding his head tight.

“Dukko, Disable!” Dukko’s stared at Custard and his eyes flashed a blue light. The move made Custard unable to use Thunder Shock.

“Muk, disable again! If I could just get in one more Thunder Shock! What to do now…” Gwen had to stop and re-evaluate her approach to the battle. Before she could repeat her mistake in her fight against Bethany, she suddenly remembered something.

”Don’t just stand there Gwen, do something!”

“Thunder Wave!” Gwen impulsively shouted. Custard again jumped in the air to launch more electric rings from her tail that were headed Dukko’s way.

The Pokémon was still laying on the ground, so it didn’t seem as if Dukko felt anything, but a look at Debbie’s Pokédex could tell that the Pokémon was indeed paralysed, however that didn’t stop the Water-type from shooting three rings of water at Custard after his trainer’s call.

“If we can’t use Thunder Shock it’s too risky staying out.” Gwen pulled out Custard’s Poke Ball. “Custard, return! Tusk, you’re up now!”

Tusk heard his trainer’s command and made his way up to the battle, puffing up his chest as usual.

“Dukko, Confusion again!” another beam of energy was shot by Dukko. Tusk was affected by it and scratched himself to snap back into his senses.

“Now Tusk, return!” Gwen sent Tusk back to his Poke ball and then sent Custard out. Gwen could only smirk again, feeling her switch-in strategy was more impressive than it really was.

“Thundershock!” Gwen commanded with a cocky grin on her face. The electric attack was strong enough to make Dukko faint. Debbie returned him to his PokéBall and threw her last one.

"Girls? Your turn!" The Exeggcute entered the battlefield and formed a row in front of their trainer. One with a smug smile moved forward, she had Wanda and Rosie at her side. "Jade, Leech Seed!" The smug one gave the order and the rest of the group obeyed, aiming at Custard and shooting a total of five seeds at her, the seeds grew vines around her which started draining her energy.

“Custard, Tail Whip!” While Custard was struggling to move covered in vines, she still was able to turn around and aggressively slap her tail on the ground which lowered the Exeggcute’s defense. Custard moaned in pain a bit as her health was drained from her.

"Jade, Reflect!" The Exeggcute changed their formation and formed a circle. They started shaking on their spot creating a dome of blue light around them.

“Tail whip again!” Custard repeated her previous action, again lowering the Exeggcute’s defense. She winced as more health was drained from her. It was clear what Gwen’s strategy was at this moment.

“Bullet Seed!” They formed a row again and shot multiple seeds at Custard.

“One more time Custard, Tail Whip!” With her remaining energy, Custard turned around and slapped her tail on the ground lowering the Exeggcute’s defense a third time. After her energy was drained, she fell to the ground on her back. Gwen returned her back to her Poke Ball “Thanks a bunch Custard! Get as much rest as you need.”

“Alright Tusk! Let's do this!” Tusk entered onto the battlefield looking more confident than he was before “Tusk, Bite!” Tusk obeyed, aggressively rushing up to the Grass-type and biting the Exeggcute, making a conscious effort to not eat it since it was shaped like eggs (He already had eggs for breakfast anyways).

That would normally make the entire Jade Squad faint, but Reflect reduced the attack at least enough for Debbie to give her next instruction. “Jade, Hypnosis!” The eyes of the six heads went a pink color. They shot hypnotic waves at Tusk that made him fall asleep on his spot.

“Muk! Come on Tusk, wake up!” Gwen shouted as she was clapping in attempt to wake Tusk up. She noticed the Dragon-type slightly moved in his sleep, but to no avail.

Debbie smirked. “Swap time!” she cheered “Kim, your turn! Use Uproar!” the one making the move now was one of the heads at the extremes of the row. The rest of the Jade Squad started crying the moment ‘Kim’ did, and all of them bawled at unison. What Debbie didn’t count on was that even if Uproar did considerable damage to Tusk, it also woke him up. Tusk got up, but was able to tough out the damage and could stand on his feet.

Gwen grinned at this sight in unison with Tusk “Tusk! Bite again!” The Axew again bit the Exeggcute, this time in a more rough fashion than before and spit them out.

“Gross...” Debbie grimaced looking at the fainted Exeggcute in front of her. She frowned a bit disappointed after losing her battle, but then returned Jade and the rest to their Pokéball with a smile. “That was fun. Did you see that, Bru-? Where did he go?” Bruno left and none of the girls realized until Debbie pointed it out, it was only them at the camp now. Debbie shrugged and started walking in the opposite direction to Rock Tunnel.

“Hell yeah!” Gwen exclaimed as he held her hand out. Tusk jumped up to hi-five her “That was fun! But I guess I should start cleaning my sh-”

Gwen was interrupted by Tusk running up to Debbie. He tugged on her pants and “KEW KEW”’d at her angrily and pointed to Pancho’s Poke ball.

Debbie looked at Tusk, understanding absolutely nothing of what he tried to say, but took her PokéBall outside her belt and showed it to him. Tusk sighed realizing Pancho needed to rest and shook the PokeBall in Debbie’s hand as if he was shaking Pancho’s instead and then returned back to Gwen.

“Well that was weird.” she mumbled, but she liked Tusk. She’d go back to Route 25 and catch one too but that’d be a lot of time. “Hey, Talking Pokémon! Let’s have another battle someday, ‘kay?” she shouted with a giggle.

“Oh, uh...I’d love too! And I think Tusk would even more!” She made an awkward thumbs-up gesture, trying to look confident but not exactly passing

“I was going to drag you into a battle even if you didn’t want to. Now I’ll see if I can catch a strong Pokémon around here and…” she kept talking as she walked away from the camp that Gwen couldn’t hear her finishing her sentence.

Gwen sighed of relief. “I kind of hope I can battle her again soon, that was fun. But now I need to pack up to head out to Rock Tunnel. Since you’re out here Tusk help me out.” She began cleaning up all her trash left over from breakfast before stopping after realizing something.

“Wait, Talking Pokemon? That little rattata!”
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