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Started by VisionofMilotic March 4th, 2023 1:46 PM
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What I don't miss is how grindy the old games were, or the pre-physical/special split system.

But I miss the simplicity, modern gens oftentimes feel too bloated with things to make them unnecessarily easy. Pokemon games don't have to be Dark Souls, but I liked the standard of difficulty in the DS era.
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I am feeling sentimental for The Hall of Fame. I enjoyed Scarvio, but wish they had kept that.

There was nothing quite like the feeling of being escorted to the record-keeping room once you fought a titanic battle for the champion title. Even as an adult i feel my heart pound as I make that walk in older ganes. It's a quiet, but big moment after the excitement of the storm, where it really dawns on you what your pokemon just did, and how far you travelled as you see your mentor pass you the torch, and write down the name and stats of each one of your teammates for the pages of the history books, complete with heroic music soaring. It's especially heart-warming when the hall of famer was once a low level mon you met at the very beginning of your journey- like an early route birb or the starter pokemon, but has grown into a force that toppled elite four members. I feel proud of my pokemon, and even a little bittersweet that one chapter in my adventure has come to an end.

I know the ribbon for unlocking the achievement will be there on your pokemon's summary, but i still want to visit a special space where i am inducted with my pokemon, or at least have a swsh-style title screen image of my team standing in the light beside me after our victory.
I wish they kept that too. The Hall of Fame escort feels like a sacred thing. My dream Pokemon League would be where you battle trainers in a giant stadium like Galar then maybe the winner faces the Elite 4 and champion? Like in the anime Alain won the league but Diantha was still champion so wondering how it works

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