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PGPC #10 - A trip down memory lane

Started by colours February 3rd, 2019 1:10 AM
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Welcome everyone to the new Pokémon General Polls and Chats series (aka PGPC for short)! PGPC is a new weekly event stemming from past series here in Pokémon General like the PokéPOTW and What Would You Do?, where we throw a topic at you every week to discuss and decide over. Sometimes these threads will be a deep dive into a certain parts of the franchise, or something as simple as pitting a couple Pokemon against each other to see who are your favorites! With something a little different going on every week, it's always a good idea to stop by and see what we're discussing in each PGPC!

Now with all that said, this week's topic is:

"What are some of your best memories with the Pokemon franchise?"

I figured that the 10th one should be a special one! What are some of the best memories that you've had with the Pokemon franchise? It could be anything from your experiences with the anime, manga, the games, and even getting some pretty sweet merch!

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Hard to say what my best memory would be. I'm an unashamed Amourshipper so I suppose when I saw XY140/XYZ47 for the first time, I think I was like 99.99% of Amourshippers and had an internal scream that could be heard in alternate universes. I've been playing Yellow for decades now and I suppose another memory I'm fond of is when I eventually completed the Pokedex, albeit with the Ditto Glitch because I lacked friends with both Red and Blue(which I'd need to complete it).


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On the eighth birthday when I got my gold Pikachu/Pichu Gameboy color, gold, and silver. I remember opening them up and before even saying thank you I asked my dad where the batteries were being the little brat I was haha. But after I said thank you, got the rest of my presents, and finished the day with my family I went up to my room and after decided to start Silver first turned it on and started my first Pokemon adventure with Toto the Totodile (eventually to be Cooly the Feraligatr).

That's honestly still my most memorable moment. Another one would be roleplaying Ash on Dreamwidth. There's this one thread in particular that I'm always going to enjoy and remember because it was so emotional and honestly one of my best threads in my whole time roleplaying. And there's one other one that's really close to that one so Ash was ... a really good time for me on Dreamwidth. Having people who also really enjoyed Best Wishes was also a treat.


faint attack

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I will never forget the moment where I met my first best friend, and it was over me bringing the Ruby/Sapphire guide that I had to school. He wanted to take a look at it and I was like sure, why not.

Fast forward into our adult years and we're still keeping in touch every now and again. There's also the times where we would start over on FR/LG a lot, and HGSS. Generally, the Pokemon games that I've played with him and my other best friend are really the best memories that I've had playing the games.


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Two memorable memories. If you could call them that, more like a collection of them.

I recall buying my very first game (not with my money but hey, I pulled off a Lilo). It was Emerald. As a result I cherished that game and replayed it countless of times. It entertained me during the move from Wisconsin to Florida. It helped me get through the first year in a new state. My family moved in with our relatives and frankly, the game kept me sane.

The second game I want to bring up is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team. I loved it. I would stay up past midnight playing the thing.



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The first one was when I got seriously into the franchise. In 2011, I asked my cousin got me, Pokemon White, because I liked Zekrom better, and also because I didn't know the difference between the versions then. He was already adept at the game, where I was a complete noob. I remember having six Zebstrikas in the box and catching everything I saw. I remember a lot of the good stuff, especially the music and stuff. My brother and my cousin would play and I would watch, not because I was too young, but because they knew more than me, and also were bigger. Everything about the region is familiar to me, and I really feel at home in Unova. I remember the hate the games got for their "unoriginal" designs, but because this was the first game I bought on the DS, I really didn't care much. The Thundurous in the raining route I tried to catch many a time but failed miserably.

The second memory that really stuck with me was my first playthrough of Alpha Sapphire. I ordered a 3DS XL and AS in the summer of 2015, because I wanted the game to get cheaper (it didn't). I wanted to start watching the Pokemon anime, so I was on the Indigo League season, which wasn't too vomit-inducing, and I was on the episode where Ash is on the ship and he trades Butterfree for Raticate, and just when everything goes to hell, the courier came in. I remembering opening the console and turning it on, but something went wrong, and it immediately lost all charging or something. I then had to get an adapter for the charger, and then fixed it, and then realized it needed a converter, so I called for one and then had to wait a day before I started playing. The best part was watching the damn anime because I had literally nothing to do, so for hours at end, I would turn the AC on and watch the anime. It is by far one of my best memories.
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the best memory I had in pokemon was when I was struggling to get to and beat 1 frontier brain in emerald (which took 3 years). I was going through the battle factory and got to the head, lost at first but I was determined to do it again that I even told myself that I won't any of my gen 3 teams until I beat one frontier brain. but later in the same week, I got to the head the first time, I beat him and got my silver symbol for the battle factory. THAT was a good week.


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My most fond memory was getting pokemon crystal back in 2005. I still have the same game and gameboy color to this day (it's the amethyst one), and I still play it on the bus/train to school every now and then, trying to find new ways to break the game.
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