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Do you want Detective Raichu to be a thing?

  • 16.67%
  • 25.00%
  • 25.00%
  • 8.33%
  • 25.00%


Hau'oli Outskirts
Seen 11 Hours Ago
Posted 4 Weeks Ago
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227 Days
if this happens i'll go commit die oN RObLOx
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faint attack

the dream world
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Posted 3 Hours Ago
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14.5 Years
don't really care as long as it's pulled off well.


Laverre City
Seen 1 Day Ago
Posted 1 Day Ago
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8.4 Years
While it would no doubt be cute, I think the detective work is best left to Pikachu. :)


space adventure

Seen 1 Hour Ago
Posted 1 Hour Ago
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11.9 Years
I'd rather see a Detective Pikachu 2 I think :) But also that wouldn't really work either, considering (spoiler for the movie ahead!)
the reason for Detective Pikachu being the way he was and that it got resolved by the end of the movie d:
I feel like this movie was a closed chapter of its own.


New Horizons
Seen 3 Hours Ago
Posted 8 Hours Ago
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9.9 Years
I still haven't seen it yet, but maybe having more movies set in that universe would be fun? Obviously not every Pokemon was featured in the movie, but if there was something centered around Raichu that shined a spotlight on a bunch of other Pokemon too, I'd be down for that.
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