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What do I do now?

Started by Ice May 16th, 2015 5:52 AM
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I generally prefer to have a combination of sandbox and plot-driven elements within an RP. There needs to be some sort of overarching plot so you can steer the RP towards completion and prompt for interesting posts and interactions however people should also be free to be creative and to explore their characters development through their own personal stories also.

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I like plot-heavy RPs. My posts generally rely on something to react to, as opposed to the GM metaphorically just gesturing at their world and going "alright, go do some stuff". A lot of this is because I am unwilling to post anything that might accidentally contradict part of the lore of the world that the GM might not have mentioned before.

Plus, I find it more fun. It's less "entertain yourself" and more "quick, think fast!". Honestly I have the same kind of attitude to sandbox games; they're fun for a while, but I am definitely all about the narrative. And it is through this narrative that I can write small stories for my own character. ^^

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