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    Originally Posted by Decibel575 View Post
    That Chimera Fire/Fairy type would probably be the only fire starter I would pick on a first run. And not just due to it being a fairy type.

    We don't really have many bulky fairy type's do we? Personally, I would love any kind of love given to the fairy type though. If a Triple typed Pokemon existed, is there any way to make it have no weaknesses? The only Pokemon with no weaknesses we got were Sableye and Spiritomb. But after the amazing fairy type was introduced, that Spiritomb/Wonderguard combo is no longer as viable
    Then what do you normally start with? Water? Triple Types aren’t likely to appear and if they did, why add them? You want a Pokémon with virtually no vulnerabilities? Get a Dark/Poison Type with Levitate. Only Pokémon with Mold Breaker would be a problem for you and only with Ground moves. Everything else is x1 or lower with immunity to Psychic and being Poisoned. Alolan Grimer/Muk ironically fits that profile along with Skuntank and Drapion(Gen 4 be representing for OP Pokémon). It’s just Ground is so freaking common that the lone vulnerability hurts it and that no Dark/Poison Type exists with Levitate unless you give Weezing Dark Typing.

    TLDR: There won’t be a Pokemon with virtually no weakness ever again. Spiritomb pre Generation 6 was an aberration and not the norm heh. Furthermore even if you had triple Types, I don’t believe a combo exists such that you’d get zero vulnerabilities.
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      Yeah the only pokemon that has no type weaknesses at the moment is Eelektross thanks to its levitate ability. Introducing triple types would not fix that.

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