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erik destler


Age 27
Online now
Posted 33 Minutes Ago
7,380 posts
14.4 Years
for me, it's always PHONE, WALLET, CAR KEYS, WATCH. Occasionally, I'll spice things up with my water bottle and airpods.

what about y'all?
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Age 26
Seen 1 Hour Ago
Posted 6 Hours Ago
11,256 posts
11.5 Years
My bouncing bubbly buoyant ass


...blasting off again!

Age 32
Vermillion City
Seen 1 Hour Ago
Posted 1 Hour Ago
4,865 posts
16 Years
I'd say a flying f*** but I never seem to have those by the time I get to work. Other than that my wallet, phone, chapstick and Citrine.....and if I'm going to work my keys.
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Got it Memorized?

Age 31
That's classified.
Seen 1 Day Ago
Posted 4 Days Ago
6,384 posts
15.4 Years
My iPad & Apple Pencil, my phone and my wallet. I don't really care that much tbh. I've been meaning to redo my backpack because it's an autism survival bag... but I can't seem to find the perfect one to fit everything anymore.


Has sent out Pikachu!

Age 22
Seen 3 Hours Ago
Posted 5 Hours Ago
5,172 posts
10.8 Years
My phone, my wallet, both my DS & Nintendo 3DS if I'm going to be out for most of the day, and my house keys. These things always go with me wherever I do. My library card, too, obviously.
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Age 25
Weather Institute in Hoenn
Seen 50 Minutes Ago
Posted 1 Hour Ago
21,566 posts
7.3 Years
my wallet, phone, keys, and a pack of gum


Take my hands now

Kansas, USA
Seen 9 Hours Ago
Posted 1 Day Ago
10,996 posts
14.3 Years
My phone, my keys, and my wallet. Normally that's it. Also earbuds!

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If this place is also inside a dream

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space adventure

Seen 8 Hours Ago
Posted 10 Hours Ago
white cat hair


Age 23
Seen 5 Hours Ago
Posted 6 Hours Ago
2,918 posts
254 Days
my flamethrower

an illegible mess.

i'll make tiny changes to earth.

buffalo, ny.
Seen 4 Days Ago
Posted 4 Days Ago
518 posts
8.2 Years
my phone, wallet and car keys. i sometimes bring along fidget toys but not always.

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Age 22
The Deep South
Seen 1 Week Ago
Posted October 13th, 2019
1,985 posts
9.6 Years
My phone, my wallet and anything else that’s in my cat backpack.
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Seen 4 Days Ago
Posted 2 Weeks Ago
13,470 posts
11.3 Years
phone , keys, and wallet if i brought it inside. don't really got anything else. maybe phone charger if i don't have one in my car or at work because my phone dies fairly quickly these days. need to see about charging the new portable charger i got too i suppose.


Between your fantasy and my reality
Seen 10 Hours Ago
Posted 2 Days Ago
Keys at the very least. Anything more than a brief trip outside will also include phone and wallet.


Age 24
Tampa, FL
Seen 5 Hours Ago
Posted 2 Days Ago
25,579 posts
9.7 Years
Keys, wallet and phone


Age 30
Online now
Posted 1 Hour Ago
32,007 posts
16.9 Years
Lately if I'm just out with one of my parents, all I bring is my phone.

But if I'm out on my own or for a while, I'll have my purse with me which means I've got phone, wallet, tissues, keys, portable charger, whatever book i'm reading, a roll of washi tape I've been too lazy to remove from my purse for a year, a small container of my usual meds in case I'm out longer than expected, and a small Cherrim plush. And probably headphones.
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Cubie the Cube

Age 20
The computer room
Online now
Posted 9 Hours Ago
960 posts
323 Days
Phone, earphones and my own coolness
I still don't know what to put here :rowlyikes:


Roaming Sinnoh

Age 23
Liguria, Italy
Seen 20 Hours Ago
Posted 1 Week Ago
117 posts
322 Days
Depending on whether I'm going to uni or just going out for other stuff I have either a bag or just a small purse, but I always have my phone, wallet, keys, some tissues, and some meds in case of headaches. In my bag I also fit books and notebooks for whatever lessons I'm going to, a pencil case with a dozen pens and pencils, a bottle of water, a small umbrella, my iPod with earphones, a charger, and if I know I'm going to have spare time I'm not using for studying things, any book i'm reading.
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