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Old October 12th, 2013 (6:37 PM). Edited October 26th, 2013 by Ryolu.
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Mikash set some of the wood he found in the campfire, he grabbed a nearby twig and moved the logs around to get the fire going again. "I see...Not all tamers find their dragons as easily as others do..." Alexander smiled "Like me and Brenton here, for example." He gestured to the sleeping Forest Kirin. "We've been close ever since we met." Alexander smiled again. "If you'd like my help in getting you a dragon, I'd be glad to assist. If you're a dragon tamer, yet you haven't gotten you're dragon yet, then how did they know you're a tamer? It seems a bit odd, don't you think?" Alexander asked.

Mikash looked up at Alexander. "Well my guess is it might have to do something that I did in the past I used to practice with my brother on how to fight. We sometimes practice swordplay near the outskirts of Raddyn. We fought with wooden staves we had fun together, He taught me a move called parry counter, at one time during one of our practice sessions I used the move and he froze as if he was paralyzed, it only lasted a few moments though. Sometimes there were guards that Watched us fight. They turned and left when they saw me paralyze my brother just by blocking his attack." Mikash replied.
Somewhere in Elwynn Forest I am needed, My friends and I pledged to King Varian Wrynn Ill do my best to help the alliance win the war against the horde. And as a result if I am to die to protect the people of the alliance from the dreaded horde then make it so. shield against shield sword against sword, No matter what I lay my life on the line of war. For the alliance!

My RP character:Mikhash
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Old October 14th, 2013 (1:00 AM).
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Tobi Gustav

The morning was a stiff one. They work up early to make sure they were properly stocked on supplies and provisions properly. This was due to the fact of people in the city claiming the best good before most others have a chance to even gaze upon them. The number one thing on their map however was that both Tobi and Triton had means to endure the cold climate of Skelsaugh. Even so, he was sure that as long as he could make a fire with his elemental magic, not matter how minuscule it was, they could always produce warmth.

"Alright big guy", Tobi whispered to Triton as he mounted onto the dragon's back. "It is time to head on out." With that, Triton beat his golden wings and set off into the open sky. After a while of flying Tobi pondered of when his comrades would send him a signal through the pearls. Then he questioned whether that he would be able to reach them in time if an urgency did arise and be able to assist in stopping whatever calamity had stricken so many magic wielders and dragons. It was a disturbing prospect. All these negative notions however, did not go unnoticed by Titon who gave a deep growl of disapproval. "Yes, yes I know. We'll be able to accomplish our goal no problem as long as we work together as always", Tobi practically recited this to himself as he always did when his dragon reminded him to stop thinking negatively from time to time.

After a few hours of flight, they touched down on he beginnings of the frozen tundra. It was already immediately strange that they hadn't seen any dragons while overhead. Whatever the case, Dragon, and Dragon Tamer both started one foot after the other to investigate the icy north of Skelsaugh.
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Old October 25th, 2013 (7:21 PM).
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Thia Rondamar

Rutack had attempted to strike up a conversation with Thia during their journey, but she had quickly struck him down by either blatantly ignoring him or giving a snappy reply. After this had continued for most of the morning, he finally gave up and mounted Shade to fly overhead. Finally being granted peace and quiet, Thia went over in her mind what they should do once they arrived in Kin'unda.

First, they would need to find a place to stay, and Thia knew just the place to go. When she wasn't seeking out wealthy clients, she was rummaging about for information that would enable her to do whatever dirty work she had been payed to do. She had learned that the best place to seek information was wherever the local filth gathered - usually some backstreet tavern. Within Kin'unda, there was one such place that Thia often frequented when passing through, whether it was because of a job or just to keep up with events, and this was where she planned to make her base of operations once they arrived in the desert town, if only temporarily. If Rutack didn't like it, he could find some other place to stay.

However, there was time enough to figure out a plan. They would have to travel clear across the country to reach Kin'unda, and their journey would be made all the more arduous by the natural obstacles - particularly the mountains and desert - that stood in their way. Not to mention that she'd have to put up with Rutack the entire way; she really hoped he got bored of it and flew on ahead to leave her to travel on her own.


King's Messenger

When Annabelle had given her reply, the messenger hurried back to his steed. Both himself and the longma were eager to leave the oppressing air that surrounded the volcanic mountain. With a whoosh of wings and gust of air, the longma shot off into the ashen sky, both eager to return to Issathon and the comfort of home. Besides, with the Dragon Tamer's agreement, he had good news to return to the king.
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Old October 26th, 2013 (9:56 AM).
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Annabelle Highley

She couldn't believe how the messenger was gone so quickly. Seriously, what were their problems? He comes to disturb her vacations and he couldn't even bother to wait for her to get done. She sighed, it was really unfortunate to cut her vacations like this. No rest for a mercenary she thought. But why would the King choose her? Well, it was kinda obvious that, being a dragon tamer, her abilities could be quite precious but still the King said that tamers were the key to something. But to what? She didn't see how she could stop the death or disappearances by herself, she was just a good mercenary not a God. "I guess I may find some answers at Ormild so I should go there." She was done with packing her things and turned to Takka. "Would you mind giving me a lift?" She stuck her tongue at the dragon when he lowered his head in a nodding manner. She jumped on him and they flew in the sky, ready for what this adventure would throw at them.
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